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Psst…… What’s In Your Drawers?

OK, let’s talk about your drawers.

Are you hoarding rubber bands, twist ties, shopping bags or you tell me?

Why? You don’t need 1,000 rubber bands, 50 twist ties from your bread wrappers or 25 paper bags.

Really, you don’t. You might need a dozen rubber bands and a few of the other things. Why do you think you might need them? If you can’t come up with a good reason let them go.

And No a Rainy day is not a good reason.

The better question is, how many have I used in the past 6 months? If you answer is none then you really don’t need them.

rubber band ball

I’ll admit my Dad had an amazing rubber band ball but he had goal. When it reached a certain size he would retire. By the way he did.


Throw away, recycle or sell needs to be your mantra!


“Happiness is a place between too little and too much” – Finnish Proverb


What did you do today to find your happy place today?

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Cute Tiny Bottles

Tiny-Sized Travel Stuff =

Super sized mountain of clutter

Today we are going to talk about small cute bottles.

Do you you have a stash of miniature versions of normally life-sized stuff?

I hear you saying  hotels have nice shampoos and conditioner. Yes, I agree with you some of them do.  How many do you have?  Unless you you are running a bed and breakfast on the cheap by  you are socking your bathroom with what you swipe from the hotel you are not going to use them.  Granted I have lots of company and I try to be the best hostess possible by having what my guest might need.  But that means one.  Not a drawer full.

hotel shampoo overload


Also, if you have another stash of almost empty bottles of lotions, potions, shampoos, gels and the likes you have been saving for a trip. You are NEVER going to need that many half used-up bottles of shampoo. Trust me on this one!


Do you have hair products you tried and they did not work?  How about lotions that were gifts and you really don’t like the scent? Donate them to a homeless or women’s shelter.  You can Google shelters in your area.


You can do it!  Little steps lead to big changes.


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ARGH!! *%)@#

Things You Hate:

While I realize hate is a strong word ~ let me explain.

Recently, I threw out this nutty whisk/tongs thing. It never gripped anything and plus it was a crappy whisk. Every time I used it I would get annoyed.

Tongs 6-15
Crappy Whisk Gone!!

My mom was caught in a sudden rainstorm and she discovered the umbrella in her car was broken. ARGH! How frustrating. She was soaked. You can bet she tossed that in the trash.

NEVER, EVER keep ANYTHING* in your home that infuriates you.

*Spouses, children and pets excluded.

Life is too short and your time is too precious.

Sunday Assignment:

Go track down one thing that you hate using right now and toss it out.

Bonus points if you can also let go of some clothing item that you every time you put on rides up, falls down or has a big stain on it.

I would love to hear from you on what you tossed today.

Photo by Autumn Mott

Happy Sunday.


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Zoned in for Organization

Get in the Zone.

What does that mean exactly in regards to clutter and organization?

It means that you should have zones based on usage.

Organizing and Planning Locations

Items you use regularly should be in an area that is easy for you to reach. Your zones.

When you are ready to organize a room or space you will find it is very helpful if you first, sit down and make a list of the items you use most in this space.

Those items you use most often need to be within easy reach. Other items that you use less often can be stored closer to the floor or in high cabinets.

This is a very important tip in areas like the kitchen.

In my house coffee is very important in the morning. The last thing I want to do is hunt for anything related my coffee. We have a coffee zone. Everything related to making and drinking coffee is in one space. At my fingertips when I am not yet awake. That is a good thing.

coffee-bar-in-home zone

Maybe you are a baker. If so, you need a baking zone. Gather all your baking ingredients in one spot with your mixing bowls, mixers and cookbooks in a zone will save you steps and time. Not to mention frustration.

baking zone
Baking Zone

If you have little ones you might need a snack zone. It might be a basket with approved snacks that you place in you can easily reach and quickly give one to your little one. I don’t know a Mom who wouldn’t appreciate a fast way to pacify a cranky toddler. (That could be how my husband feels about me and with coffee in the morning.)

Must have Coffee 5-13

Think about what you use where when planning your space.

He who fails to plan is planning to fail” Winston Churchill

By putting things in the zone, you make a space that fits your needs and makes it easier for you to put things away as you use them.

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too many magazines 5-11.jpg

OK so here is another area that creates problems and thus clutter. It’s magazines.

Is this you?

  • Is your problem is too many magazines?
  • Do you find that you don’t have enough time to read them all?
    Or this is my favorite:
  • You think that you’ll get to them one day.

What is the solution?

Easy, you need to let them go.

How? Try one of these.

  • If you want to keep them then use the rule of 3: What is the rule of 3 you ask? Only keep 3 issues.
  • My neighbor and I have a deal, when one of us finishes a magazine we put it on the fence and send the other a text letting them know it’s there. Then it gets passed on and enjoyed by someone else.

No? Your neighbor is not into the same magazines as you?

OK. How many times have you been in a waiting room and the magazines are OLD, OUTDATED or nothing you would be interested in?

Help is on the way…

  • Donate old magazines to Dr.’s offices or any other place where people wait. Just be sure to take your name and address off the magazines.
  • Of course there is always technology. Sign up for the online version of your favorite magazine. No clutter at home!

Remember all information in the magazines is repeated and rehashed year after year. So don’t keep a magazine thinking you are going to miss the information in it. Sooner or later it will be repeated. If not you can find it online.

So let go!

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Unrealistic Expectations

Happy Monday!dont make change too complicated 5-9

Unrealistic Expectations and Getting Organized

Did you spend part of your weekend on Pinterest? Many of us see these perfect spaces on Pinterest or in magazines and we feel guilty that our homes, even at their best, have never looked that nice.

Guess what?

If you have kids or pets, you’re not going to have a home that looks like Martha Stewart’s. My mantra is I’m not Martha!

It’s ok. Get over it. Really it is.

You aren’t going for perfection; you’re going for function and less chaos. Life happens!

No one lives in a magazine photo layout or a showroom, so that’s not an excuse for not getting started.

A famous saying is: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Are you ready to start your journey to an organized home or office? You can do it.

A few days ago I took the first step. I started this blog with the purpose of sharing tips with you. Follow me here and I will continue to share small things to start the journey. Little steps.

I am here to help you Bee Organized.

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Are you ready to de-clutter today? OK this is an easy one. Ready?

Go get a pen that doesn’t write, or a wooden pencil that you’ll never sharpen and THROW IT AWAY.


The only writing implements in your bag, on the jar kitchen counter, or in the drawer in your desk, or the basket on your coffee table, should be ones that actually write!

Excellent! You are one step closer to being organized.

pens markers and such

PS – also throw away all of the markers and Sharpies that are dried up and never let them annoy you ever again when you are halfway through scratching over mailing labels when you’re returning stuff to “OH NO YOU DIDN’T!”

Follow me and Share this with your disorganized friends.  So how many pens did you toss today?

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Whack A Mole

Does this sound familiar to you?

You walk past your crammed closet and think “I’ll clean it eventually.” Your overflowing drawers will not close and you think, “Oh what’s the big deal. I haven’t cleaned it because I am busy.”

You can’t find your keys in the pile on your table and say, “So what? Doesn’t everyone have a clutter problem?”

You work really hard to pound down your piles of paper, yet they continue to pop up like Whack-A-Mole. whack-mole

You buy containers and baskets and chalkboard labels to hold your stuff, yet it continues to multiply like bunnies.

But after each attempt to change your ways, the stuff in piles remains. After each failed attempt, the disorganization goes downhill. So why can’t you get control?

As frustrating as it is, you learned something necessary: you can’t just wave a magic wand, buy a bin, or trash a tower of paper and call it organized.

Why does this happen?

It’s a lifestyle. And like any other lifestyle you have to learn and practice. And get better at it every day.

Check back with me often and I will continue to share tips with you. If you think you need my help I am here.

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Keep it Simple

Yesterday was May 3. I was remembering 18 years ago when I was working  a full-time job plus running a real estate business. We a had 5 houses all in the path of potential storms. We were concerned that our house of cards could not only collapse but be blown off the map. When you hear the weatherman say you need to get underground or get out-of-town because a mile wide F5 tornado is heading your way that was STRESSFULL.

Everything was so complicated.  Then something happened we had an Ah Ha Moment.

We are so busy running here and there.  Maybe it’s the dry-cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, this errand, or that one more thing on the way to the office.  How may times have you said I’ll do that after work.  Is your stomach growling because instead of eating lunch you were running errands on your lunch hour?

Someone shared this great tip with me.

Don’t forget that more stuff does not equal being more happy.  Actually, more stuff creates more stress. Keep it Simple.

She was right. When I was working in the legal field I had STRESS.  It affected my health. I had high blood pressure and acid reflux.  Stress is not good and can cause health problems.

How many of us know someone who had a heart attack due to stress.

Stress also affects your relationships and ultimately your happiness.  I heard all my life that money can’t buy happiness or the riches man still can’t buy health. They are right. I know many rich people who are very unhappy. Their lives are in shambles. Their relationships crumble, their kids are not happy, they don’t have time for vacations or even lunch with friends. Actually their friends have drifted away because they are always so STRESSED.

overwhelmed 5-1 a

You can reduce your stress.

An organized home will reduce your stress.  When you can find things without having to search your stress level goes down.  Ever notice how good you feel when your house is clean, when the laundry is all caught up and put away.  How about when you walk in the door and someone else has cleaned up a mess you knew was waiting for you?


Take a deep breath and smile.  You can get organized.  Little steps lead to big things.