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Johnny Appleseed Burgers

Ok I don’t normally share recipes but it’s summer and that means grilling burgers. Enjoy.

What's for Dinner Moms?

The meat items that have been on sale around us recently have been chicken thighs and drumsticks for about $.77 a pound and ground beef for $1.99 a pound. For our area those REALLY good prices. You will notice quite a few of my recipes have had one or the other items in them lately. I shop sales for meat and staples. I can always figure out something new to do with the meat so that the kids don’t look at me with the face that says, “Really Mom? Chicken for a fourth day in a row?”

One thing we had not had much of recently was a hamburger. Seriously, we have a grill we need to cook out more. Grilled hamburgers can be so versatile just like chicken. How many different ways can you top a hamburger? I found this burger on Cheese and Burger Society page of the…

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