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Unwanted telephone calls


Every since the first telephone call people have been using the telephone to reach out and touch someone.  Many of those calls are welcome, but more often than not they are unwelcome, uninvited and very bothersome.  In the U.S. we have the DO NOT CALL LIST.  I have been registered on this list for years.  I’m guessing you are too.  But alas that has not stopped the calls for me.

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I have tried blocking the numbers with no success. I have tried call blockers and have paid for this app or that app and frankly the callers always seem to find a way around it.

Now I’m getting text messages and voice mail and my phone did not even ring!  Yes it’s frustrating.  I pay for my phone as I’m sure you do too.  Why should I have to pay for calls I don’t want, need and I specifically requested that my phone numbers not be used for this purpose.

So like you I absolutely wanted to find a viable solution.

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First, if you have not registered your phone numbers with the Federal Do Not Call Registry do so immediately.  By the way, once you have registered your numbers you don’t have to renew it.  You can register cell phones at the same time and place. Yes, I heard the rumors about having to renew, but as of March 2019 that is not true.  

Recent estimates that the number of robocalls increased by 57% in 2018, to nearly 50 billion calls. (Yes, that is not a typo… BILLION.) The FCC says that robocallers are the number one thing that consumers complain to them about, with over 200,000 robocall complaints per year, constituting about 60% of all the complaints they receive from consumers. And unfortunately, it’s expected that this year, as many as half of all cell phone calls will be robocalls!

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So, with robo callers there are 2 trains of thought..

1. Stop them.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

  • Don’t answer and don’t call back. Answering a robocall or returning the call indicates to a scammer that they have reached a working number and potential target.
  • Put your number on the FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry. Adding yourself to this database is free and your registration never expires, but doing this alone is unlikely to stop all automated calls.
  • Download a call-blocking app. Nomorobo and Hiya are among the hundreds of applications that monitor and block phone numbers used by robodialers.
  • Call your phone company. Ask what tools or products they offer to block scam calls. The FCC keeps a handy list.
  • File a complaint to the FTC and FCC. The agencies use unwanted-call data to track trends and bring enforcement actions.  


Or 2. Maybe you should make them pay?

What if you could make robocalls a moneymaking opportunity?  Well, you can. I must admit it was a head slap moment for me.  Why had I not heard about this before.  I mean I was a paralegal for years and years, so I am very familiar with the process.  I had to hear about this on my local news.  I immediately went to the website and started the process. I’m excited to be an affiliate of  f you want to find out more information and you are sick of the annoying robocalls I have provided a link:

Which ever way you choose to deal with the annoying robocalls I wish you luck.  I’m actually looking forward to the process.  I always enjoy seeing your comments.

As always have a great day!

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10 thoughts on “Unwanted telephone calls

    1. Yes if you are on the do not call registry and you receive Calls, texts, or faxes from anyone you have told NOT to call, text, or fax you, even if you gave them consent at one time, but have since revoked that consent, orally, electronically, or in writing. I have purchased the book and I absolutely will be using the information to make them pay. I’m new to this process but I have seem it on the news. If a reporter can do it I am sure I can too!


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