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8 Ways to Organize Your​ Bookshelves

Ever since I started collecting books, I’ve organized my bookshelves in a lot of different ways, and seen pictures of many different bookshelves. Multiple times, I’ve struggled to come up with ideas of new ideas to order the books by when I want a change, so I thought I’d do a blog post about it. This […]

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National Underwear​ Day is August 5.

If today is not a good day to go through your unmentionables and toss those that have seen better days I have no idea what day is.    Here is a prior post about where they need to go.  Enjoy.secret-kristina-flour-185592

Rags to Riches ~ When does underwear need to go?

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8/2 National coloring book day.

Did you know adults are using coloring books to reduce stress by droves?

Busy parents and harried business people will go to great lengths to find the newest and best relaxation method, but the stress-reducer that is soaring in popularity is something that most people haven’t done since elementary school — coloring.

Producers of coloring books for adults can’t seem to print them fast enough.

How can you color if your markers are all dried out or you can’t find your crayons?  Nothing worse for a kid than not being able to color the grass Jungle Green but you can only find Pine Green.  OH NO!!  So before you embark on enjoying National Coloring Book Day is is a great time to clean out the crayons, markers and while you are at it, let’s toss any pens that don’t work.

pens markers and such

Toss Pens that don’t write, or are ones you will never use….

Aaron Burden photo- crayon 1453749024858-4bca89bd9edc

Now you are left with all the good crayons.  Go make your masterpiece.

painting fail 14798459182_41b2329820_b

No judging here.Optimist 2

Have a great day!!  Would you try coloring to reduce stress?

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