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Holiday party time? Nails a wreck?


So you want to do a quick touch up.. Can’t find a file? Now where is your polish? Oh my you are flustered and overwhelmed…. How about you grab your favorite polish…what it’s old gummed up and dried out.  You don’t have time for this.

party nails idw-r3fsuhg-brigitte-tohm.jpg

Time to do a bit of organization. Time to toss out all the old worn out files, and old polish.  Go through and see what you have. Do you have pink, glitter, red or gold? I personally keep mine in a little case. It has my remover, polish, files and cotton balls. That way I only have to grab one thing. I can quickly do a polish change and be on my way to the next holiday party. LOL. I’m such a party animal. But I do love glitter nails and living in Arizona I can wear flop flops all year so my toes are frequently on display.


Anyway what is your go to color? Natural or polish? See getting organized is just one step at a time.

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Tips to Take Your Summer Entertaining to the Next Level

Since we are celebrating everything USA weekend. What is more patriotic than Apple Pie?

Stephanie McCabe -photo-1436124026657-36828b43c7ce.jpg
Photo by Stephanie McCabe

So how about apple pie sangria! Because this is summer time I recommend you use a sweet and light Moscato. Click here for the recipe is from the Cookie Rookie.

Are you grilling? How about adding something unexpected to the grill? Try adding some sweet potatoes, avocados, peaches or watermelon as they all grill extremely well.

Freeze blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries in ice cubes to flavor your beverages

Photo from Elegant Wedding Invites

Use a kiddie pool filled with ice for your drinks and beverages. If you are having a picnic the adding ice to a kiddie pool makes a perfect to put all the chilled foods into making a cold buffet.

Are you looking for an easy way to tote all your plates, napkins, utensils and condiments? Put them all in a Plastic Tote Caddy. You know the kind you use to keep your cleaning products together. It works great for picnics too. You could also use one for your sunscreen, baby wipes, bug spray and other stuff you need close at hand.

I’m sure you have all seen the tip to use a muffin pan for your condiments. I suggest you use cupcake liners to cut down on the cleanup.

You can use a garden flag holder to put paper towels anywhere you need them in the back yard. Add a cute bucket or container with wet wipes and hand sanitizer and you are ready to clean up those fingers.

Kiddie fun:

To cool off make a water balloon piñata!

Have stick horse races by making Pool Noodle Ponies from the pool noodles you can get at the Dollar store.

Not near the beach? You can still build a castle out of Life size Lincoln Logs made out of pool noodles~ 15 to 20 pool noodles from the dollar store cut in half cut notches out easily with scissors = hours and hours of fun playtime! AWESOME!!!

Make a Squirt Gun Station by filling a bucket with water and put squirt guns in it.

I have camping tips from a recent post Click here to see them.

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Photo By Kelly Bozarth

What are you planning for this weekend?


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