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Extra Storage Wanted ~ Tips to get it.


Who has all the storage they need? You do. OK stop right there. This post is not for you. Right. For the rest of us who say, I always need more storage space.

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Many of you have said you would love to get organized but you don’t have enough storage space. You are just like most of us in that you don’t have the luxury of loads of extra space and have ask about adding storage space where there is none.

I want you to know you are not alone. My husband and at one time planned to live in a 750 square foot property that we owned. I had a rule if it wasn’t useful then it couldn’t have a place in the house. I didn’t have a basement or an attic. What space I did have we made the most of.

I want to share a few thoughts about what worked for us.

  • Pull down shelves – are perfect for making upper shelves easy to access;
  • Lazy Susan turntables are amazing – Use them in corners and fill the lost dead space.
  • Go vertical – Use your wall space. Add a pot rack to the ceiling. I have one above my kitchen sink.
  • Don’t forget under the bed storage;
  • Under cabinet drawers if you have a kick plate under your cabinets. You a can add storage in that area.

    under cabinet storage FH09MAY_CABDRA_01
    Photo from The Family Handyman
  • Add shelves over your doors. That is a great place to store extra towels in the bathroom and the laundry is a good place to store extra paper products;
  • Wire under shelf storage baskets double up your usable space;
  • Storage ottoman’s can hold shoes and provide a place to take sit down – everything needs to do double duty and can provide storage;
  • Raise the floor. Build a platform and you can add storage;
  • Squeeze out more by adding shallow storage between the studs in your interior walls. Most walls are built on 16-inch centers and are 4 inches deep. That space is perfect for lots of things. You can add a message center, medicine cabinet, and spice storage or jewelry cabinet just to mention a few.

Also, you don’t have to use furniture as intended. I had antique theater seats that folded up and didn’t use much floor space when not in use but were perfect dining chairs when needed. You can find bar stools that stack. I have used a dresser in my kitchen and another dresser as a sofa table. Every thing in my house has drawers or storage.

Tejo Remey Chest of Drawers photo from Wikipedia

Think outside the box and you will find there are so many options. I would love to hear what you did to add storage to your home.



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