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Some Assembly Required

Those three little words can mean so much.  They can strike fear in the bravest.  They can confound the most astute.some-assembly-required-2333568563_75a84abb67_b

So how many of you have put together furniture or toys in your home? Maybe you did it as a part of a team building exercise, couples therapy or just sheer desperation.

Some of you want to follow all the directions. They will not start until they have checked the parts list and compared what was supposed to be in the box with what actually is.

Then there are other’s who want to just start putting bolts in holes and get this over with. News flash that does not always work out, sometimes you really to have to put slot A into slot B before you add shelf C.

Almost all of us have assembled furniture or toys at one time or another. Just the mention of Ikea can take a grown man to his knees.

4MP859 Digital Camera

I personally have no problem assembling Ikea furniture. But navigating the store is another matter all together. I was watching the weather channel and they said they have finally discovered the secret of the Bermuda triangle. It is that the cloud is shaped like an Ikea store and the planes are actually flying around in the clouds trying to find the exit.  I’m not sure about this theory but I can attest that every time we my husband goes to Ikea he does the same thing.

Stop me if this sound familiar – Twas the night before Christmas

The children were nestled all snug in their beds;

While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads;

And mamma in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap,

Had just racked our brains much needing a nap,

Sleep was not to be for Dad was assembling bikes,

while Mom in her Kerchief wrapped toys for the little tykes,

As Dad bruised his knuckles there arose such a clatter…

Mom already knew what was the matter…


I’ll share my families best Christmas Eve toy building story – My Dad and his brother-in-law stayed up very, very late assembling a swing set from Santa inside the garage. Dad was ready to move it out into the yard for the big reveal (because how do you explain that Santa put it in the garage) only to discover it would not fit out the garage door…. Well Christmas morning I was so excited to have my new swing set. Good news was I got to play on the swing in the garage for a bit before my dear Dad disassembled and re-assembled it in the yard.

Moral of that story is don’t assemble something inside unless you know you can get it out the door.

Anyway how many of you have extra parts left over when assembling toys or furniture? You can let those go because if you managed to get the toys or furniture together without them you don’t need them. Heck they probably put in some extra just to add to the frustration level. Also you don’t need the manual or instructions.  It just adds to the clutter.


I would love to hear you Holiday stories. See the ones that go smooth are easily forgotten but the ones that have a little hiccup are the best.

Thanks Pamela


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From Laura T. Martin, Music, Blacksburg Elementary/Primary School “We can’t all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.” … I think part of a best friend’s job should be to immediately clear your computer history if you die. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an […]

via UNIVERSAL TRUTHS–SORT OF — Memories of a Time


Enjoy this.  Love #9, #16, #20.  Have a great Sunday day!!  See you tomorrow.


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Bucket List

There is a commercial where a man takes his dog on a bucket list trip.  I recently received  bucket list and it made me think.  There is not a better time to get started.
Bucket List – please play along. You’ll be surprised at the responses. Put an “X” in the box if you have done it! Just copy, paste  and add one item to the bottom.
( x)Shot a gun
(x )Gone on a blind date
(X) Skipped school
(x) Watched someone die
(x)Visited Canada
( )Visited Hawaii
( ) Visited Cuba
()Visited Europe
(x) Visited South America
(X)Visited Las Vegas
( x) Visited Central America
() Visited Asia
( ) Visited Africa
(X) Visited Florida
(x)Visited Mexico
(X ) Seen the Grand Canyon in person
( ) Flown in a helicopter
( x) Served on a jury
(X)Been lost
( X) Traveled to the opposite side of the country
()Visited Washington, DC
(X) Swam in the Ocean
(X) Cried yourself to sleep
(X) Played cops and robbers
(X) Played cowboys and Indians (Indians in my youth, now Native Americans).
( ) Recently colored with crayons
(x ) Sang karaoke
(x )Sang a solo or duet in church
(X)Paid for a meal with coins only
(x ) Made prank phone calls
(X) Laughed until some beverage came out of your nose
(X)Caught a snowflake on your tongue
(X) Had a pet
( )Been skinny-dipping
(X) Been fishing
(X) Been boating
( ) Been Downhill Skiing
( x)Been water skiing
( x) Been camping in a trailer/RV
(X) Been camping in a tent
( x)Driven a motorcycle
( ) Been bungee-jumping
(X) Gone to a drive-in movie
(X) Done something that could have killed you

 (x)Done something that you will regret for the rest of your life
( ) Rode an elephant
() Rode a camel
(X) Eaten just cookies or cake or ice cream for dinner
(X) Been on TV
( )Stolen any traffic signs
(X)Been in a car accident
( )Been in the Hospital in past 24 months
(X) Donated blood
() Gotten a (speeding) or any other type of ticket in the past 12 months
(x) Gotten a piercing (yes ears count)
()Gotten a Tattoo
(X) Driven a manual transmission vehicle
(x ) Ever owned your dream car
(X)Been Married
(x ) Been divorced
(X)Fell in love
(X) Fell out of love
( x) Paid for a strangers meal
(x )Driven over 120 mph
( x) Been scuba diving
( x) Written a published book/story/poetry
(X )Eaten snails
(X) Stayed up all night to watch a meteor shower.
 What is on your bucket list?   What are you waiting for.  Get started!!
Have a wonderful and wonder filled day!
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Do you have old CD’s or other music types gathering dust?


What do I mean by music types?

vinyl records, 8 tracks of the mid 60’s, Cassette tapes of the 70’s and the CD in the 80….

I grew up with a console stereo record player in the living room. Every Christmas we listened to Blue Christmas by Elvis on a record, still to this day it is tradition. I had a portable record player when I was a child. Then, came the 8 track player in the car that was amazing. My dad had a collection of Ray Stephens. I can still remember the Streak from the Boogity Boogity Album and who could forget the Shriner Convention! I mean really. Later on out came the cassette. That was revolutionary. We could make our very own mix tapes. Of course we had to be ready when the song played so we could hit the record button.   But still it was worth the effort. Then in the 80’s came the Compact Disc and the disc man! WOW From Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston and George Strait to Dolly Pardon. You could have it all. And some of you did. Your collection was massive. You bought music like you really did think the music was going to die.  So where is the collection now?  Is it collecting dust?record player photo-1471029093449-ca61fffdc2af.jpg

Why did I take you on this little trip down memory lane? It’s because for some of you still have those “mix tapes” Come on you do and you know you haven’t listened to them in so long.

Some of you have no idea why a pencil is important to a cassette tape. Google it.cassette.jpg

I do have a point and I will get to it. How many of you have collection old types of music that you no longer have the method to play them? The only thing those Records, CD’s 8 Tracks or cassette tapes are doing now is collection dust.

I want you to know that all that music is now available for download. OK well maybe there are a few that are not. But for the most part they are out there. They have excellent sound quality. You can recreate the favorite mix tapes on your phone, computer or iPod.

If you don’t have an 8-track player, a cassette player, a record player or a CD player let go of the music you own that plays on them.


Audiophiles swear by the sound quality of vinyl over CDs. Also, some old records have value as they are coming back in fashion. So you may want to consider selling them now and take that money to buy something you can actually listen to. Strike while the iron is hot. Old records are hot now but who knows if in 3 months they will be just another passed over fad.  Could be that you have some old 8 tracks that also have some value?  Take advantage of this and let them go.  If you’re not using them they are clutter.

I hope you find a treasure in your collection like a Beatles White Album or an Elvis Presley original 1950’s Sun.  Let me know if you do and you can thank me later.

Have a great day.

Thanks Pamela


Photos from Unsplash

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Cya later alligator

WOW this is the last Tuesday of summer. I can’t believe it went so fast…. So in honor of  summer…. We are going to say…

water bal-photo-1468888702840-41a24ac1a9f9

summer sunflowers photo-1454644711177-2c03914db5c4

Cya later alligator

In a while crocodile

Too late rattlesnake

Bye bye butterfly

See ya soon big baboon.

See ya soon raccoon.

Time to go buffalo.

Take care teddy bear.

Can’t stay blue jay.

What’s the story morning glory?

Out the door dinosaur.


In an hour sunflower.

Whoa there, Polar Bear!!

Hang loose mongoose.

Gotta blast pretty fast.

Don’t trip, Potato Chip.

Lady Bug photo-1470317596697-cbdeda56f999.jpg

Here’s a hug ladybug.

Mañana iguana.

Okey dokey smokey.

Bye-bye butterfly.

What’s the tale nightingale?

Tood-a-loo kangaroo.

summer play photo-1472586662442-3eec04b9dbda.jpg

Better Skadoodle, Little Poodle.

Say goodbye pumpkin pie

Take care polar bear.

Hasta mañana piranha.

Told-A-Loo kangaroo.

Stay sweet parakeet

parakeet photo-1470662061953-318cd8c6c152.jpg

If you know more please add them to the list….

Until next time. Here’s a hug Ladybug and Cya later alligator