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Psst…… What’s In Your Drawers?

OK, let’s talk about your drawers.

Are you hoarding rubber bands, twist ties, shopping bags or you tell me?

Why? You don’t need 1,000 rubber bands, 50 twist ties from your bread wrappers or 25 paper bags.

Really, you don’t. You might need a dozen rubber bands and a few of the other things. Why do you think you might need them? If you can’t come up with a good reason let them go.

And No a Rainy day is not a good reason.

The better question is, how many have I used in the past 6 months? If you answer is none then you really don’t need them.

rubber band ball

I’ll admit my Dad had an amazing rubber band ball but he had goal. When it reached a certain size he would retire. By the way he did.


Throw away, recycle or sell needs to be your mantra!


“Happiness is a place between too little and too much” – Finnish Proverb


What did you do today to find your happy place today?

Pam's Bee.jpg


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I am from Oklahoma. Now living the dream in Arizona. I'm a sassy, creative and outspoken southern gal. I believe that if you can read you can go anywhere. One of my favorite sayings is "If you knew you could not fail what would you do?" I enjoy helping other people. My friends know that I’m the queen of useless trivial knowledge and I will not hesitate to use it.

16 thoughts on “Psst…… What’s In Your Drawers?

  1. I loved seeing it when I was younger, someone collecting all the rubber bands until it was a large ball. (Just a bit bigger than a tennis ball.) I was so fascinated. Luckily, I never decided to hoard, or collect and do the same.

    As Suze just said, I love the title of this post too.

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  2. Haha Guilty as charged! Actually, not me, my husband. He has been saving the string off our organic veg box deliveries for so long, we actually couldn’t separate a single strand because it was all tangled up. I said it had to go, along with the box of rubber bands we hardly ever need. Out they both went. Then we remembered our inquisitive 2 year old grandson was visiting next day, and overnight, and we needed to tie up the cupboards in the utility room. We had no string! I also needed a rubber band to put round the roll of Christmas paper I had finished using. No rubber bands! But I found some bits of ribbon I had been saving (unknown to my husband 😉) and used those.
    I have been a lot better about not hoarding things like cardboard this past year, and tissue paper, it’s still there in the cupboard, but only one bag instead of 4!

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  3. So proud of myself – still have my elastic bands but I cleaned out, organized the broom closet – after saying I would for 14 years!!! And then hung paintings, stored Halloween, Easter decorations after pitching old tax info – years worth!
    Now for the pantry selves 😀
    Thanks for your gentle encouragement ❤

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  4. I hoard gift wrap bags and boxes. I literally have enough Christmas gift bags to last me years and years…yet I still wrap my gifts rather than put them in bags. Would be a big money saver if I’d actually use them! Thanks for the reminder to clear it all out!

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