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Merry Christmas!

Remember that it is not the presents under the tree it is who is gathered around it!tim-gouw-165547.jpg

May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas eve!

Thanks Pamela

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Milnot Fudge recipe

It’s that time of the year again!  Last year I shared our families go to, must have ever Christmas Fudge receipe!  By The Way ~ Milnot Is Evaporated Milk!  Enjoyfudge-milnot

My family has a tradition of making candy on Christmas Eve.  We all gather at my parents house and the little kids are already in their pamajas. It’s a great time had by all!  Lots of laughter, sugar and of course chocolate! Little kids go to bed early and then the santas helpers work really begins.


Please share your holiday traditions with me.


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Smorgasbord Reblog Christmas Posts from Your Blog – To Reduce Visual Overwhelm as you Deck your Halls by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie

Check out this post. She shares some good ideas. Using what you have! let me know what you think.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

At this time of year parcels are flying through our doors, the results of our online shopping sprees.. yes you could flatten them and put them out to be recycled.. but what is the fun in that. Madeline Griffith-Haynie has a much better idea……from her Christmas Archives of 2014.

To Reduce Visual Overwhelm as you Deck your Halls Store in Plain Sight with this clever trick
Decking, decking – still decking!

It’s a good thing I have switched to celebrating Twelfth Night – January 6th (12 more days to get it together than if my deadline were Christmas itself). There is NO WAY I’ll have everything ticked, tied and neatened by December 25 — my hall decking has faced a number of serious slowdowns.

FIRST, I had to quickly move everything up off the floor to puppy-proof for the sudden good fortune of locating my wished-for Christmas puppy.

Then, of…

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That does not smell like Christmas!

Christmas trees, cinnamon and spice those are the smells of Christmas not mildew, sour stinky towels!candles-fhptqzgpbx8-joanna-kosinska

That is what your holiday guests don’t want to remember for their stay.  But alas it can be fixed!

Wash your towels in 1 cup of baking soda in the detergent dispenser and add 1\2 cup white vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser.  No detergent and utilize the hot cycle.

After you have washed your towels in the regular cycle dry them but do not add dryer sheets!

Your towels will be more absorbent and smell better!

Are you having company for the holidays?

Arizona snowmen!

Thanks Pamela!


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Where did 2017 go?

snowmen-wjqedasn_ni-jeffrey-wegrzynIs this the year of no cards?

Being that it is the season of giving and the time of the year for reflection there has been some discussion about holiday cards.  I can tell you that I will continue to mail Christmas cards.  I don’t send as many as I once did but that is because  I no longer am interested in appearances nor do I keep people in my life that are not healthy.  What I mean by that is I have edited my “friends” list.  For example, I used to have people who I  worked with but was not friendly with.  We had nothing in common except for our employment.  Some of them were chronic complainers.  You probably have a few of these people you know the “Never happy with their life,” “someone owes me,” or the  “let me tell you what she or he did” gossipers.  I don’t have time for that.
I most certainly don’t have it all but I am very happy with what I have.  I choose to look at the glass as half full.

Don’t get me wrong I am always available to lend an ear and I don’t dump people just because they are having a bad stretch. I distance myself from people who are just not healthy for my mental state and you can too.
Sometimes you just have to clean out the emotional clutter.  Let go of the baggage you have been carrying around.  You will feel better about it.snowflake-qll_mif7xjc-kelly-sikkema
The older I get the faster time goes by.  Today I am putting up the Christmas decorations and preparing to send out my Christmas cards.  So now that you have limited the number of holiday cards you will be sending what do you do with the ones you receive?  Do you keep them forever,  recycle them or toss them?

Do you enjoy getting an electronic card or message as much as a piece of mail?

Thanks, Pamela!



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