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Dear College Freshmen –

I’ll be the first to admit college has changed a lot since my days.  So I went to a couple of experts.  The Wicked Hippie is now a Junior so one could say she has been there and done that.  Then The Mermaid in a Mudslide shares 5 Things to Remember.   As you go forward with this new exciting chapter in your life enjoy your freshman year and know you can do it.  Pamela

A new academic season is coming up and that means a lot of incoming college freshmen are probably scared, excited, confused, happy, and sad. I knew I was when I was a freshmen. I am now a junior at university and along the way, I have learned things that I wish someone would have told […]

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Five Things to remember… you head off to college.  Five Things to Remember

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Tips to help you keep your blog organized

Many of you are fellow bloggers.  I have been blogging for less than 2 years so I am always learning.  I like the tips shared by Marie at Drizzle and Hurricane Books.  She has some insightful tips.  Enjoy.

Hello friends, happy Wednesday! Today I’m thrilled to be back again with my Blogging Ways series, where I casually freak out about all of the blogging things and give out some advice about everything and anything. I mentioned in my monthly wrap-up that I want to develop this blogging feature and spice things up with […]

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8 Ways to Organize Your​ Bookshelves

Ever since I started collecting books, I’ve organized my bookshelves in a lot of different ways, and seen pictures of many different bookshelves. Multiple times, I’ve struggled to come up with ideas of new ideas to order the books by when I want a change, so I thought I’d do a blog post about it. This […]

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8/2 National coloring book day.

Did you know adults are using coloring books to reduce stress by droves?

Busy parents and harried business people will go to great lengths to find the newest and best relaxation method, but the stress-reducer that is soaring in popularity is something that most people haven’t done since elementary school — coloring.

Producers of coloring books for adults can’t seem to print them fast enough.

How can you color if your markers are all dried out or you can’t find your crayons?  Nothing worse for a kid than not being able to color the grass Jungle Green but you can only find Pine Green.  OH NO!!  So before you embark on enjoying National Coloring Book Day is is a great time to clean out the crayons, markers and while you are at it, let’s toss any pens that don’t work.

pens markers and such

Toss Pens that don’t write, or are ones you will never use….

Aaron Burden photo- crayon 1453749024858-4bca89bd9edc

Now you are left with all the good crayons.  Go make your masterpiece.

painting fail 14798459182_41b2329820_b

No judging here.Optimist 2

Have a great day!!  Would you try coloring to reduce stress?

Thanks Pamela

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Blow the whistle on your clutter!!  

Did you know that 7/30 is National Whistle Blower Day?  Today seems like a good day to blow the whistle on your clutter.


Call out your husband.  Call out your kids


Make this a day of action.  Make a plan and you can get organized.  Here are a couple of prior posts to help you.

The Secret to Get Organized

You want to start something

It’s not hard to get organized.  Baby steps will make big changes.  You can do it.

So who did you call out today?

Thanks Pamela

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7/28 National Get Gnarley Day

The word “Gnarly” gets a bad rap.  It can mean “bad” or “dangerous” but can also be exciting, which is why surfers often use the term to describe the waves they tackle.

It can mean “bad” or “dangerous” but can also be exciting, which is why surfers often use the term to describe the waves they tackle.  surfer-wave-jeremy-bishop-80371.jpg

Much like surfers challenging the waves, National Get Gnarly Day challenges us to put some gnarliness into everything we do.flip-by-the-pier-seth-doyle-151915.jpg

Take the challenge ~ Get Gnarly and organize your life or add some excitement to the day!wave-carin-tyler-milligan-56027.jpgWhat will you do to add some gnarliness into your life?

Also, Happy Birthday Dad!

Thanks Pamela

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Tips to lead a happy life

We have all heard the saying Happy Wife, Happy Life.  But really it should be happy family = happy life.

Who doesn’t want to lead a happy or peaceful life? All of us do.We all set to go searching for it, when it is right in our hands.If you wish to unveil some of the secret mantras to a happy and blissful life ahead you must adhere to the rules stated below: 1.Leave behind the past and […]

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