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Whack A Mole

Does this sound familiar to you?

You walk past your crammed closet and think “I’ll clean it eventually.” Your overflowing drawers will not close and you think, “Oh what’s the big deal. I haven’t cleaned it because I am busy.”

You can’t find your keys in the pile on your table and say, “So what? Doesn’t everyone have a clutter problem?”

You work really hard to pound down your piles of paper, yet they continue to pop up like Whack-A-Mole. whack-mole

You buy containers and baskets and chalkboard labels to hold your stuff, yet it continues to multiply like bunnies.

But after each attempt to change your ways, the stuff in piles remains. After each failed attempt, the disorganization goes downhill. So why can’t you get control?

As frustrating as it is, you learned something necessary: you can’t just wave a magic wand, buy a bin, or trash a tower of paper and call it organized.

Why does this happen?

It’s a lifestyle. And like any other lifestyle you have to learn and practice. And get better at it every day.

Check back with me often and I will continue to share tips with you. If you think you need my help I am here.




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Nothing Risk Nothing Gained

Enjoy this article from Jess.  She writes Life with Jess..  See you tomorrow.  Thanks  Pamela

I can’t. That’s too hard! I’m not strong enough. I’m not good enough. Do any of those sound familiar? For the longest times these were the about the only few phrases in my vocabulary. It did not matter the question… these were always my answer. Everything was terrifying to me.

via Oh,But What If It Does! — Life with Jess


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Can you let it go? Do you want to de-clutter your life?

Have you ever ask yourself if you might ready to audition for the show “Hoarders”? Most likely you are not. Are you concerned that you might be heading down that road? You realize you have difficulty throwing away or letting go of stuff.

  • If you lost your cat inside your house…
  • If you have piles that are taller than your youngest child…
  • Have you lost your shoe inside your house…..
  • If you had to buy a new birthday card because you could find the one you had already purchased…

You may need to undertake a mass de-cluttering.

Don’t get overwhelmed.  Remember it’s like eating an elephant. You do it one bite at a time.

ellephant photo-1464265740374-924d5324b2bb.jpg
No elephants were hurt in the writing of this article.  Photo from Marcus Knoll

Start with one room. Set a time limit like one room a week. Or you can even break it down to smaller more manageable sections. Divide the room into half or 4 sections to work on at a time.

You need to have 3 boxes and a roll of trash bags.

Box one is for donation, sell or give away. This will be stuff that is usable but you no longer need or do not use.

Box 2 is your keep box

Box 3 is stuff to keep that does not belong in that particular room.

The trash bag is for unusable, broken and trash.

At the end of each de-cluttering session take the contents of box 3 and put them in the room they belong in. Your goal is to have box 3 empty each time you start the next de-cluttering session.

Box 2 you will empty and put way the items you are going to keep.

You need to do this for each room.   When you have de-cluttered each room you will be left with only stuff you want to keep. Now that you are de-cluttered and ready to put that room back in order read my post on the secret to set organized.  Click here to read it.

Take the donation and give away box to the donation center immediately upon finishing each room. Don’t give your self the time to second-guess yourself.

If you are planning on selling items you need to have plan and implement it. Don’t put the box back in the room or in another room. You have to let it go.


You can put order in your life and eliminate the chaos.  I’m here to help you.  Remember small changes lead to big things.

I love your comments and tips.

Thanks PamelaPam's Bee.jpg

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Joke How to do eat an elephant?  One bite at a time. Just like getting organized.  One bite at a time.


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Are you a failure? Don’t be afraid to fail.

“Failure is the first step towards success” is one of the most used, quoted and publicized quotes and often told to many of us in many different stages of life ,but is sometimes difficult to follow its mantra. Sometimes we want all the “success” but don’t want to experience the hard work, pain and in […]

via Failure: The First Step Towards Success — Jay Colby

Jay talks about failure.  Many of us have tried to get organized.  We go out and buy all these baskets, boxes, dividers and trays.  Then we find they don’t work for our stuff.  Then we feel like we have failed. The money we spent was a waste.

Why? Because we don’t set up a system or learn the rules.

Look we have all been there.  That is how we learn.  I know for me  I always took the hard road.  There was the easy road then there was the road I took.  Think about this.  You did not walk until you crawled.  You probably fell down a lot.  How many times before you rode off on your bike? Same thing with being organized.

You did not fail, you just are learning how to succeed.

I have years of experience so let me help you.  I will continue to help you learn how to be organized.  I am a big fan of using what you have  first.  Then when you have lived with it for a while you will actually find what you really need.  Then I am all for buying baskets, boxes, dividers or trays.

So if you are new here.  Go back and read  ARGH!! *%)@# .  It’s a good place to start.

“If you knew you could not fail ~ what would you do?” Is one of my favorite quotes.

OK, so let’s try again.  You can Bee Organized & I will help you.

See you tomorrow.  Have a day!

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Enough Chaos!

Chaos is defined as complete disorder and confusion

Does the following definition of Chaos sound familiar you?

Can’t                        or          Children

Have                                       Have

Anyone                                   A lot

Over                                        Of

Syndrome                             Stuff

chaos-485493_960_720How about:

Can’t get it all don’t in a day

Help I am overwhelmed

Another Appointment missed

Opportunity for a promotion past because I was late

Slipped on crap on the floor.feeling overwhelmed today 6187904322_22fe521616_z

Disorganization doesn’t just involve clutter taking over your house. It takes away your energy. The more you have going on the more organization you need. If you kids are in soccer and dance, have t-ball and have play-dates you have to stay on top of your schedule. You feel bad because you forgot or got the dates mixed up when it was your turn to pick up cookies for home room or to bring drinks to the t-ball game. Or worse your kid is left waiting for you to pick them up.

Scheduling mix-ups create chaos and then you scramble or miss out on an important thing. You are sad, your family is sad.

So let’s put on a happy face. Gain control of your chaos. Now is a great time to get organized. You will stop wasting time and energy. You can enjoy life when you’ve made it a priority to keep chaos and clutter at bay.13585051_10153640310396806_3812571750043960467_o

  • Use your phone as a calendar – It’s with you all the time. Make use of the apps and keep lists.  I add everything to my phone.
  • Use the alerts and set reminders. Appointments get 2 reminders.
  • Use a family organizational calendar, color code it. Hang it in a central location so all members of your family can see it.

Take control of your chaos. Tell me what you do to keep your family and household organized.

Thanks Pamela



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Do you have a monster in your house?

washer eating woman 6-21.jpg


Many of you have expressed to me that Laundry is your nemesis. It piles up and becomes a monster.

Is this case in your house?

Of course the secret is to stay on top of it. Not allow laundry to pile up.

In our house there are 2 laundry baskets in each room. When any basket is full laundry is done.

This works in two ways.

One – No sorting. It’s either white or colors. Also, no sorting whose clothes it is.

Two –When the laundry comes out of the dryer it is folded and placed back in the basket. Basket taken to the room it came from and the clothes are put away immediately.

Did you miss that key point; I’ll say it again.

Fold laundry as it comes out of the dryer. WHAT!!

Right – No wrinkles, No procrastination and PILES of clothes.

folded laundry 25045780746_e412de3f10_b
Photo from

You put the FOLDED clothes back in the basket to take it back to the room it came out of. Absolutely, your kids can do help do this.

I have colorful laundry baskets that are just the right size for a load of laundry. I also keep my empty hangers in a specific spot so when I take the basket of dirty clothes I grab the hangers.  I know that I will have the right amount of hangers for the clothes when they are dry. Remove from them from the dryer and place them on hangers. We have placed a hanging bar in our laundry room.

Another thing at our house is we keep a spot pre-treat in the closet. When you have a spot. I treat it went I take if off. I don’t have to remember or search for spots. (This works for adults and older kids but of course not for little’s.)

Do your towels smell even after you have washed them? What can you do? According to Good Housekeeping, saving your towels is as simple as running them through two hot loads. Skip the detergent on both loads. Run them through once with hot water and a cup of vinegar and then again with hot water and a half-cup of baking soda. Your goal, whether washing brand new towels or old towels, is to strip the softener and detergent reside from the fibers of the towel and get them as absorbent as possible. I do this and I can say it works.

Did you know bras, rayon fabrics, silk, wool sweaters, camis and lace items should never be put in the dryer?

Use a dry erase marker to write on the top of your dryer and list those special items to prevent accidental dryer mishaps.

So what are your laundry tips? How about your biggest laundry mishap?

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Did you get Stacked?



Ha! Got your attention.  This is a “G” rated blog.

Now lets deal with your stacks.

In many houses there are stacks of stuff that accumulate in certain areas.
Photo from

Do you have stacks of stuff on the dining table? Do you have to unearth your washer to do the laundry? You know there is a desk under there but you haven’t seen the top of it since you don’t know when?

You are not alone. To solve this problem we have to determine what is the root cause of the problem.

The why, Where and What if?

  • Where do your stacks start?
  • Why does that particular spot that attract stacks of stuff?
  • What if we changed that spot by making it easy to put stuff away or out of sight?

Let’s look at why things stack up where they do.

We had a problem at one house because the kitchen was connected to the garage and the kitchen table was right there. That table was our where as it was Perfect landing spot for mail, jackets, keys and work stuff..

Why did that happen? Because it was the first flat surface when we walked thru the door everyday. ARGH!! key-hole-360646_960_720
Photo from

Our what if was solved by placing an antique dresser with lots of drawers in the kitchen area. We had a drawer for mail. A drawer for work papers and folders, one was perfect for keys and Mr. Man’s wallet. We added a charger station in one and that is where all the electronics went. Our stacks when in a drawer and were out of sight but easy to access every morning. It was perfect and we still had drawers for kitchen linens.

Also, in our office we strategically placed a trashcan and a shredder. I always knew where the mail was and when I was ready to deal with it. I pulled it mail out of the dresser drawer and dealt with it. Sensitive stuff was shredded immediately; trash and junk mail was easy to dispose of. We added file folders so that when those things came in we needed to keep there was a place to file them away immediately. By having a folder ready I had no excuse not to file it. I kept supplies in the file drawer so when I needed to add a folder it was easy.

unsplash stacked rocks photo-1451340124423-6311db67a5d9
Photo by Lisa Zoe

The secret to not having piles around is to find out why they happen. Then fix it. Make it easy to deal with those piles and they will not stack up on you.

Were are your Stacks and Why do thing stack up there?

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The secret to no nagging!


You have chores that you have to do every day.   In my house it is feed the dog, give them fresh water, brush my teeth, get dressed and the list goes on.

In your house you have your things you do too. You probably repeat the same daily tasks at your work. Maybe you have to make coffee, open blinds, check email, process snail mail, appointments, return calls, make calls or whatever.

Photo from Pinterest

If you have a list with assigned chores no one can say they didn’t know they needed to do that.

No more you child saying, “You didn’t tell me to take out the trash.”

More importantly a list with assigned chores will keep you from having to nag to get them done.

Every child can be involved. They need structure and it helps them gain good habits. Just tailor your chore list to your child’s age and ability.

By having a list they can check off their chores. You know how good it feels to check something off of your list. Well your children will gain that same satisfaction.

You are teaching life lessons that will follow them well into adulthood. When they are on their own they will be able to recall those habits and the structure you provided them.

If you’d like a complete customizable printable daily/weekly chore list, you can download one from or try

All over Pinterest and the Internet there are lists. This is a list from Sara Mueller.

I am sure you can find one that is  customizable for your specific needs.


  1. Clean the sinks and toilet the bathrooms. I each do a bathroom in the morning.
  2. Vacuum public areas – Mr. Man’s morning chore.
  3. Unload the dishwasher and take out the trash (morning Mr. Man’s).
  4. Do a load of laundry.
  5. Clean up clutter.
  6. Load and run the dishwasher (evening).
  7. Take out trash (Mr. Man’s job).
  8. Clean up clutter (before bed).

For us doing these eight things every day keeps our hive in a respectable condition.

I still do a deep cleaning on a regular basis.

I love your comments.

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