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Simplify your life

via Letting Go — MakeItUltra™

Is it expectations?

Relationships that are not healthy?

How about worry about what other people think?

Maybe it’s stuff?   Do you have so much stuff you can’t find your stuff?  Do you rent a storage unit for your stuff?  Have extra rooms in your house for your stuff?  Are your closets, cabinets, and drawers stuffed to overflowing?

So my question to you is what is the one thing you can let go of to simplify your life?

Have a great day!

Thanks Pamela

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Tax Time doesn’t have to be Taxing

taxes 6355404323_cf97f9c58e_bSo tomorrow is the deadline for filing your taxes in the US.  But now that you have compiled all the information how to store it?  Do you stuff them back in a box and hope that you can find them if you are ever audited?income-tax-491626_1280


The IRS website suggests the following:

After you file your taxes, you will have many records that may help document items on your tax return. You will need these documents should the IRS select your return for examination. Here are five tips from the IRS about keeping good records.

  1. Normally, tax records should be kept for three years.

  2. Some documents — such as records relating to a home purchase or sale, stock transactions,


    and business or rental property — should be kept longer.

  3. In most cases, the IRS does not require you to keep records in any special manner. Generally speaking, however, you should keep any and all documents that may have an impact on your federal tax return.

  4. Records you should keep include bills, credit card and other receipts, invoices, mileage logs, canceled, imaged or substitute checks, proofs of payment, and any other records to support deductions or credits you claim on your return.

  5. For more information on what kinds of records to keep, see IRS Publication 552, Recordkeeping for Individuals, which is available on the IRS website at or by calling 800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676).

I personally suggest that you use the seven-year rule:  By using this rule anything 2009 or earlier. – You can shred this year.  Since this the tax year for 2016.

Did you know that you can scan your documents and store them on a zip drive?  Well, you can.  Because the IRS actually does accept scanned documents?

They’ve actually accepted electronic documentation since at least 1997 when they issued IRS Revenue Procedure 97-22, which states:

This revenue procedure provides guidance to taxpayers that maintain books and records by using an electronic storage system that either images their hardcopy (paper) books and records, or transfers their computerized books and records, to an electronic storage media, such as an optical disk. Records maintained in an electronic storage system that complies with the requirements of this revenue procedure will constitute records within the meaning of § 6001 of the Internal Revenue Code.

So a great space saver is to use a large scanner with a document feeder and scan all your tax document.  Save them to a ZIP drive by year, write the year on the drive itself and then store the drive in a fireproof box.
Even if you don’t scan your documents make you can put them in a large envelope and clearly mark the year on the outside of the envelope.  Now is a good time to also mark the shred date  (7 years later) on the outside of the envelope as well.
Now that is over so to make you feel better here is a cute dog picture.  I know right?  A dog wearing beads.  Cute!!dog - zivile-arunas-207535.jpg
Have a great day!!
Thanks Pamela
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Decisions ~ Decisions

Organizing is something everyone needs and uses every day to some degree. Some of you have better control over your clutter than other. Some of you feel overwhelmed at the thought of finding your shoes.

That’s OK. I am here to help you find a method that works for you. Not for your mom, or sister or even the neighbor next door. Something that works for you and your family may in fact not work for everyone.chaos-485493_960_720

Have you heard of the Kondo method?

The Kondo principle is dead simple: Touch every single item. Feel it. Think about it. Ask yourself does it bring me joy? If it does, keep it. If not, ditch it.

Try it. Open your closet and start with your winter clothes. Pull ever thing out one at a time. Touch it. Feel it. Does it bring you joy? Does it fit? Did you wear it this season? Does it need mending? Will you mend it?

If you answered no to any of these questions the answer is simple, let it go.

dont make change too complicated 5-9

So, how much did you let go of? Don’t you feel better? I knew you could do it.

Now lets sort what is left.

photo by Clark Street Merchantile -1441986300917-64674bd600d8Think of your closet as a boutique.  Sort by color, sleeve length and then put all your pants, skirts and dresses together. Once you have it all organized you may just discover new outfits and combinations you did to realize you had. Getting dressed should be easier.

Maybe you need your clothes in coordinated outfits. If so do it.   Put your outfits together. Pick out a top and a bottom. Keep it up and choose all your outfits for the week. No early morning thinking required.small baby's room organized

This particular method works great for children who want to pick out their outfits but still need a little help.

Your closet is done now ~ on to the next one. You can do this.  What will you do next?


Thanks Pamela


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Lay off the Sauce!

Are you guilty of a little packet hoarding?sauce-packages

Do you have a secret stash of sauce freebies?

How about  half-empty bottles of fake bacon bits from 3 years ago?  Old Spice isn’t just a scent your grandpa would wear.  Spices expire.  spice-shelf

Oh boy!  The fact of the matter is, you are allowing them to use  up valuable fridge and kitchen storage space.  Unless you are one of those people who has more cabinet space than you could ever fill or has a fridge that is so large you never have to search for your olives?  Right I didn’t think so, me neither.

Easy solution:  Go check the expiration dates on those old spices and condiments, and handle accordingly.  Hoard tiny packets no more.  Thyme to let them go.

Veri Ivanova-stopwatch-photo-1431499012454-31a9601150c9

You are welcome!  Have a great day and remember I love your comments.


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Reasons for Resistance to Change

Misunderstanding that there is a need for change sometimes the reason for the change might not be clear — If you and your family do not understand the need for change you can expect resistance to change. Especially from those who strongly believe the current way of doing things works well…and has done for years! Famous words, “My Mom did it that way.”MoreFamilyTime 5-1 b

Fear: Fear of the unknown — One of the reasons I see frequently for resistance to change is fear of the unknown. Before some people can take steps toward the unknown is when they feel that not changing is a greater problem than the current situation and then they will move towards in a new direction.compas-photo-1470472304068-4398a9daab00

Lack of competence in the change — This is a fear many people will find difficult to admit. But there are times when change is required and may require changing so of your skills, and some people will feel that they won’t be able to make the transition very well. An example might be   you have been a single person or a couple and now you have a baby. You have to change the way you do many things.

A connection to the old way — If you ask people in a family or an organization to do things in a new way, as much as to you the new way makes your life easier and saves you time, you will be setting yourself up against all that emotional connections to the old way – and that’s not trivial. (This might go back to the way your mother did it and you would never want to insult your or their mom.)

Low trust — When people don’t believe that they can change there is likely to be resistance to change.

Temporary or a phase — Some people believe that the reason for change is a temporary or a phase.Danielle MacInnes photo-1455815152231-be9c88eb7468

Not asking the family — If your family is allowed to be part of the change there is less resistance. People like to know what’s going on, especially if their lives may be affected.

Poor communication — Well Duh! It’s self-evident isn’t it? When it comes to change there’s no such thing as too much communication. Everyone needs clear ideas as to what is expected of him or her.

Changes to routines — When we talk about comfort zones we’re really referring to routines. We love them. They make us secure. So there’s bound to be resistance whenever change requires us to do things differently. Make sure you keep talking about what you want and need. Everyone can have a role. (OK, maybe not the pets but everyone else.)dog-with-ball-oh9auo20kbk-andrew-pons

Benefits and rewards — When the benefits and rewards for making the change are not seen as tolerable for the trouble involved. Make sure everyone gets some benefit from your changes. Example, if Mom has help keeping the laundry done then she may have more time to go to the park or read the kids a story.

Realize there may in fact be resistance to change and planning for it from the start will allow you to successfully implement your changes. Be proactive you can do this.  I love your comments.  What has been your resistance to change?

dont make change too complicated 5-9

Thanks Pamelabee_organizedwithpamela-jpg

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That’s using your noodle

Today we are talking about the versitility of a pool noodle.  Who knew how many ways they can used. They are cheap and can be easily located.  So even if you don’t have a pool you may be able to use a noodle.


  1. Pool Noodle to organize fishing rods.
  2. Card holder – to hold playing cards.
  3. Tot bed rail – bumper – place a pool noodle on the side of the bed under the sheet to keep tots from rolling off the bed.
  4. Boot filler – cut them and place in your boots to keep them upright. See Angie’s Look Book –
  5. Child proof for little fingers. Keep toddlers from slamming doors by placing a part of a noodle on the edge of the door.
  6. Plant stakes for your flowers. Perfect for sunflowers.
  7. Bumpers – to keep you from bumping your car doors into the wall.
  8. No more stubbed toes by using part of a pool noodle to keep your toes safe. Use them on your bed frame to prevent those late night toe kicks.
  9. Use pool noodles over tent support ropes for safety.
  10. Use a pool noodle to keep your puppy from pushing her balls under the couch. (Wish I had this earlier!)
  11. Pool noodle roof pad on your roof rack to cushion and protect.
  12. Did you know you can use noodles to make toys not for just the pool?  (Thank you Pinterest!)
  13. Jumbo Lincoln Logs.
  14. Marble Race Track.
  15. Marshmallow shooters.
  16. Lightsabers – May the force be with you! Just add duct tape!
  17. Noodle Stick horses – Directions and more info click here
  18. Kid car wash – for their cars, scooters and bike great on a hot summer day!
  19. Birthday Lawn Candles – Pool Noodle and a battery tea light.
  20. Trampoline safety cover for the springs.

pool closed photo-1465198901163-2d15b88fecea

How do you use your noodle?

Thanks Pamela




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That takes balls? And it keeps them in place?

baseball-8ereia0u4lw-joey-kyberYes ~ we are talking about SPORTS balls and there are so many sports that use balls; footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, softballs, basketballs, volleyball, golf balls, ping-pong balls, and even bowling balls.

What were you thinking?soccer-uvrpmz1atvg-markus-spiske

But being that they are round, balls by their nature have a tendency to roll around. Making it a challenge to confine them to in one spot. Have no fear as deflation is not required. Instead, I will share with you some tips and tricks to organize your sports balls.

football-zsunls878yk-sandro-schuhBalls in your corner!

A quick peek at Pinterest reveals there are countless ways to corral sports balls so we will explore a few.

  • Wire Bins – easy way to not only hold but a great way to transport them to and from t-ball practice
  • Pop up hampers – One of my favorites! These can be found at almost any store and are very inexpensive. Bonus they fold flat when not in use.

    Pop-up Hamper
  • Mesh laundry bags – another great way to keep balls from rolling under the car and are perfect for transporting to and from volleyball practice.
  • Laundry baskets
  • Mount crates or baskets to the wall
  • Trash cans – these can be perfect for baseball bats and baseballs. You can add some dividers for extra organization.
  • PVC cart This is a super DIY project. PVC is easy to work with and plans can be found all over the internet.
  • Repurpose an old piece of furniture
  • Old pallet re-purposed – Again use your imagination and use your creative energy
  • bungee cords to make a ball cage –

    Photo from HGTV

Balls are notorious for rolling away. But you can get organized without breaking the bank. We know you have better things to spend your money on, such as extra tutoring for your superstar athlete.


Nothing worse than opening the garage door and having all the kids sports balls rolling down the driveway and around the floor unless it would be when they rolled around the back of your minivan or SUV. Gotta love when the door opens and all that stuff rolls out, down the parking lot or out into the street. YIKES!

Pam's Bee.jpg

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Keyed up…

Do you have keys to nowhere?

key uvx0tmfdneg-katy-belcher.jpg

You know the ones.   You have a key to a padlock you can’t find or if you are like us. We couldn’t find the key to a lock so we cut the lock only to find the key later. OOPS, hey it happens.

How about you have the key to an old flame’s apartment but the flame is out or they moved and filed a restraining order against you? I’m going to go out on a limb and say you really don’t need those keys anymore.

Did you have a key to a friend’s vehicle for their emergency locked my keys in the car buddy but the buddy totaled the vehicle?

How about this your old neighborhood has a pool or is gated and has a walk thru gate but you moved 3 states away and failed to return the keys.

Do you still have “extra” keys to your prior homes? How about any spare keys to you’re parent’s home or old apartments still hanging around?


See this is why you want to change the locks immediately when you buy or move into a new home. You have no idea who has keys. Could be the dog walker, the handyman, the kids, the babysitter, the housekeeper or the pool person that all could have copies of your house keys. EEK, Right?

How about hotel and motel key or key cards?keys-233062_1280

Those are keys to nowhere anywhere important. These are absolutely not needed and so they are now cluttering your space. How many of these keys to nowhere are still on your key ring that you carry? I will not even ask why you have them much less why you still carry them.  Let them go.

You can get organized and reduce the clutter in your life. I am here to help.

Thanks Pamela

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Frame it forward!


Do you have old glasses that you don’t wear anymore?  Has your vision changed and you got new glasses?  Did you have readers in every room but now you have bifocals?  (I do)  What did your old glasses become?  CLUTTER.

I just saw a program by Nationwide Vision and the Lions Club.  They take your old glasses and give them to those in need.

Clean out your stash of old glasses and Frame it Forward.  Below is the link to Nationwide and  the Lions Club’s centers

Nationwide vision frame it forward campaign

The Lions Club has Recycling eyeglasses at 18 centers worldwide.

Frame it forward and clean out clutter!  Sounds like a win win!!

Thanks Pamela


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Is your trivia trivial or not?

Hello and Happy National Trivia day!!

Robert L. Birch, Grand PunScorpion of the Puns Corps created this day to raise our awareness of the significance of trivia in the development of human curiosity, science, and fun.

Must have Coffee 5-13

Trivia is defined as details, considerations, or pieces of information of little importance or value.

Another way to describe Trivia is something or things that are unimportant.


Are you holding on the your own personal trivia? How about pieces of stuff of little importance or value? Do you have stuff that was at one time important but now not so much? Is your trivia taking over areas of your house?

Do you have your corsage from prom but prom was over 20 years ago and your prom date is not a significant part of your life now? Don’t tell me you still have your prom dress? WHY. Are you going to wear it again? Is anyone? Let it go. prom aizz1xdo-m-photo-nic-co-uk-nic.jpg

Do you have advertising key chains from places you don’t even use or maybe they are out of business? So why are you still advertising for them?

Another thing that people sometimes fail to get rid of is a restaurant menu. Are you one of them? Do you have menus from places that are out of business, not in your neighborhood, or that you don’t eat at? Maybe they stopped delivering or you have the menu from 10 years ago. News flash they might have changed their options or at least their prices.

What about magazines? Don’t keep them.too many magazines 5-11

Has your junk drawer spilled out and you now have a junk cabinet or dresser or closet?

When you moved into your current residence did you actually have empty space in your closets or cabinet? What happened? Could it be that you have too much trivial stuff?

Are you holding on to stuff for your kids? Give them the opportunity to pick it up or let it go. They may not want it either. You can use the space for better things.Bowls jxlf4kyvt-a-jessica-ruscello.jpg

Are you a gadget person? Do must you have every new gadget? Did you have to have the tornado potato peeler or the Parrot Pot (yep it’s a real thing) how about a chia pet? If you are on the fence about whether to keep something or to let it go, put it in a box and if you have not had a need for it in 3 months let it go.

We will talk about closets and clothes in another in day.

What trivial stuff is creating your clutter? Does it help you create the life you want? How does the stuff make you feel? Does it make you happy or does it suck the life out of you?

Thanks Pamela