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Do you have a Tiny fleet of exotic toddler cars but no toddler?


Happy Fall Y’all!  OK so the seasons have changed. Now is a great time to evaluate your children’s toys. Do they have lots of outdoor toys that they just did not play with this past summer? Do you have a toddler-sized fleet of power ride on toys? Maybe a Barbie Jeep, a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe and a Peg Perego John Deere Gator in your garage and your Mommy Mobile has to sit out side?

What is wrong with this picture?

How about if your garage has enough scooters, bikes, wagons and skates to outfit the entire street and your kids are not interested in any of them.barbie-jeep

I get that it might be nice for you to say you have a Corvette, an Escalade, a Jeep, a Gator, motorcycle and scooter in your garage but seriously.  Winter is coming and wouldn’t you rather have your car in the garage so you don’t have to ice off of scrape your windshield?   Just saying.

Look I know how cute her 12” huffy Disney bike is but really she is now 14. When did she last hop in the Barbie Jeep and take it for a cruise? If you need a garage for your kid’s ride on toys and your kid doesn’t ride them you need to let them go. Think sell them or donate them. They are worth some money. Sell them and use that money towards something they will use and play with.

Little Tike Car
Cutie for a Christmas Card

While we are on the subject of toys, which have been outgrown, lets talk about your yard. Are you still hanging on to the sand box or the pink peppermint patty playhouse? Your baby is a boy. He’s 13 there is no way he will be playing in the sand box no matter what you bribe him with. Besides it might now be a kitty litter box. Is that what you really want in your yard? Do you have a trampoline in the back yard that is so worn out it should be declared a hazard zone? Get rid of that accident and lawsuit waiting to happen. There is no reason to keep all the outdoor oversized toys your children have outgrown. Unless you are running a daycare your yard should not look like a toddler used car lot. Embrace change! Let go of clutter.


Thanks Pamela!

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867-5309 Jenny. But Jenny changed her number..

I have been on a bit of a digital kick lately. Today I want to talk to you about your address and contact lists


Now back in the day I had a Rolodex. It was a very important to me and to my job. I was quite proud of my Rolodex. It had phone numbers of everyone I had ever needed to contact. Such as the number for specific courts, judges, court clerks, attorneys, clients. Each time I changed jobs I took my Rolodex with me. Over the time it grew and grew.

Today I think many of you do the same thing digitally.   However today you can find phone number very easy on the Internet. My Rolodex was my Internet since it was pre-internet days.rolodex-rollkartei_hg

I remember when someone changed numbers or change staff I had to re do my rolodex card or use whiteout to change the number. Oh what a pain.

I also remember back when we first got cell phone when you got a new phone you had to re-enter the numbers. Now that was a real pain. Yes I know I am dating myself.


Now in my phone I have my address book. But you see I don’t need to have old property management company for a property we no longer own or the lady who lived close to the property that by since 1. We were not friends and 2. She died. Now that I live in another state I have no need for the roofer or the plumber much less the landscaper. I also don ‘t need the address or home phone number of acquaintances  who have moved and changed their number. The divorced friends now x-spouse that I did not like anyway I have no need to keep their number.

My point is that you probably have clutter in your contact or address list as well. You might find that you have names, numbers and addresses in your digital address book that are no longer relevant or necessary. If you don’t need them delete them.   Clean out the clutter and organize you digital address book or contact list.

Clutter can be found in many places. Some clutter is easy to control.

So do you have clutter in your address book?

Thanks Pamela

Pam's Bee.jpg

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5 hacks to unlocking the feeling of abundance — Infinity pro-Coach

Dave is a new blogger but he really writes some amazing and powerful stuff.  I am a fan of simple abundance.  Read what Dave has to say about it. I hope you will like what he has to say too.  See you tomorrow!  Thanks Pamela

1. Abundance and joy When you feel joyful for no reason, you are in a natural state of abundance. Some people experience this in a deep state of meditation, when their mental chatter slows down. Joy is a deep, profound feeling of peace that comes from the natural, authentic state of being. Take time out […]

via 5 hacks to unlocking the feeling of abundance — Infinity pro-Coach

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Electronic Cords ~ Cut the cord!

Tracy Thomas Electronics photo-1452451312475-5055e48f74cb.jpg

Every time you buy new electronics there are lots of cords right? Invariably there are extra cords. There are cords and connector/patch cables.


Do you have a drawer or a box of these? Read this carefully.


Photo credit Wikimedia Commons

If you are not using them currently to use the electronic device you don’t need them. You most likely will not ever need them.

Look back in the dark ages when Betamax just came out I worked for an electronics retail store and I have had a great deal of experience with assembly of electronic components. Some of the cords they enclose are not going to work with your situation. In most cases by the time your situation changes you are buying new electronics. New electronics will have their own cords.

Photo credit Wikimedia Commons

Do you need an example? OK, lets say if you still have you VCR and you have all the cords that came with it. Do you still have the VCR – yes? Well you probably can’t use any of the cords other than the ones you are using.

Do you not have the VCR or is it broken? Obviously you DO NOT need the cords.

So I’ll say it one more time.


Got it?  They are clutter.

I love your comments, shares and reblog.

Thanks Pamela


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Tiny houses are all the rage ~ is it for you?

Today I heard about a community in Spur Texas, the Nations’ first tiny house friendly town  where you could buy a lot for $500. Wow, sounds tempting right? But what is tiny? It could be 100, 200, 300 or 500 square feet? texas photo-1470802443459-6d52e1a78e6a

There is a big difference in 200 and 500 square feet. We just spent a week in an 800 square foot cabin it had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms plus a separate laundry room. All in all  it had everything we needed. We had plenty of room. But I could see how it would require some changes to how we shopped. There was not a pantry or a linen closet. But it was certainly doable.cabin over waterphoto-1464723775205-4af28be57d80.jpg

We have lived in smaller. Back when we were first married we lived in a one-bedroom apartment it was probably less than 500 square feet. Of course we did not have anything so we had plenty of room. LOL

When you start thinking about living in less than 500 square feet you will have to be really smart about what you own. Your spaces will have to do double duty. Your dining area will probably be your office. You will need to have furniture that fits the space. You can’t have an oversized overstuffed sectional and a big man recliner. You will not be able to host thanksgiving dinner for 10 and expect to seat them all at your huge farmhouse table with the matching hutch. Nope ~ Not going to fit.

If you think you might want to go tiny there are some things you have to ask your self ~

How do you live?

  • Do you have big parties?
  • Are you a cook or a baker?
  • Do you need a stove and an oven? Or do you just need a microwave and a coffee pot?
  • Must you have a large soaking tub? Did you know most tiny houses have a 6-gallon hot water heater? That is something to keep in mind if you insist on taking long hot showers. You can add a tankless hot water system at a cost.
  • How about laundry? Are you willing to go to a laundry mat? You can get an all in one machine but the downside is it is small and smaller appliances may end up costing your more than their full size versions.
  • Do you plan to work at home? Do you need a lounge area or just a place to sleep?
  • How many people will be sharing this space with you?
  • Can you be in a confined space together for extended periods of time or do you each need your own space?
  • What are you hobbies and how much stuff goes with that?

Downsizing ~ Can be painful Litmus Test

Anyone who is thinking tiny sounds like something they might want to try I suggest you be willing to part with at least 80% of your stuff. Are you willing to let go of those special over sized antiques or other large family mementos? If you said no, then tiny is not for you.

Still thinking you can go tiny?

tiny apartment photo-1468323867382-6a9fcbbd68f2

Would you like to dip your toe in tiny the water?

Try an efficiency apartment or buy a used RV or travel trailer. You can find a well-maintained RV for less than $5000. An RV is a quick and easy way to try tiny living.   You can’t really customize the floor plan but they are ready to go.

However if you have seriously given this thought and you are ready to do it.

Go for it.

There are great benefits of living tiny. Lower cost for purchase, utilities will be lower than in a full size house. You will need less stuff to fill it. You can spend time enjoying your new tiny lifestyle and less time to clean it. If you tiny house is on wheels it can be moved with you if you have to relocate.tiny house photo-1446144525544-808f420174ec

Lots of people are taking the tiny plunge. Even if you are not thinking less than 500 square feet you might be thinking about downsizing your home. You can define your own tiny.

So is tiny living for you?

Thanks ~ Pamela



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Who wouldn’t want to get free kids stuff, organize your home and have a fun time with your friends?

Did you kids grow 3 sizes since last fall? Kids grow up so fast.fall baby photo-1445796886651-d31a2c15f3c9

Wow where did the time go?

We are soon to be in the 4th quarter of 2016. You know why this is a good time to take stock of your children’s stuff?

Kids grow and change so fast. What they wore last fall will probably not still fit them. With winter and the holiday season fast approaching now is a great time to purge their summer and fall clothes that no longer fit. Even if the summer stuff does still fit what are the chances it will next summer?

You will be buying new clothes for the winter. Boots, gloves, jackets, jeans, long sleeves…

Let go of their old stuff to make room for the new.

Also, this is a fabulous time to have your children sort through their toys, books and games to determine those your children no longer play with. This is a perfect time to donate your children’s unused and outgrown toys to a charity so that others who are less fortunate will have the opportunity to give those toys a new home and  hours of fun.kid with toy photo-1467930555454-0cfbfd9beab9

This is an excellent opportunity for a teaching moment to have your children pay it forward to others. You can find places to donate your old stuff.

With the holidays it is almost assuredly a given your children will be receiving new toys, books and games. You have to make room for the new. Remember the rule one in one out. This applies to your children as well.

You can help your your child feel joy to know they are helping someone else enjoy the toy they no longer play with because they are “too old or too big” for that toy. Remember how much fun they had with the Elmo that you waited in line for, you called every Toys R us in town, you made friends with stock clerks just so you could find the must have it toy? By the way when did they last play with Elmo? Right because that was 4 years ago and your 5-year-old is now 9. He would not play with Elmo now if his life depended on it. “That’s a baby toy mom and I’m a big boy now.” Oh how time flies.

Anyway my point is that some little boy would love Elmo.  So let him go. Find out why the 2016 must have toy and order it now. You will thank me the day after Thanksgiving when you can sleep in and know that you are covered.

Now is also a great time to organize their room, closet and toy collections.

Remember 3 things ~ Keep, donate or sell and TRASH.

Remove everything. Sort as you go.

Now for the party and how to get free kids stuff…….

party banners photo-1465060810938-30bbe7c40e76

Party time~

If you would like a great way to save some money you can host a toy and clothing swap with your mom friends. This is the link to a post written about having a clothing swap however the same concept can be applied to anything. From kid’s clothes, toys, books both children and adult and even sporting goods. It outlines both the pre-party purge and the details on how to host the party.

Want free stuff and party with friends

Remember as fast as your kids are growing so are your friends kids. Swap that stuff and save some money. How much fun would a girls tea party and dress up clothing swap be?  So what are you waiting for?  Schedule that party!

Thanks Pamela Pam's Bee.jpg


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Pillow talk

I don’t know about you but in my house the search for the perfect pillow is ongoing. I can’t tell you how many pillows I have purchased over the years. I can say that each of my guest bedrooms have at least 4 pillows on the bed and 2 in the closet so my guests should be satisfied we have what they are looking for if they are looking for one that is not too hard, not too soft, not feather, only feather, side sleeper or back sleeper.

There are so many types of pillows.  There are euro pillows, king size pillows, queen size, standard, round, bolster, square, floor, lumbar and throw pillows.  They can be filled with rice,  Polyester fibre,  Feathers,  Down, Memory foam, Latex, Micro beads. Water  or even Buckwheat.

Why is it so hard to find a good pillow?

A photo by David Mao.
Photo by David Mao

Anyway this is just the tip of the ice burg or the top of the pillow pile. Do you have so many decorative pillows on your bed that you have lost a small pet under the pile? Do you have to spend 15 minutes each night removing them, only to have to repeat the entire thing again in the morning? News flash that is 30 minutes a day lost to pillow distribution? Has you mate accused you of pillow proliferation?

How about your couch?

More pillows? I have bought pillows for my couch and they slide right off. Yes I took them back to the store to try again. Unless we are as one of my dear friends would say putting on the dog*, we don’t have throw pillows on our couch. It’s leather and they just slide off. Besides it is so comfortable it doesn’t need pillows for comfort and I don’t feel it is necessary for decorating.

* Putting on the dog means to make a display, especially by dressing stylishly and flashily’. It’s similar in meaning to the later expression put on the Ritz.

Remember I am a less is more kind of gal. In my house if it does not have a purpose it does not sit on the furniture or countertops. Doing this keeps my life clutter free and better organized.

Do you need to move the pillows so you or your guests can sit?

The designer in me says odd number of decorative pillows is ideal.  Don’t keep pillows. Let them go sell, donate, trash or give them away. If they are old, ratty and stained and you just can’t make your self throw them away, you many find you can donate some of them to your local pet shelters or animal rescue groups.

lots of pillows photo-1461418559055-6f020c5a91e7.jpg
Lot of Pillows on the Couch~Photo by Sophia Baboolal

Small changes will help you get and stay organized. Now aren’t you glad to find an extra 30 minutes a day that you could put to better use?

Sleep well!  Pamela

Feel free to re-blog if you like what I said.  Helping yourself by helping others and helping me.



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Live Light. Live Mighty.

Nina from The Happy Life 101 has written an wonderful piece on 2 live lessons.  I hope you enjoy and find you the time to “Do the things that come from the heart. When you do, you won’t be dissatisfied…”– Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie. .

Today, I want to share with you 2 great life lessons that I personally believe would make a difference in the way we view life and the world around us, IF only we live by them. Lesson #1: FORGIVE YOURSELF AND FORGIVE OTHERS “Forgiveness is the best form of love. It takes a strong person to say sorry, […]

via Live Light. Live Mighty. — thehappylife101

Thanks Pamela

 If you like what I have to say feel free to re-blog.  Help yourself, help me and help others.

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Dorm Rooms – Tips to help you live in 114 square feet

Ah College Move in day. It’s right around the photo-1423798402048-1eb649bf30db.jpg

But how are you or your daughter going to make it in 114 square feet.   The average dorm room is 12 x 19 feet (228 total square footage) to be shared.

In that space there will be a bed, desk, dresser, probably a mini fridge and microwave not to mention all of those clothes, makeup, hair stuff and toiletries.

EEK that is tiny living. So you are going to have to make the most of every foot.

Will you be coming home for the holidays? If so maybe you doesn’t need all of your winter clothes since it will be fall when school starts.


  • Also think comfort for class clothes and shoes.   Perfect examples are solid tanks, comfortable flats, and a comfy pair of jeans. Mix and match will be your friend. Remember that scarves can really change an outfit.
  • You will not need lots of dressy outfits. Think a basic little black dress with a jacket and dressy outfit and shoes for more formal affairs like internship interviews, presentations or formals.
  • Work-out clothes, a bathing suit, bathrobe and shower shoes & sneakers
  • If you are going to an area where it gets chilly you will need a light jacket. Heavy coat, mittens, hat and scarf *(if you’re going to a campus with a colder climate) Maybe rain boots and an umbrella. Don’t forget a comfy pair of slippers (for hanging out in the residence hall)
  • Remember your entire space will be small. So don’t bring lots of shoes. No more than 6 (1 of each: flats, dressy heels, sneakers, shower shoes, slippers, boots) It’s hard but really you will not wear every shoe in your home closet and more importantly you don’t have room for them all.

Don’t over pack.

Whatever you thing you need edit out 40% of it.

Mom can send it of you if you really need something. *If you are going home for Thanksgiving you can switch out your fall clothes for winter and pick up your winter coat then.

Oh by the way you will probably be sharing a bathroom with lots of other girls.

No leaving your stuff in the bathroom.

You will have to carry it from your room to the bathroom and back again. Bring your own shower supplies. You’ll want a small bag or carryall that is easy to hang up where you can reach your soap, shampoo and conditioner.

What should you bring with you?

  • A waterproof shower caddy – either a plastic caddy or a mesh bag
  • Towels and wash cloths
  • A robe – for covering up after you shower – It might be a bit chilly in the halls even if you are not modest
  • Shower shoes – either flip-flops or crocs
  • Shampoo and conditioner – if you can use the 2-in-1 kind, you’ll save space
  • Razor and shaving cream
  • Shower gel is really easier than bar soap.


Which brings us to Laundry.Laundry photo-1469504512102-900f29606341

You will be doing your own. So you will need to bring your own laundry detergent, softener, stain remover and quarters. You will need a laundry basket or bag to get your stuff to the laundry.

Don’t bring:

A printer there should be a printer lab so you will not need one.

Toaster, hot plates, skillets, or toaster ovens


Halogen bulbs and/or lamps

Most schools do not allow you to put holes in the walls so no nails.

You will not need an alarm clock if you use your phone.   Your phone will be your camera, calculator, calendar and address book. You are on your own to get to class. Mom will not be waking you up so if you need a loud alarm clock then by all means get one.

This is not by any means a complete list if you want more tips about what to bring check out this  list from College Love to Know  Things to Take to College Dorm

Good Luck and Enjoy every moment of your new adventure!!  I love to hear your comments.




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Make the most of your Closet Space~

Does your closet look like a disaster? Are you clothes wrinkled when you pull them out to wear? Do you have hangers all over the place?

Today is a good day to stop the madness. Before you start I need you to go shopping. I know Yea!! You are shopping for HANGERS.

My number one tip to an organized closet is to use nice hangers. I love wooden hangers. All my husband’s stuff is on wooden hangers. They are sturdy and the handle the abuse. I find them at Ikea or Amazon. You can find them anywhere even at thrift shops.mans shrits on hangers

In my closet I use the crystal clear dress hangers like what you find at the department store. I want my closet to remind me of a small (all right TINY) boutique.

I also use the velvet non-slip hangers. Perfect for summer tops because they don’t slid off. Another great thing about the non-slip hangers is they are narrow and you can put more hangers in your closet. I find that the nicer hangers make your clothes look better.

sussex master closet
Sorted by color but still in progress.

We banished wire hangers as they do nothing for your clothes. You get the dreaded shoulder hanger bumps. Those thin wire hangers are actually bad for your clothes. You could leave wire hangers in your guest room if you don’t want your guests to stay long or return. I personally don’t recommend it.

On another note don’t leave your clothes in the dry cleaning bags. Your clothes need to breath. If your clothes get wrinkled in your closet it is because you have too much stuff in there. Plus you want to change out those wire hangers.

Sussex mans closet
Organized mans closet with wooden hangers.

Ready to switch out your hangers and organize your closet?

OK take everything out. You are going to sort everything in 3 piles:

Donate or Sell, Trash, Keep

Did someone give it to you as a gift but you don’t like it? Did you pay too much money for it but now that it is home you hate it? If it doesn’t fit or you have not worn it in a year get rid of it. It’s just taking up space. Sell it or donate it just don’t put it back in your closet.

Unless of course you have more closet space than you could ever fill. Right like that would happen.

r's closet
Organized, color coordinated closet.

Now lets put what you are keeping back. Lets put everything on those nice hangers. Sort by color, sleeve length, put all your shirts together, and pants together, skirts… you get the idea. Think about how a boutique puts together like items. It is so much easier to choose an outfit and find that outfit when you color coordinate and put like items together.

Lets talk about those items that after you have sorted you are on the fence about keeping or letting go of. You can you return them to the closet if you will turn the hangers backwards on the rod. If after 6 months you can see what hangers are still flipped backwards you will know what you have not worn. Remove those unworn items and either sell or donate them.

This is a great thing to do every season – I am sure you will find that by sorting and organizing your clothes you will easily discover what you don’t wear and be able to weed those out.

You might just discover your new favorite top that was lurking in the back of your closet.   Remember, if you buy a new clothing item you need to let go of an item. One in One out: will keep your closet from busting out at the seams.

Enjoy your new nice hangers! Load up those donation bags and take them away. Good Job.

Pam's Bee.jpg

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