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._________________.   Text Whale


Whatsapp_texting from wikimedia.jpgSo how many text messages do you send in a day? How many text messages do you receive every day?

Do you keep them all? Do you need them?  Of course anything that might be evidence in a court case or if you are receiving classified texts on your private …Oh no wait that is emails. Never mind.

Do you have every text message that you have ever received?

Have you received an error code or a notification that you are out of space on your phone? You probably don’t need to add memory to your phone you need to free up some space.



Text messages from your Mom or the hilarious auto-correct from your sister or best friend you may want to keep.

Delete unnecessary old text messages.

OK good talk. You are going to delete text messages! It’s something to do while you are waiting in line.  Bonus. You can free up so much space on your cell phone.   You are welcome! Have a great day.

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THIS IS NOT WORKING! IT’s Over! YOU are not meeting my needs. – Closets

How many of you have thought this about your storage and closet space?

Storage and Closets Space defined.

I live in Arizona and my house has a coat closet. I know, right! We don’t wear coats where I live. So I don’t need a coat closet. But living in Arizona I don’t have attic space that I can use. But I needed a space to store holiday decorations and typical attic stuff. We needed more function and less hanging space. We pulled out the rod and added shelves.

You might be thinking nice story Pamela but what does that have to do with me?

Well you may find that you have storage spaces in your home that do not function at their best for you. You might need to add cubbies or a shoe rack to the bottom of your hall or coat closet. Making it possible for your shoes to be stored out of sight. How about adding hooks for purses or book bags? Remember the inside of the closet door is great unused real estate. If you only hang jackets and not long coats you might be able to add another shelf or another hanging rod.

photo by crew-1453486030486-0a5ffcd82cd9.jpg
Photo by Crew

Maybe your closets have only a single rod. Do you have lots of long hanging items (a/k/a Dresses)? No? Add a second rod. Bam, you just doubled your closet space. Children’s closet’s  really can benefit from adding a second hanging rod.

photo by Clark Street Merchantile -1441986300917-64674bd600d8
Photo by Clark Street Mercantile

You could be someone who wears lots of stuff you don’t really want to hang but you only have that one lone rod in your closet. Depending on your space you may need to put a chest of drawers in your closet. You can still have some hanging space. key-hole-360646_960_720
Use a piece of furniture in a closet or in an unexpected room.

Make the most of what you have.

Don’t want to make a permanent change or you are renting and you can’t? I did not forget about you. A quick trip to the hardware store for threaded pipe you can screw together a few bits of pipe together and you can add lots of storage. All without making holes in the walls. Bonus it is easy to assemble and disassemble to take with you to the next place. I have attached 2 links to give you more ideas. But they are all over Pinterest and the Internet.

Simplified Building ~ 10 diy industrial shelf ideas

Brit + Co ~ DIY Garment Racks

If you are feeling like you not want to DIY or is the not right style for you there are hanging shelves, freestanding racks and add a rod options available to purchase.

One of my brilliant readers took over the toilet racks for they became a freestanding closet with extra hanging and storage. Thanks Suze

My point is there is no reason your space can’t work for you and fit your needs.

I love your comments and for your share your ideas.

Thanks PamelaPam's Bee.jpg

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Craving more closet space.

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Extra Storage Wanted ~ Tips to get it.


Who has all the storage they need? You do. OK stop right there. This post is not for you. Right. For the rest of us who say, I always need more storage space.

Photo from Wikipedia

Many of you have said you would love to get organized but you don’t have enough storage space. You are just like most of us in that you don’t have the luxury of loads of extra space and have ask about adding storage space where there is none.

I want you to know you are not alone. My husband and at one time planned to live in a 750 square foot property that we owned. I had a rule if it wasn’t useful then it couldn’t have a place in the house. I didn’t have a basement or an attic. What space I did have we made the most of.

I want to share a few thoughts about what worked for us.

  • Pull down shelves – are perfect for making upper shelves easy to access;
  • Lazy Susan turntables are amazing – Use them in corners and fill the lost dead space.
  • Go vertical – Use your wall space. Add a pot rack to the ceiling. I have one above my kitchen sink.
  • Don’t forget under the bed storage;
  • Under cabinet drawers if you have a kick plate under your cabinets. You a can add storage in that area.

    under cabinet storage FH09MAY_CABDRA_01
    Photo from The Family Handyman
  • Add shelves over your doors. That is a great place to store extra towels in the bathroom and the laundry is a good place to store extra paper products;
  • Wire under shelf storage baskets double up your usable space;
  • Storage ottoman’s can hold shoes and provide a place to take sit down – everything needs to do double duty and can provide storage;
  • Raise the floor. Build a platform and you can add storage;
  • Squeeze out more by adding shallow storage between the studs in your interior walls. Most walls are built on 16-inch centers and are 4 inches deep. That space is perfect for lots of things. You can add a message center, medicine cabinet, and spice storage or jewelry cabinet just to mention a few.

Also, you don’t have to use furniture as intended. I had antique theater seats that folded up and didn’t use much floor space when not in use but were perfect dining chairs when needed. You can find bar stools that stack. I have used a dresser in my kitchen and another dresser as a sofa table. Every thing in my house has drawers or storage.

Tejo Remey Chest of Drawers photo from Wikipedia

Think outside the box and you will find there are so many options. I would love to hear what you did to add storage to your home.



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