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Is Frankenstein in your house?

I know you are thinking where the heck is she going with this?  Halloween?  Movie time?  Stay with me.

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So do you have a bookcase made from cement blocks and wood planks?

How about a chair that you are using a book as a chair leg?

Does your grill cover have more duct tape showing than original fabric?

Are you using duct tape on an outlet that you need to have repaired? Dangerous!

How about zip ties? Are you using them to hold your hair dryer together?

How about Safety pins? Are you using them on your underwear or Slip? Or tape on your Bra’s underwire? OUCH! You deserve better.

These are Frankenstein projects. Bits and pieces from here and there.

The bigger Frankenstein can be clutter and disorganization.  Like the monster, it can become out of control.  It can be so stressful trying to control the monster.  It can take on a life of its own – Taking over your life by controlling your home.  Time to take control of your Frankenstein.

Where does your monster lurk?  By the front door?  Shoes, bags, keys or the dog’s leash?  Maybe the monster is in your bathroom?  Hiding in the potions, lotions and torture devices you use on your hair and lashes?

Or is your monster creeping around your kitchen?  Hiding your lid and Tupperware from you?  Stashing your to go mug lids where you can’t find them…

So if you have monsters in your closet..kid’s room or the playroom.  You have to get the monster out of their room.  No child wants a monster in their room.

Being that Halloween is near, I challenge you to take control of your very own Frankenstein.

Clear out the clutter!  Take that monster to the trash, donate it to a new zoo, or sell that freak show.  Cash in on your clutter.  You can be organized.  Think of all the time you will save and wouldn’t you rather be enjoying time with our family and friends than searching for your shoe the monster took under the bed.

What is your Frankenstein project?

Thanks!  Pamela



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Tips to bring Order to your Chaos—

“Creating order in our lives allows us to live a life full of endless possibilities.”

~ © Norma Bobb-Semple 2016

Photo credited to Unsplash Creating order in our lives allows us to live a life full of endless possibilities. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2016

via Order — normabobb

Hello,  Anyone who has been here before knows that I am all about controlling your chaos,  organizing your life and corralling your clutter.  Clutter is a time thief.  If you can’t find what you need you spend valuable time searching.  You look under the bed, in the car or between the couch cushions.  Sometimes you give up and buy a new whatever was lost.  That is a budget buster.  You know you bought the funniest birthday card for your sister months ago now her birthday is in a week and you can’t find it.What do you do?  You know what you are going to do.  You buy a new card.  Then the week after her birthday you find the first one.  But you can’t send it to anyone else because it says To my Sister for her 30th Birthday…. ARGH!!

party banners photo-1465060810938-30bbe7c40e76

You know you need to put some order in your life.  But you are overwhelmed?  Where to start?  I am here to help.  You can look back at some of my prior posts to give you an idea.

It does not matter where you start.  The first step is to begin.   The thing that you lose all the time is a good place to start.  If that is keys.  Determine a set place for them.  Put them there every single time.  Without fail.

If it is that your kids can’t seem to get their school stuff together in the morning before school.  You have a nightmarish morning trying to like trying to herd cats.    Set up a system.  Backpacks in a designated spot, homework checked before they go to bed, determine what everyone is wearing the night before and you will eliminate much of the morning chaos.  You might actually enjoy breakfast with your kids.wp-1474664786272.jpg

Maybe you plan on making dinner but what to make?  What do you have?  What do you need?  Organize your pantry.  That way you will know what you have and if you keep a running shopping list you will not run out of ketchup, butter or sugar.  When you open the last of something put it on the shopping list.  If you keep this list on your cell phone it will always be with you.  You can then make a plan the night before as to what you are making for dinner. You will know what you have and what you need to get.

You can get organized.  I am here to help you bring order to your life.  Where do you find are your biggest clutter areas?  What do you frequently lose?

Thanks, Pamela!



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National Handbag Day!!!

dream bag Hermes_Ostrich_Birkin_Bag.jpg
Hermes Ostrich Birkin Bag photo from Wikipedia

Ladies we all carry them. Handbags. Some are large. Some are small. There are shoulder bags, hobo, clutch, bucket, cross body or evening bags. Not matter what we have some.  Some of us have a bunch. You know who you are.

Even some men carry a man bag, murse or a messenger bag.

As today is National Handbag day. I think it is a good day to clean them out and get them organized.

messy bag 169135910_a423b3c092_b.jpg

You know the drill. Empty your bag and determine what you really need in there. What you don’t need, do not put back. Organize your receipts; if you need them you need to put them in a folder or a safe place. Your purse if probably not the safest place to keep them.

Strive to keep the loose change, trash and other unnecessary items out of your purse. Clean it out frequently. Organize your makeup in to a small zippered makeup bag.

Use the pockets of your handbag to keep the items you use on a frequent basis. Have a designated spot you keep your phone, your keys and other items. Spare change can get quite weighty. No need to add weight.

Are you frequently digging for your keys?

I use a carabiner for my keys. I always know where they are and they can’t migrate to the bottom of the bag.

If you keep your glasses in a hard case, they will last longer and be less likely to be crushed, broken or scratched.

I don’t switch handbags very often. But if you do and you have LOTS of handbags, now is a good time to thin the herd. Let a few of those handbags go. Do you have a favorite black bag with a broken zipper or tattered and worn out handle? Have you resorted to duct tape? Let it go or take it to the shop and have it repaired. Some of the nicer handbag manufactures will refurbish your bag for a nominal fee.

Photo from

My dear friend keeps an old handbag in her car that she has turned into a Ms. blessings bag. It has socks; Personal hygiene items (tampons, pant liners, pads, etc.) a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and shampoo (hotel size are perfect).

I love your comments.  Thanks



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Where Did Summer Go?

water bal-photo-1468888702840-41a24ac1a9f9

I don’t know about you but I am not sure where the time went. It seems as if only last week It was memorial day and the unofficial start of summer and now we just had Labor day.   What happened?

chloe-ridgway-170406Well, I guess this means per the calendar it is time to start thinking about fall.  What does fall mean to you?  It is boots and sweaters or possibly pumpkin spice everything?

fall baby photo-1445796886651-d31a2c15f3c9

One Thing That is For Sure It’s A Good Time to look at your closet.

Out goes the shorts and flip flops and in comes the boots and jeans.

Do you have clothing that you did not wear this summer? Did your size change? What about your kids?

If your kids are like other kids they have probably grown and what fit this summer most likely will not fit next summer.

So what are you going to do?

Let’s take everything out of the closet and make some determinations.
Does it fit? Keep or donate?
Did you wear it? Keep, donate or sell?
Is it stained, or damaged beyond repair? Trash

Make room in your closet.
Make a plan for hangers; when you put your stuff back in your closet make sure you leave room for empty hangers. When you take someone off the hanger to wear, make sure you pull that hanger and place it in a spot so when you do laundry you can easily grab the hangers and take them to the laundry room. (laundry is easier if you hang it up as you take it out of the dryer)

mans shrits on hangers
Make a plan for worn but not dirty clothes. Sometimes you might wear something but it is not clean enough to hang up with your clean clothes or and you plan to wear it again. You need to dedicate an area in your closet for these. That way you will not be inclined to drape this over a chair in your bedroom or toss it on the floor.

If everything in your closet is something you will wear and is organized, you will find that getting dressed is less of a chore.  It might also save you some time.  I am sure you can figure out something to do with you extra time.  Right?

Pam's Bee.jpg

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Dear College Freshmen –

I’ll be the first to admit college has changed a lot since my days.  So I went to a couple of experts.  The Wicked Hippie is now a Junior so one could say she has been there and done that.  Then The Mermaid in a Mudslide shares 5 Things to Remember.   As you go forward with this new exciting chapter in your life enjoy your freshman year and know you can do it.  Pamela

A new academic season is coming up and that means a lot of incoming college freshmen are probably scared, excited, confused, happy, and sad. I knew I was when I was a freshmen. I am now a junior at university and along the way, I have learned things that I wish someone would have told […]

via Dear College Freshmen — thewickedhippieblog

Five Things to remember… you head off to college.  Five Things to Remember

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Don’t put that down!

Look around? Do you see coffee mugs on the table, your desk, or dishes on the counter? How about are you using your treadmill as an extra valet? Do you want an easy tip to cut that clutter out?

Alejandra Parejo- Cup photo-1448632055520-5180f82474e2
Photo by Alejandra Parejo

You need to implement the one touch rule.

What is the one touch rule?


Easy. If you have something in your hand ~  take it where it belongs. Don’t put it down.

We recently talked about laundry. Fold it when you take it out of the dryer and put it away. How about when you and come home from work or school and you change clothes? Hang them up or put them in the laundry basket. Don’t throw them on the bed or your exercise equipment. Touch them one time. If you toss them on the bed you have to come back a second time and put them away.

Let’s talk about dishes. Don’t leave them sitting around. Don’t put them in the sink, immediately put them in the dishwasher.

Who is guilty of leaving an unfinished craft project on the table? How about ingredients all over the kitchen when cooking or baking?

When you use something ~ put it back. Touch it one time.

This applies to your entire family. Kids too.

Danielle MacInnes photo-1455815152231-be9c88eb7468
Photo by  Danielle MacInnes

The Parent Coach, Susan Stiffelman at the Huffington Post suggests the following:

  • “Establish that no new toys can be taken out until whatever has been played with has been put away. Kindly remind your daughter if she forgets. And by all means, do not clean up her messes. If you cave in and do the job for her, you will have taught her that if she whines or procrastinates long enough, she won’t have to take responsibility. Acknowledge that you understand that she’d rather not put away her paints, or that it looks like it will take forever. By letting her feel heard and understood, you’ll ensure that her upset will dissolve more quickly — and help her accept that she simply has to get the job done.”

  • Start by resetting the rules. Explain to your kids that you’ve made some new decisions about cleaning up, and you want to share them so that everyone knows what to expect. “When you’re finished playing with something, it’s important that you put it away completely before you move on to something else. If you forget, I’ll remind you once. If you still forget, that particular toy will go in a special box for a month.” Some parents tell their children that toys that are left out will be given away. Decide how harsh you want to be — but make sure that you follow through. If you deliver meaningless threats in the heat of the moment, your child won’t take you seriously.

  • Break a big job down into bite-sized steps. Help your children work in manageable increments if they have a lot to clean up. “Start by putting away anything with red on it … or anything made of plastic … or whatever is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.” This will help them learn that, little by little, they can get a big job done — whether it’s cleaning up a physical mess, working on a complex report or organizing a research project.”

For more of Susan’s tips click here

If only I could get the fur babies to put back their toys.IMG_0316_1024 2

You should have better luck with your kids.

Aaron Burden photo- crayon 1453749024858-4bca89bd9edc
Photo by Aaron Burden

Only Touch an Item Once

I love your feedback.

Pam's Bee.jpg

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Dorm Rooms – Tips to help you live in 114 square feet

Oh, my goodness can you believe it is almost that time again?  Ah, College Move in day. It’s right around the corner.  Do you have a college freshman in your house or are you a college freshman?    I know you are both looking forward to the day and a bit nervous.  Not to fear I want to share some of the best tips to make your move in day the best it can be.

college photo-1423798402048-1eb649bf30db.jpg

But how are you or your daughter going to make it in 114 square feet?   The average dorm room is 12 x 19 feet (228 total square footage) to be shared.

In that space, there will be a bed, desk, dresser, probably a mini fridge and microwave not to mention all of those clothes, makeup, hair stuff, and toiletries.

EEK that is tiny living. So you are going to have to make the most of every foot.

Will you be coming home for the holidays? If so maybe you don’t need all of your winter clothes since it will be fall when school starts.


  • Also, think comfort for class clothes and shoes.   Perfect examples are solid tanks, comfortable flats, and a comfy pair of jeans. Mix and match will be your friend. Remember that scarves can really change an outfit.
  • You will not need lots of dressy outfits. Think a basic little black dress with a jacket and dressy outfit and shoes for more formal affairs like internship interviews, presentations or formals.
  • Work-out clothes, a bathing suit, bathrobe and shower shoes & sneakers
  • If you are going to an area where it gets chilly you will need a light jacket. Heavy coat, mittens, hat, and scarf *(if you’re going to a campus with a colder climate) Maybe rain boots and an umbrella. Don’t forget a comfy pair of slippers (for hanging out in the residence hall)
  • Remember your entire space will be small. So don’t bring lots of shoes. No more than 6 (1 of each: flats, dressy heels, sneakers, shower shoes, slippers, boots) It’s hard but really you will not wear every shoe in your home closet and more importantly, you don’t have room for them all.

Don’t over pack.

Whatever you think you need edit out 40% of it.

Mom can send it to you if you really need something. *If you are going home for Thanksgiving you can switch out your fall clothes for winter and pick up your winter coat then.

Oh, by the way, you will probably be sharing a bathroom with lots of other girls.

No leaving your stuff in the bathroom.

You will have to carry it from your room to the bathroom and back again. Bring your own shower supplies. You’ll want a small bag or carryall that is easy to hang up where you can reach your soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

What should you bring with you?

  • A waterproof shower caddy – either a plastic caddy or a mesh bag
  • Towels and wash cloths
  • A robe – for covering up after you shower – It might be a bit chilly in the halls even if you are not modest
  • Shower shoes – either flip-flops or crocs
  • Shampoo and conditioner – if you can use the 2-in-1 kind, you’ll save space
  • Razor and shaving cream
  • The shower gel is really easier than bar soap.


Which brings us to Laundry.Laundry photo-1469504512102-900f29606341

You will be doing your own. So you will need to bring your own laundry detergent, softener, stain remover and quarters. You will need a laundry basket or bag to get your stuff to the laundry.

Don’t bring:

A printer there should be a printer lab so you will not need one.

Toaster, hot plates, skillets, or toaster ovens


Halogen bulbs and/or lamps

Most schools do not allow you to put holes in the walls so no nails.

You will not need an alarm clock if you use your phone.   Your phone will be your camera, calculator, calendar and address book. You are on your own to get to class. Mom will not be waking you up so if you need a loud alarm clock then, by all means, get one.

This is not by any means a complete list if you want more tips on what to bring check out this  list from College Love to Know  Things to Take to College Dorm

Good Luck and Enjoy every moment of your new adventure!!  I love to hear your comments.




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Is that a Dresser? Why Yes, Yes it is.

Does your furniture work for you?

Do you have a chest of drawers that is not really working in your nursery? How about switching the chest of drawers for a dresser. You can put a changing pad on it and it doubles as a changing table. When you are no longer in the diaper stage you can re-evaluate.

More Nursery tips at Baby Essentials: The Changing Station

How about that sofa table behind the couch? Would a dresser be a better option? Storage, of of drawers eduard-militaru-143486.jpg

Using a dresser in the dining area of your apartment or home makes excellent storage for your candles, linens, china, and silverware. Plus if you add some trivets on the top you can also use it as a buffet. This will save space on the dining room table.

dining pawel-wojciechowski-3678.jpg


You could also use a dresser living room, a dresser makes the perfect TV stand and media storage unit. Give your living room that clean streamlined look by placing your television on top of the dresser and using the drawers to hide away and DVD’s, video games or controllers.

diy+tv+stand from
photo from Two Twenty One

What about using a dresser in your entry? Think about all the storage options it would give you.



coffee-bar-in-home zone

I recently saw an idea on Pinterest where they used 3 dressers and put their bed on top of the dressers. MIND BLOW for outstanding space utilization.

Do you utilize the space under your bed? Why not? Did you know you can raise your bed and add drawers under your bed? Also, a padded chest at the foot of your bed adds storage.

There is no rule that a dresser much only is used in the bedroom. It’s a pretty versatile piece of furniture.  I can see one in the kitchen to add both counter space and storage.

By the way, add a power strip to the back of a drawer and you have an out of sight charging station for all your phones, tablets, MP3, and the likes.

So when is a dresser more than just a dresser?  Would you use a dresser in an unexpected place?  Where?  Do you some unexpected places you have used furniture?

Have a great day, you can bee organized.

Thanks Pamela



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Paper Clutter the Sequel

Paper clutter the sequel

So I have been talking about how to control the paper monster for some time now. Today I want to share the feedback I have received in the past from some of my clients.thank you card aaron-burden-211846

Dear Pamela:

  • This has really helped me A LOT! I also have a flash drive on my keychain that actually looks like a key! All the bills have their own folder where I save a copy of my confirmation as a .pdf. An easy way to accomplish this is by downloading “PrimoPDF” and it’s FREE! This will allow you to “print” anything into a .pdf form! I also do this with the online bills that I no longer get paper bills for. I’m trying to ween myself off the paper thing!!!

  • 1024px-Usb-thumb-drive
  • I have files set up for each of them. But my biggest issue is, I NEVER file them the way I had intended to! So I saw this “calendar/book” at a dollar store recently that gave me an idea to take a different approach and possibly allow me to actually FILE THEM and save time, paper, and patience!!! It was a book that had a calendar and folder for each month. The folder was for putting the bills in for that month! So I have about 27 items on my spreadsheet that I keep up with every month. So instead of having 27 files to deal with, I could potentially have 1, yes, ONE folder for the WHOLE YEAR!!!! I’m so excited! But frugal as I am, I will probably make my own folder so I can customize it a bit! I’m thinking legal file folders, folded, and bound together, and a printable calendar on sticker paper should do the trick!

  • BInders from Flickr7845750442_03c60af15a_b
  • I have filed in an over the door plastic shoe holder for years. It helps me to see what I actually have instead of hidden in a folder. Once the pocket gets full I usually realize I don’t really need most of the papers I keep and put them through the shredder. I do have a filing cabinet for car titles and important stuff, but the monthly bills etc., it’s easy to just stuff them in the pocket. This saves me from the stacks of papers on the counter, the table, basically any flat surface I happen to be standing by when I open the mail (haha). At first, I labeled the pockets with post-it notes, but then those that I used for a while got a real label with large magic marker writing so I could easily identify each pocket.

  • The idea of color coding for a visual clue as to when things are due. When I sort through papers I have three bins: trash, recycle and shred.


The point of sharing other people’s solutions is to stress that there are lots of options.  You will have to find the one that works for you.

I know this was a lot, but if anyone can use any of it to help them, I’m just happy to share! I know that many of you have been struggling for a long time and the stress of being late on stuff to gets to you!!! So are any of you thinking of adopting some of the ideas above?

Thanks Pamela



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Paper Chase ~ Mail Clutter


Papers they are one of the things that present such a great challenge since paper comes in almost on a daily basis. Mail means flyers, newspapers, magazines, bills, letters, statements and sometimes cards. Then if you have children they bring home papers. Artwork, notes from teachers, schedules, and reports. When you go shopping there is the receipts, owners manuals and coupons.   Then there are the work papers it never ends.

But how to deal with it?? How to organize it?? What to keep what to toss? What a nightmare!!

Let’s start with mail.
Pile of unwanted bills and junk mail to recycle

Deal with Mail immediately. Toss junk. Shred sensitive trash, file.

Put a trashcan or recycle receptacle by the door. Throw away junk immediately.

Do not lay down mail. Repeat after me: Do not lay the mail down.  One more time.  DO NOT PUT THAT DOWN.junk-mail-taking-over-living-room-14441424059_860503333a_b

Seriously consider online banking and online bill pay. Eliminate paper coming into the house.

OK so now it is in the house. What?

Touch Paper one time.

Open it, toss the envelope, file it away.

Keep it simple

Set up simple categories.

To pay:

I recommend adding your bills to a spreadsheet and listed ALL your bills. They should be sorted by due date (actually listing them 2-3 days prior to the actual “due date” to allow time in case you got busy, or it was the weekend and you forgot! Thus, nothing would be late!). Then set them up with Bill/Creditor. If you have a few things that are automatic drafts, I recommend highlighting them in a specific color such as blue. Utilities such as electricity, or gas, basically core household bills, highlighted in light yellow. Anything due quarterly or annually should be marked as such under “end date” and highlighted that field only in purple! Anytime something is closed or finished you can move it to the bottom of the page and mark it as such. I suggest you never delete it in case you need the info later! (Such as for taxes) Under “Specials” you can add notes such as “No interest 6 months, ENDS March 2018”; or what every note you need such a contract end dates on your phone service.

To file:

Now that you have added your bill to the spreadsheet you need to file them away. You have to set up a system that works for your household. Remember Keep it Simple.

House, car, insurance, money, health, school, taxes (whatever works for your house)

For example in your money file you c have a sub file for banking, retirement, investments. For your house file, you can have sub file for maintenance, warranties, improvements, tax statements and insurance file. Or you could have your insurance file with sub files for Car A, Car B, House, Health, Life. You are getting the idea.

Now that you have determined what categories you need its time to decide what you are going to put them.

If file folders or pockets don’t work for you try Project cases or document cases.

Papers can’t fall out, no hole punch or pockets, everything stays flat. You can store them upright on a bookcase or shelf, or you can put them in a file drawer. You can further organize them by adding folders inside the cases.

Flat bottom pocket files and binder clips.   Put labels on the binder clips.

Small desktop file box - IMG_4168

Or try magazine holders. Label them and just drop in your paperwork. You just have to find a shelf to hold them.

Do you keep receipts? How about using a receipt receptacle? Like a glass canister, box or drawer?

You could use a plastic drawer unit and dedicate 1 drawer to receipts and the rest could be your files. One for each house, car, insurance, money, health, school, or whatever you need.plastic storage drawers-IMG_4167

I love this company;  They have lots of amazing options.

Remember whatever you do remember to keep it simple, deal with it one time, and do not put the paper down. Touch it one time.  You can control your paper clutter and be organized.

Thanks Pamela

Pam's Bee.jpg

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