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Thinking of selling your house?

Did you know a properly staged house would sell faster for more money?

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It’s true.

What are you looking for in a house? Put your self in the shoes of a buyer and look at your house.

When you see your house would you buy it? Does it need some updating or does it have a shabby front door, sad landscaping or worn out welcome mat? Does it have enough storage or are the closets stuffed to the gills? Is it dark in the rooms?

Think about these tips before you put you house on the market.

  1. Curb appeal. It’s easy just add a few flowers for a splash of color, a new welcome mat to welcome buyers and a fresh coat of paint on the front door will do wonders.
  2. Light it up – take full advantage of the natural light by removing dark heavy drapes or open up the blinds don’t forget to wash the windows. Also, replace the light blubs with the highest wattage bulbs recommended.
  3. If your closets and cabinets are full, take half of your stuff out and organize the rest. Buyers are looking for storage and they will look in your cabinets and closets.
  4. While your home is on the market you need to pack up your family photo, personal collections and keepsakes. Your personal stuff is important to you, but while you are selling you want the seller to picture themselves living in the house not you.
  5. Don’t go crazy on upgrades but do make any necessary repairs.   If you know there are things wrong with your house you are better off to fix them before you list. Buyers may be scared off or demand a higher discount to repair them. Deep clean your house, add a fresh paint on the walls, fix leaking faucets and update with some new hardware on the kitchen cabinets. Doing these small updates will most generally get your money back.
  6. Fur Babies – I love dogs but I don’t like to smell dog when I go into someone’s house. If have pets – remove their bowls and make sure there is no pet smells in your house. Lots of people have the impression that if you have pets in the house is not a clean house. Be mindful that many people are allergic to pets so make sure you clean up the pet hair.
  7. Once you have put your house on the market you need to be ready to show it all the time. You never know when the right buyer will walk thru your door. You have all heard the saying there is only one chance to make a first impression. Well when it comes to buying or selling a home the first impression is often the only impression there is. So don’t blow it.Jamie Street - photo-1463741408080-b210ee5227dc

Yes it is a pain to keep your house spotless and sparkling. I know you love your photos and décor but you are selling your house not your lifestyle. The better job you do preparing your house to sell ~ the faster it will sell and the faster you can move on.   In your new house display all your personal stuff and go back to your normal life.

So suck it up buttercup! Keep it clean, scrub the bathrooms until they shine, turn on the lights and remember this is temporary. Good luck.

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