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Is stuff holding you hostage?

Are you being held hostage by relics of the past?


OK so here is the deal. You don’t have to keep anything that you don’t need, like, or want.

Just because your grandmother’s sister made it you don’t have to keep it. If it is not your style you don’t have to keep it. (Unless your employer requires you to)

unfinished carving tree-42162_1280
Great step-uncle Mel’s Carving

If your long gone in-law was a hobby carver or a paint by number artist and not very good you don’t have to keep their works of art.

It is not disrespectful or disgracing their memory. Keep the memory and let go of the object.

I can’t tell you how many times I hear clients say but my father-in-law made this and my husband kept it so now that he has passed I have to keep it.

No, you don’t.

You are not required to keep relics of someone else’s’ past. You never met this person; you don’t have to have their really bad paint by number painting of Elvis. Nor do you have to keep pictures of your prior spouse’s friends that you never met and have no idea who is in those pictures.

painting fail 14798459182_41b2329820_b
Paint by Number?

No one expects you to keep a museum of your husband’s past. It’s OK to let go of your mother-in-law’s collection of dolls that your husband hated and thought was creepy. You can get rid of them. Really it’s OK.

Zig Ziglar says, “no stinking thinking.”  

I say, “Keep what you like and let go of the rest.” 

Take what you want and leave the rest.  This applies to your stuff. You can do it and you will feel better when you are done.

Tell me what relic of the past you let go of.

Have a great day.  Thanks Pamela


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Is you Pantry in a Wad?


Tell me if this is you..

You plan to make pasta for dinner.

Gregory Bourolias - photo-1449791898646-5a6fdfa4b4dd
Photo by Gregory Bourolias

You come home from work; start dinner only to discover you don’t have any pasta.

OK plan B you can make what????? You can’t find anything. There are cans, boxes, bags and containers in a mish mash.

You are sure you bought some mussels. Great you can make mussels marinara. Where are they? You just have to find them; they should be in the freezer. Nope there are not any mussels. Lots of chicken, but you don’t have time to make chicken.

In a rush you order pizza instead and go to the grocery store after dinner, soccer and dance.

Budget and diet blown!


Tired, rushed and frazzled you go to the grocery store to buy food. But you don’t know what you have or what you need. You know you don’t have pasta. By the way last week you favorite store had pasta on sale.

I ask this because this has happened to all of us. But if you organize your pantry you can save money and time.

Time because you will be able to see at a glance what is running low and know what you have.

Money because if you know you are low on something you can purchase it on sale. Did you know grocery stores run sales on a cycle? They do.   Soda is always on sale near a holiday in the summer months. Sugar is always on sale near thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter because of the holiday baking.

OK lets talk about organizing your pantry. Think about what you use.

If you will take a little bit of time now you can save time later. I reorganized my pantry in less than 1 hour.

One shelf for canned goods. Put like items together in a row try to put the newest cans in the rear. Boxes on another row and so on.

Also keep your cereals and other frequently used items in airtight clear containers to keep them fresh and to easily see when you are running low.

pantry 1after

I have an Ikea cart that holds my potatoes and onions. When I am ready to cook I roll the cart over to the sink to wash and peel. Also, I don’t have to search the bottom of my pantry to find the lost rotten potato that is stinking up the place.

I also have a running shopping list. When I open the last jar of mayo I put mayo on the list.  I can then watch for a sale and not run out.

Here is a link from Your Own Home Store showing grocery sale cycles. Grocery Sale Cycle

I love your comments.

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