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Teachers and end of school

I have spoken with many teachers and here is what they want you to know.  gift annie-spratt-96529

“Don’t buy us mugs!  We have way too many.  Also don’t buy us picture frames, hair clips, and other kitschy stuff.  We enjoy gift cards.  Lunch or coffee would be great.  Also, we spend lots of our own money on school supplies for your children so gift cards for supplies would be wonderful.  (Walmart, staples or even the local grocery store).”thank you card aaron-burden-211846.jpg

Teachers said getting gift cards was their best gift and if they got gift cards for school supplies it was equal to getting a raise.  They work tirelessly for your children and all that I spoke to love their work.  Your children’s handmade stuff is great but each year they have 9 to 26 students.  Think about if every year you got a mug or handmade gift from that many people you would be overwhelmed too.  Right?  Think about what would you do with that?  Where would you keep it?

I work with teachers to help them control their clutter the same as I work with you to help you.  We find that they struggle with letting go of clutter so if you add to their clutter you are not helping.

You don’t have to keep every gift.  Remember if you don’t need it, like it, use it let it go.

Have a great day!!  Who was your most memorable teacher?

Thanks Pamela


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Happy Friday, today is National Get Organized Day!!

Finally.. get organized day!!


Are you ready to throw down the gauntlet?

Are you still struggling with how to start getting organized?

Hoarded living room, Essex.
Hoarded living room, Essex.

Do you feel overwhelmed by clutter?

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to determine where to start. Looking around your home you know there is clutter. Where do you start, should it be in the Kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom or how about the kid’s room? It can be overwhelming and so you just don’t do anything.

I’m here to tell you that you can add control to your chaos. You will find that if you are organized it will make you feel so much better when you walk in the door of your home. More importantly, when you leave you can find your keys. Knowing where things are will save you time. More time that you can spend with your family or just doing something that you enjoy.

Here is the deal. It does not matter where you start.

Today I am going to help you kick start the process of decluttering.

“Big things have small beginnings” Prometheus

This is a super easy way to start. Are you ready?Veri Ivanova-stopwatch-photo-1431499012454-31a9601150c9.jpg

Take the 3 Things Challenge:

Go running through your home and grab THREE things that you don’t need and throw them away. Pick any room and any three things.

Run now, run like the wind.

PS – Do not trip over your cat, dog or guinea pig.

Also, do not throw away your pets-unless they are of the rock variety.

Do this once a week. Small steps have big results.Globe in the trash 298390093_9b7198f34d_z

Ta-Da! You have now started and you can Bee Organized.

Tell me what did you throw away today?Pam's Bee.jpg



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Full Moon

FB_IMG_1555784100408Are your closets as full as the moon?   It’s time to stop and clear the extra stuff.   Did you know that most people only wear less than 50% of the stuff they own.

If I was to ask you to remove everything from your closet and sort it into piles, how much would be in the pile you have not worn in two years? How much have you worn in one year?  Ok, now how much is what you really like and wear on a regular basis?

Are you surprised to find that it was only 10% or 20% off all that stuff that you actually wear?  You are not alone.  Most people just don’t wear 80% of all the clothes in their closet.

To help you decide what are you willing to let go of here are few questions to ask yourself:

Does it fit?

Is it in good shape with no stains or tears?

Is it hopelessly out of style?

Does it make you feel good or happy?

If you said no to these questions you should let it go.

What did you keep?

Now sort it and put it back by color, season, tops, bottoms … Think about the way your favorite shop displays their wares.

sussex master closet

Maybe you even find some new favorite things already in your closet!

Thank you and enjoy!





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Does the Easter bunny bring green eggs?

Green eggs……….   I don’t think that is a good thingleaf-nature-green-spring-158780.jpeg

While we are on the subject of green.  Have you looked in your refrigerator lately?  Is there anything green in there?
Do you have containers in there that are growing mold or are fuzzy?  Let’s get rid of that.  Leftovers should be cleared out on a weekly basis.  In our house, we have garbage pick-up one time per week so Wednesday night is clean out the fridge night.
For a long time, we did not put anything in containers.  We used zip top re-closable baggies.  If you are not good at eating leftovers and you find that you have lots of science projects growing in your fridge you might try zip top baggies too.  At least you don’t have to open them to trash them.  Stink no more.

Another thing, do you have 10 different types of salad dressing and other condiments in your fridge?  Why?  Organize your fridge by zone.  You have a crisper, a deli drawer, and a butter shelf, so why not a dressing space.  If you keep your condiments together you will not have to search and hopefully not have multiple opened bottles cluttering up your fridge.

We have a deep freeze.  It is a chest type which can become the place where good veggies to the freezer burn and die.  But you can control that by adding some organizing.  I suggest you have some crates or dividers to sort your food and keep like items together.  For example, we have a space we keep our ground beef, a crate for veggies, a tray that sits on top of the crate for fruits.  I know that we frequently use chicken so having a designated stop means I don’t have to dig to see what is there.
We also have a system that every 6 months where we don’t buy any freezer foods until we eat everything that is in there.  It forces us to use what we have on hand.  No more 1 corndog and 3 pizza rolls abandoned at the bottom of the freezer.  I plan this for just before Thanksgiving.  I am then sure I can fit an extra turkey in the freezer so when Christmas comes around and ham is on sale but not turkey I am ahead of the game.

Remember you have to break a few eggs if you want to make an omelet!

Happy spring!bird-nest-eggs-blue-158734.jpeg Have a great day!  You can Bee Organized, I’m here to help.

Thanks Pamela


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Are your taxes done?

Raise your hand if you are working on your taxes today.


I thought they were going to be so easy!  Just a postcard right?

person holding black pen
Photo by on

so maybe they are a little less cumbersome…..


just kidding.  Actually if you have not finished you still have tomorrow.  Make sure you mail them (with your check) by Monday.  Because let’s face it, if you thought you were going to get a refund, you would have been done with this in February.  Right!


laugh neon light signage turned on
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Simply too much!

Are you overwhelmed by too much?

Too much…..

Too much stuff?

Too much on your plate?

Too much on your to do list?

Sometimes you have to say no. Being organized is also about your too much.  Sometimes you are giving too much of yourself.  It’s ok to put yourself first.  If your neighbor ask you to take care of their pet fish and after you agree she leaves you a note to do the laundry and pick them up at the airport that is overwhelming and too much.  They should not be surprised if their fish accidentally got flushed down the toilet.

Maybe you enjoy French toast but you really have no desire to enter a French toast eating contest.  That just too much!

Could be that you are finding that you are stretched to thin.  You can and should say no.

I did not come up with these facts but I agree and believe you all should know them.

1. Everyone has rolls when they bend over.women 2 daryn-bartlett-40739.jpg

2. When someone tells you that you’re beautiful, believe them. They aren’t lying.

3. Sometimes we all wake up with breath that could kill a goat.

4. For every woman unhappy with her stretch marks is another woman who wishes she had them. mom to be arteida-mjeshtri-151140

5. You should DEFINITELY have more confidence. And if you saw yourself the way that others see you, you would.

6. Don’t look for a man to save you. Be able to save yourself.

7. It’s okay to not love every part of your body…but you should. woman 1 brooke-cagle-211284

8. We all have that one friend who seems to have it all together. That woman with the seemingly perfect life. Well, you might be that woman to someone else.

9. You should be a priority. Not an option, a last resort, or a backup plan.

10. You’re a woman. And that alone makes you pretty damn remarkable.

~ Austin Blood 


It’s ok to say no.  You are a remarkable woman.  Give yourself credit!

Pass this on to another remarkable woman.  I love your comments!!