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Is Frankenstein in your house?

I know you are thinking where the heck is she going with this?  Halloween?  Movie time?  Stay with me.

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So do you have a bookcase made from cement blocks and wood planks?

How about a chair that you are using a book as a chair leg?

Does your grill cover have more duct tape showing than original fabric?

Are you using duct tape on an outlet that you need to have repaired? Dangerous!

How about zip ties? Are you using them to hold your hair dryer together?

How about Safety pins? Are you using them on your underwear or Slip? Or tape on your Bra’s underwire? OUCH! You deserve better.

These are Frankenstein projects. Bits and pieces from here and there.

The bigger Frankenstein can be clutter and disorganization.  Like the monster, it can become out of control.  It can be so stressful trying to control the monster.  It can take on a life of its own – Taking over your life by controlling your home.  Time to take control of your Frankenstein.

Where does your monster lurk?  By the front door?  Shoes, bags, keys or the dog’s leash?  Maybe the monster is in your bathroom?  Hiding in the potions, lotions and torture devices you use on your hair and lashes?

Or is your monster creeping around your kitchen?  Hiding your lid and Tupperware from you?  Stashing your to go mug lids where you can’t find them…

So if you have monsters in your closet..kid’s room or the playroom.  You have to get the monster out of their room.  No child wants a monster in their room.

Being that Halloween is near, I challenge you to take control of your very own Frankenstein.

Clear out the clutter!  Take that monster to the trash, donate it to a new zoo, or sell that freak show.  Cash in on your clutter.  You can be organized.  Think of all the time you will save and wouldn’t you rather be enjoying time with our family and friends than searching for your shoe the monster took under the bed.

What is your Frankenstein project?

Thanks!  Pamela



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Tips to bring Order to your Chaos—

“Creating order in our lives allows us to live a life full of endless possibilities.”

~ © Norma Bobb-Semple 2016

Photo credited to Unsplash Creating order in our lives allows us to live a life full of endless possibilities. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2016

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Hello,  Anyone who has been here before knows that I am all about controlling your chaos,  organizing your life and corralling your clutter.  Clutter is a time thief.  If you can’t find what you need you spend valuable time searching.  You look under the bed, in the car or between the couch cushions.  Sometimes you give up and buy a new whatever was lost.  That is a budget buster.  You know you bought the funniest birthday card for your sister months ago now her birthday is in a week and you can’t find it.What do you do?  You know what you are going to do.  You buy a new card.  Then the week after her birthday you find the first one.  But you can’t send it to anyone else because it says To my Sister for her 30th Birthday…. ARGH!!

party banners photo-1465060810938-30bbe7c40e76

You know you need to put some order in your life.  But you are overwhelmed?  Where to start?  I am here to help.  You can look back at some of my prior posts to give you an idea.

It does not matter where you start.  The first step is to begin.   The thing that you lose all the time is a good place to start.  If that is keys.  Determine a set place for them.  Put them there every single time.  Without fail.

If it is that your kids can’t seem to get their school stuff together in the morning before school.  You have a nightmarish morning trying to like trying to herd cats.    Set up a system.  Backpacks in a designated spot, homework checked before they go to bed, determine what everyone is wearing the night before and you will eliminate much of the morning chaos.  You might actually enjoy breakfast with your kids.wp-1474664786272.jpg

Maybe you plan on making dinner but what to make?  What do you have?  What do you need?  Organize your pantry.  That way you will know what you have and if you keep a running shopping list you will not run out of ketchup, butter or sugar.  When you open the last of something put it on the shopping list.  If you keep this list on your cell phone it will always be with you.  You can then make a plan the night before as to what you are making for dinner. You will know what you have and what you need to get.

You can get organized.  I am here to help you bring order to your life.  Where do you find are your biggest clutter areas?  What do you frequently lose?

Thanks, Pamela!



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National Handbag Day!!!

dream bag Hermes_Ostrich_Birkin_Bag.jpg
Hermes Ostrich Birkin Bag photo from Wikipedia

Ladies we all carry them. Handbags. Some are large. Some are small. There are shoulder bags, hobo, clutch, bucket, cross body or evening bags. Not matter what we have some.  Some of us have a bunch. You know who you are.

Even some men carry a man bag, murse or a messenger bag.

As today is National Handbag day. I think it is a good day to clean them out and get them organized.

messy bag 169135910_a423b3c092_b.jpg

You know the drill. Empty your bag and determine what you really need in there. What you don’t need, do not put back. Organize your receipts; if you need them you need to put them in a folder or a safe place. Your purse if probably not the safest place to keep them.

Strive to keep the loose change, trash and other unnecessary items out of your purse. Clean it out frequently. Organize your makeup in to a small zippered makeup bag.

Use the pockets of your handbag to keep the items you use on a frequent basis. Have a designated spot you keep your phone, your keys and other items. Spare change can get quite weighty. No need to add weight.

Are you frequently digging for your keys?

I use a carabiner for my keys. I always know where they are and they can’t migrate to the bottom of the bag.

If you keep your glasses in a hard case, they will last longer and be less likely to be crushed, broken or scratched.

I don’t switch handbags very often. But if you do and you have LOTS of handbags, now is a good time to thin the herd. Let a few of those handbags go. Do you have a favorite black bag with a broken zipper or tattered and worn out handle? Have you resorted to duct tape? Let it go or take it to the shop and have it repaired. Some of the nicer handbag manufactures will refurbish your bag for a nominal fee.

Photo from

My dear friend keeps an old handbag in her car that she has turned into a Ms. blessings bag. It has socks; Personal hygiene items (tampons, pant liners, pads, etc.) a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and shampoo (hotel size are perfect).

I love your comments.  Thanks



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Fall Decorating the Natural Way —

As I mentioned in a recent post, I’m wanting to move toward a simpler, less-cluttered life. And for the fall season, I’m thinking about how I can decorate and still keep things simple. Decorating with natural things is appealing to me because after you’re done decorating, you can recycle your natural decorations in a compost […]

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Carpe Diem National Get Organized Week

Did you know the first week of October is National Get Organized Week?

You know what they say carpe diem!

Did you know that carpe actually means “pick or pluck”?

We are going to run with that definition. Pick up and pluck away all your clutter.

You have all week to work on organizing your clutter-prone areas.

Today I’m going to tell you the secret to have your areas organized.  Ready?  Ok here goes.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

That’s the secret to organization.

Easy right?

Well, it can be but you know what happens if don’t have a plan? You don’t have a space designated then stuff becomes cluttered, disorganized,  overflowing its space and taking over.

You have to make a plan.  A plan includes designating a space for all your stuff. If you have a place for everything then it is easy to put everything in its place.

Another key point to having a plan is you have to make your designated space easy to access.

If you don’t make your designated space easy to access you will not put your things back in their place.

Assignment: think about what you use on a daily basis.   Go room by room and determine what would make your life easier. Allocate a space for those things. Everything has to have a place. More details are at The Secret to Get Organized


Let’s review some of the prior tips.

Don’t put that down!

An easy tip to cut that clutter out?

You need to implement the one-touch rule.

What is the one-touch rule? Easy. If you have something in your hand ~  take it where it belongs. Don’t put it down.

When you use something ~ put it back. Touch it one time.


Another thing to keep in mind is never, ever keep anything in your home that infuriates you.

Photo Credit Jim Rohn QuoteFancy

So Carpe Diem! What did you pluck today?

Once you have organized your clutter reward your self with a cookie. If you need a great cookie try Cookie truffles from Lynn at by Lynz Real Cooking.




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The Real Truth – Volume 2 – Selling your stuff




Selling your stuff can be a nightmare! You know what I am talking about. Sometimes you really want to get rid of your stuff but …….



Do we sell or donate? We all have some things that we feel has some value. That wedding gift from your boss that you have never opened – (You are certain it was bought by his wife who is a diehard CrossFit addict – So why she would buy you a bread machine when you are gluten free??) Or maybe it’s the set of china you inherited from your aunt d. But you 1. NEVER EVER use china, 2. Have NO storage in your home and 3. Have small children. Or how about the high-tech weight machine you have crammed into the corner of your bedroom (or what is known in your home as the “extra clothing storage rack.”


Naomer’s Mom said” They  held onto in some hope of making us money. We want to be debt free, and the Dave Ramsey crowd is ALL about the selling. Yet when we tried to Craig’s list our recliner, a lazy boy for all of $25 we got “is the price firm?” “will you take $5?” “does it have great lumbar support?” “I’ll take it for that price if you deliver 50 miles away”

We live around the cheapest people ever. It’s honestly the area. One of DH’s co-workers tried to rip off a recently widowed woman out of her RV to ‘help her burden’ after her husband passed. It’s actually common practice for people to hover like vultures when someone passes. They even watch for obituaries to contract the surviving to buy their land (for half its value). It’s crazy. I debate garage sales. I envision people trying to haggle down $1 items or negotiating for free delivery. I don’t want to hate the world after a stupid garage sale. Would you bother? Have you had success? It’s hard to let go of things of value that you just don’t need. It’s also not helpful I feel like Goodwill isn’t a great charity. I wish it could go towards a better cause (and I have no idea why I feel this way, I just wish our crap could fund a women’s shelter or something).


ARGH How frustrating!! I know right. So some of you might be thinking to check with that activation and you will just send it to someone who needs it.

Many of you want to help Houston, Florida, Mexico or whatever part of the world just had an emergency.

Look I am all for helping but here is one thing I want to you think about.

DON’T SEND JUNK, worn out shoes, stained and ripped clothes that you would not let your kids wear? Would you want someone to send you their crap? Most likely No.trash - recycle-33605_640

I can say from an experience that sending stuff is helpful but NOT when you are sending size 2 women’s clothes to a lady who is a size 22, Nor is sending unsafe expired baby gear. Once upon a time, I know someone whose house burned. The coworkers rushed to bring all their “Donations” and that evening they showed up with a van load of stuff. Sounds great right? Sounds like it was so helpful? Not really. You see this family had just lost everything except for the clothes on their back. They did not have space to store or sort thru the donations. What they really needed was a gift card to Walmart or Target. They needed to purchase the special baby formula, diapers and for the baby. They did not need 4 bags of stripper heels (Yes they were inundated with 4” heels in size 12) and boys clothes size 10.

disco clothing

The family consisted of a wife who was a petite woman with a 6-month-old baby (She worked as a cook so she wore a size 7 shoe and a size 12 pants), the husband was a bank teller. So he needed ties and business shirts. 2 children the aforenamed 6-month-old and a 3-year-old both girls.

Now I know what may have come to mind is they should be grateful and not look a gift horse in the mouth.   AGREED but none of the donations were helpful. I know they would not have minded putting their girls in blue clothes and it wife would have loved to wear a size 2 pair of jeans. He husband would not have minded wearing boys jeans but again the size was not going to work.

Do you see my point?

Do you donate or sell?

If you want to help sell and donate the cash. If you advertise that you are doing a benefit sale you will attract more people.

If you want to donate, how about joining in with a group and having a large benefit sale? Say a parking lot pop up sale? Do a bit of getting out the word and request, I don’t know how about a boy scout or a church group hold a benefit sale? Everone can then donate their stuff and the group can sell it then donate the cash to a group. Maybe you know someone who lives in the affected area or your scout leader does. It is possible that your church or community organization has a point of contact in the affected areas? Trust me the people who are on the ground in Houston or Rockport Texas know where the needs are.

I am not saying you have to do anything but if you are so inclined these are some options you a may not have thought of.

That all being said……….How do you get rid of your stuff?

Thanks Pamela

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Butterfingers vs Chicago Bears

Not political just funny. I hope you enjoy and get a laugh out of it.

Roseylinns Reflections

Butterfinger decided to comment on the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears on Thursday night. It all started after the football bounced off a Chicago Bears players knee resulting in a fumble.

Butterfingers took a jab at the play:

The Bears decided to respond:

The Bears for some reason responded with:

The Bears responded to a fans comment about the Twitter exchange:

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