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Reasons for Resistance to Change

Misunderstanding that there is a need for change sometimes the reason for the change might not be clear — If you and your family do not understand the need for change you can expect resistance to change. Especially from those who strongly believe the current way of doing things works well…and has done for years! Famous words, “My Mom did it that way.”MoreFamilyTime 5-1 b

Fear: Fear of the unknown — One of the reasons I see frequently for resistance to change is fear of the unknown. Before some people can take steps toward the unknown is when they feel that not changing is a greater problem than the current situation and then they will move towards in a new direction.compas-photo-1470472304068-4398a9daab00

Lack of competence in the change — This is a fear many people will find difficult to admit. But there are times when change is required and may require changing so of your skills, and some people will feel that they won’t be able to make the transition very well. An example might be   you have been a single person or a couple and now you have a baby. You have to change the way you do many things.

A connection to the old way — If you ask people in a family or an organization to do things in a new way, as much as to you the new way makes your life easier and saves you time, you will be setting yourself up against all that emotional connections to the old way – and that’s not trivial. (This might go back to the way your mother did it and you would never want to insult your or their mom.)

Low trust — When people don’t believe that they can change there is likely to be resistance to change.

Temporary or a phase — Some people believe that the reason for change is a temporary or a phase.Danielle MacInnes photo-1455815152231-be9c88eb7468

Not asking the family — If your family is allowed to be part of the change there is less resistance. People like to know what’s going on, especially if their lives may be affected.

Poor communication — Well Duh! It’s self-evident isn’t it? When it comes to change there’s no such thing as too much communication. Everyone needs clear ideas as to what is expected of him or her.

Changes to routines — When we talk about comfort zones we’re really referring to routines. We love them. They make us secure. So there’s bound to be resistance whenever change requires us to do things differently. Make sure you keep talking about what you want and need. Everyone can have a role. (OK, maybe not the pets but everyone else.)dog-with-ball-oh9auo20kbk-andrew-pons

Benefits and rewards — When the benefits and rewards for making the change are not seen as tolerable for the trouble involved. Make sure everyone gets some benefit from your changes. Example, if Mom has help keeping the laundry done then she may have more time to go to the park or read the kids a story.

Realize there may in fact be resistance to change and planning for it from the start will allow you to successfully implement your changes. Be proactive you can do this.  I love your comments.  What has been your resistance to change?

dont make change too complicated 5-9

Thanks Pamelabee_organizedwithpamela-jpg

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Holiday party time? Nails a wreck?


So you want to do a quick touch up.. Can’t find a file? Now where is your polish? Oh my you are flustered and overwhelmed…. How about you grab your favorite polish…what it’s old gummed up and dried out.  You don’t have time for this.

party nails idw-r3fsuhg-brigitte-tohm.jpg

Time to do a bit of organization. Time to toss out all the old worn out files, and old polish.  Go through and see what you have. Do you have pink, glitter, red or gold? I personally keep mine in a little case. It has my remover, polish, files and cotton balls. That way I only have to grab one thing. I can quickly do a polish change and be on my way to the next holiday party. LOL. I’m such a party animal. But I do love glitter nails and living in Arizona I can wear flop flops all year so my toes are frequently on display.


Anyway what is your go to color? Natural or polish? See getting organized is just one step at a time.

Thanks Pamela



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Is you brain all right…

Is your brain right… or left or both?

Brain photo-1453847668862-487637052f8a.jpg

I am more of a right-brain person  ~ Surprise!

Did you know October is National Right Brain Month?  By the way A right brainer is not necessarily left handed.

I will admit that to left-brain person a right brainer can be a challenge and vice a versa.

Left-brainer are a bit logical and rational and we right brainers are all creative and intuitive.

left or right photo-1463680942456-e4230dbeaec7.jpg

I mean we don’t read directions we wing it. But the left brainer they want to make sure all the parts are there, read all the directions and put everything all together in order. Although, I do love the Ikea instructions they are written for right brain people. We are visual. I also find that if we have the opportunity to observe a task we are able to replicate it easier.

If you are taking a test, right brainers do better with open-ended questions, they share their feelings.  Left brainers excel with multiple choice questions and would rather not discuss their feelings.

Right brainers prefer the search for elusive and uncertain information. See there is a reason why I love to do research. We are visual. And we can see the solution.  Our preferred problem solving method is by hunches we also look for patterns and similar configurations.  We are great at going with the flow and we are spontaneous.


Left brainers are more comfortable with schedules, deadline and regulations.  Left brainers are more mathematically inclined. That explains a lot. Math is so not my forte! However I have learned to work within the challenges of my right braininess.  I actually embrace my right brain and you should embrace  your brain.

Use your brain’s natural tendency to help you get organized.


So if you are finding that you are struggling with getting or staying organized it could have to do with if you are a right brainer or a left brainer.

You can do it. You will just need to find a method that works for you and your brain.

Card File drawers 5-29

Don’t work against your natural instinct. If you are visual, use labels to help you get or stay organized. You may find that you want all your clutter out of sight.

If you feel better organizing with compartments, use boxes, bins, binders and albums. You may find you are naturally compelled to organize photos in date order or you like identical storage options such as using all the same boxes in your closet or all your photos in matching photo albums.

You may find that you need a tray by your bed to control your clutter such as your glasses, remote control or books. Do you find that you tend to take off your jewelry in the bathroom? If so place hooks on the inside of your medicine cabinet or add some hooks nearby to hang your bracelets and necklace rather than trying to retrain yourself to put your jewelry in the jewelry box.

The point is you know what works for you and that is how you have organized your clutter. Work with your natural inclination not against.  Make it easy for you.  It doesn’t matter how you set it up is alright as long is it works for you.  Once you have a place for everything it will be easy to put everything in it’s place.

Right brainers have more difficulty staying organized, but it can be done. I am here to help you make keeping clutter contained a no brainer.

So are you a right brainer or a left brainer?




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National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

Does your computer’s desktop look like this?


Yes,  No, Maybe a little….

You know that is not the best way to store your files right?

Did you know you have less security when you store your files on the desktop?

How about they may not get backed up? Many programs are designed to ignore the desktop. OUCH!! Also, in the event of a crash a restore program may not include those files on the desktop. Double Ouch!!

Oh by the way did you know that storing files on your desktop could actually slow down your computer?

Last but not least it is clutter. If you have a cluttered virtual desktop you may find it is not so easy to find what you need. Because there is too much stuff like Zip file, photos and other downloads.  Just like a cluttered physical desktop.  The more stuff you have to look at, browse, open or just move the longer it takes to find what you need.  It’s easy to find that adorable kitten video  or resume if that is the only thing on your desk.  But if it is on the bottom of all that other stuff………Clutter, disorganization and feeling overwhelmed! How embarrassing would it be to confuse the kitten video for the resume if you expect to be considered for the job.


No fear.

National Clean your virtual desktop day is upon us.

Perfect time to get organized!

Move those files. Create folders and then sub folders within your folders.

Example of possible folders and sub folders

  • Bee Organized with Pamela
    •  Schedule (excel spread sheet
    •  Photos
    • Articles
      • 2016 – published
    • Work in progress
      •  October
      •  November
      •  December
      •   2017
    •  Possible ideas for future article
    • back up
    •  Expenses

What ever you need to easily find your files, music, photo or the such is what you set up. I know it is so easy to save to the desktop but once you get the folders and you are organized it is super easy to save it there. Bonus you don’t have to search for your photo’s because they are all in your photo folder.

Create shortcuts if you need to on your desktop or create a virtual cheat sheet.

Photo from

You can do it. Think of all the time you will save.

I love your comments and share with friends. They will thank you!







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National Train Your Brain Day

Since tomorrow is National Train Your Brain Day how about we work on training your brain to stay organized?

Lets create some new habits.

Make being organized a habit

Habit is defined as:  a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

For some of you it is hard to stay organized. It might be remembering to put your keys in the same place every time, to return the toaster to its assigned cupboard or to fold the laundry as you take it out of the dryer.unsplash stacked rocks photo-1451340124423-6311db67a5d9

But you can train your brain to do just those things.

Researchers believe it takes an average of 66 days to create a habit.

Some will tell you that it only takes 21 days and then you are disappointed or frustrated that you have not formed a new habit in 22 days. Don’t be.Alarm clock

It takes longer but if you keep working at the new trait or way of doing things you will succeed in making this a new habit.

The brain is an amazing thing. It can learn at any stage in life. Actually, we utilize a small portion of our brainpower for day-to-day mental ability.

Ready to train your brain?  Outstanding!

Pick a problem.

Maybe for you it is that is you frequently lose your keys.

Devise a solution.

Determine a place for your keys to go and always put them there. Not any other place. Hang a hook by the door or put a bowl on the entry table. You find a spot that works for you. But you must be diligent and consistent. Train your brain that is where the keys go.

feeling overwhelmed today 6187904322_22fe521616_z

Don’t get overwhelmed.  Remember habit take on average 66 days to become a habit. You may not be average. So if it takes longer, no worries. Think about how long you have struggling with being disorganized. I say it’s like losing weight. It wasn’t all gained in 30 days so it’s not going to all lost in 30 days. But if I stay with it I will succeed.

You can do it. I am here to help.

Let me know how you are doing.  I enjoy your comments and look forward to your feedback.  Thanks


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I don’t want the chicken……

I love this post Margie at Fueled by Chocolate.  All of us at one time or another will be or have been faced with the challenge of downsizing.  Some of us know we will have to help others face this daunting task.  Margie talks about doing just this.  I hope you enjoy and gain some tips.  See you tomorrow.  Pamela

I’m helping my Dad downsize. He will probably be moving to smaller living quarters in the not too distant future. The ‘weeding’ process isn’t easy for him. He has a strong attachment to just about everything old in his apartment. His bonds to the distant past grow stronger, as the memories of the near past […]

via He said, “I Don’t Want the Chicken” — Fueled by Chocolate

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Do you have old CD’s or other music types gathering dust?


What do I mean by music types?

vinyl records, 8 tracks of the mid 60’s, Cassette tapes of the 70’s and the CD in the 80….

I grew up with a console stereo record player in the living room. Every Christmas we listened to Blue Christmas by Elvis on a record, still to this day it is tradition. I had a portable record player when I was a child. Then, came the 8 track player in the car that was amazing. My dad had a collection of Ray Stephens. I can still remember the Streak from the Boogity Boogity Album and who could forget the Shriner Convention! I mean really. Later on out came the cassette. That was revolutionary. We could make our very own mix tapes. Of course we had to be ready when the song played so we could hit the record button.   But still it was worth the effort. Then in the 80’s came the Compact Disc and the disc man! WOW From Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston and George Strait to Dolly Pardon. You could have it all. And some of you did. Your collection was massive. You bought music like you really did think the music was going to die.  So where is the collection now?  Is it collecting dust?record player photo-1471029093449-ca61fffdc2af.jpg

Why did I take you on this little trip down memory lane? It’s because for some of you still have those “mix tapes” Come on you do and you know you haven’t listened to them in so long.

Some of you have no idea why a pencil is important to a cassette tape. Google it.cassette.jpg

I do have a point and I will get to it. How many of you have collection old types of music that you no longer have the method to play them? The only thing those Records, CD’s 8 Tracks or cassette tapes are doing now is collection dust.

I want you to know that all that music is now available for download. OK well maybe there are a few that are not. But for the most part they are out there. They have excellent sound quality. You can recreate the favorite mix tapes on your phone, computer or iPod.

If you don’t have an 8-track player, a cassette player, a record player or a CD player let go of the music you own that plays on them.


Audiophiles swear by the sound quality of vinyl over CDs. Also, some old records have value as they are coming back in fashion. So you may want to consider selling them now and take that money to buy something you can actually listen to. Strike while the iron is hot. Old records are hot now but who knows if in 3 months they will be just another passed over fad.  Could be that you have some old 8 tracks that also have some value?  Take advantage of this and let them go.  If you’re not using them they are clutter.

I hope you find a treasure in your collection like a Beatles White Album or an Elvis Presley original 1950’s Sun.  Let me know if you do and you can thank me later.

Have a great day.

Thanks Pamela


Photos from Unsplash

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Enough Chaos!

Chaos is defined as complete disorder and confusion

Does the following definition of Chaos sound familiar you?

Can’t                        or          Children

Have                                       Have

Anyone                                   A lot

Over                                        Of

Syndrome                             Stuff

chaos-485493_960_720How about:

Can’t get it all don’t in a day

Help I am overwhelmed

Another Appointment missed

Opportunity for a promotion past because I was late

Slipped on crap on the floor.feeling overwhelmed today 6187904322_22fe521616_z

Disorganization doesn’t just involve clutter taking over your house. It takes away your energy. The more you have going on the more organization you need. If you kids are in soccer and dance, have t-ball and have play-dates you have to stay on top of your schedule. You feel bad because you forgot or got the dates mixed up when it was your turn to pick up cookies for home room or to bring drinks to the t-ball game. Or worse your kid is left waiting for you to pick them up.

Scheduling mix-ups create chaos and then you scramble or miss out on an important thing. You are sad, your family is sad.

So let’s put on a happy face. Gain control of your chaos. Now is a great time to get organized. You will stop wasting time and energy. You can enjoy life when you’ve made it a priority to keep chaos and clutter at bay.13585051_10153640310396806_3812571750043960467_o

  • Use your phone as a calendar – It’s with you all the time. Make use of the apps and keep lists.  I add everything to my phone.
  • Use the alerts and set reminders. Appointments get 2 reminders.
  • Use a family organizational calendar, color code it. Hang it in a central location so all members of your family can see it.

Take control of your chaos. Tell me what you do to keep your family and household organized.

Thanks Pamela



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