This is a great dish for summer or a picnic as it is very easy to transport. The recipe serves about 4, but could be easily doubled. Best of all, it is made ahead and ready to go at meal time. And of course, it is naturally gluten free. As always, if you have to […]

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Cold Chicken Rice Salad – Naturally Gluten Free — Automatic Gardening & Real Gluten Free Food

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Road trip!!

Are you planning a road trip with children?

Here are a few things to keep the kids entertained and hopefully avoid the dreaded, “Are we there yet” questions .

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Try these awesome ways to get the kids involved.

I’m of my mom friends said, she made a travel binder for her then 6 yr old last summer. They drove to Florida. She had maps printed with their route highlighted every day. He loved being able to follow along. And then she printed out free road trip games from online. Put them in sheet protectors so we used dry erase markers on them. (License plate game, bingo, tic tac toe, battle ship, etc).I

Make busy bags

Busy bags and activities are a great way to keep kids unplugged, but for a change of pace, try these games I remember from my own childhood that require zero supplies.
  • Count the cows- this game is simple. Count the cows in the fields on your side of the road. If you pass a graveyard, your cows die and you have to start over. You can end the game either when one person gets to a certain number of cows, when you get to your destination, or when you get tired of playing.
  • Abc game- take turns finding letters on road signs on your side of the road. You must go in order.
  • Quaker Meeting (aka the quiet game) – I’m not sure if my mom made this up to get a little peace- but the object of the game is to see who can stay quiet the longest.
  • Rhyming- Sometimes we just take turns rhyming and see how many we can come up with in a row. Or make up new silly lyrics to our favorite songs.
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Also don’t skimp on Snacks, Water and more Snacks!

We always make sure to stock up on some of our favorite snacks.  Don’t forget to take plenty of water.  This is some that we find travel travel well: string cheese, rice cakes, pretzels, bagels, sandwiches, carrots, apple slices, bananas, crackers with cheese or nut butter, granola bars, cookies, raisins, dry cereal, jerky, and pop corn snacks.

Remember to relax and enjoy the journey.  Barf happens! So be prepared. Gallon zip lock veggies and disinfecting wipes are strongly suggested.

Maintain your chill and be flexable!


If you are on the fence about taking a vacation let me say, GO! They are your vacation days. Take them. Spend time with your family. Unplug and go. There are only so many summers when your kids will be little. They are growing up and you need to make memories.

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So go make memories. Good or bad they will be the things you will talk about for years and years to come.

I can’t wait to hear about your road trips!

Thanks Pamela


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