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Raise your hand if you get unwanted calls.

I’m interested in the number of unwanted phone calls you get on a daily basis.

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I get them too. There may be something else that we can do about it.    I’m also doing research on the subject.  I am looking into some very interesting stuff.   I’ll be posting my results.

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22 thoughts on “Raise your hand if you get unwanted calls.

  1. I receive an average of six or seven unwanted phone calls a day during the week, one or two on weekends. I deal with them by not answering unless I recognize the name or number of the caller. The ‘unknowns’ who call are free to leave a message, and I will return the call if I choose to.Most of the unwanted calls leave no message; of those that do leave a message, most are deceptive come-ons at best, scams at worst. Being on the DO NOT CALL list is a joke — no scam artist is going to pay the slightest attention to that restriction, or (s)he wouldn’t be a scam artist in the first place.

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      1. I just now got a call from someone who said, “Hi, Gramma, How are you?” I said I am fine. He said, “I bet you didn’t know about trip…” I need to help my husband so I hung up on the guy. But I have received calls like this before. I ends up with having gone to some other state with a friend who decided not to come back (or some excuse) then, asks for money for a bus ride home. Scam. I really am curious and am tempted to see how far they will go, but that is not wise, so I get off the phone as quickly as possible.

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  2. I get several every day. If I don’t recognize the number, I just don’t answer. I do hate that “they” have figured out how to hijack local numbers so it looks like it is someone you should or may know. It’s harder for mom and dad, because they don’t have caller ID on their home phone, so they answer them all. They are pretty good about just hanging up. I do worry about them falling for a scam, but they are pretty savvy.

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  3. Personally, I don’t answer and let voice mail record a message (if they leave one). Sometimes I will attempt to call the number but usually get a recorded message back, at which time the number gets blocked. Still, it’s time out of my day and a real p.i t.a.


  4. So many unwanted calls from telemarketers to surveys. I remind them we are on the do not call list….I don’t think they care. My answer is to just hang up because I am tired of telling them no and they want to know why.
    I will be watching for your solution.

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  5. Waiting for thr result
    I just get so enraged when I am into something important and I am distracted by these unwanted and unimportant company calls. That just disrupts my tempo for thr the work i am pursuing. Waiting for ur tips though. Keep Glittering, from TGA by Misha 👍😉


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