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Planes, trains, ​and automobiles ~ travel tips with kids

It is summer vacation time.  The time that you travel with your kids. This can be a time for joy or chaos!  So I am sharing some tips with you to make your trip smoother.  You know your kids have a short attention span and will get bored if not entertained.  So let’s entertain them…car photo-1470434151738-dc5f4474c239

For the Plane, you are more challenged so …

One word Tablet!alexander-dummer-150646

Back pack for each kid. They will enjoy getting to open their bag and find their goodies. They will feel like a grown up. But wait until the plane has taken off before you let them open their backpacks.

No sugar.  Enough said right?

New toys and activity sets. Coloring books, markers, stickers, books.

Nothing noisy.  Your fellow passengers will thank you.

I-spy books and where is Waldo are great options.

Play games. Hangman, tic tack toe, cards…plane vincent-versluis-240048

I love Samantha’s Browns tip on flying with kids. Parent #1 pre-board and set up the car seat and stow overhead luggage. Parent #2 board last with the baby to avoid noise and stress! Brilliant!

Auto travel:

Make sure to pack lots of new activities such as Stickers, crayons, notebooks, cars, even puzzles and small toys.

I love using a cheap cookie sheet or pizza pan as a kid travel desktop. Magnets make it even more fun.

Hanging toiletry bags to hold all their stuff. (Easy access and fully portable)

Stop for lunch at a place with a playground, a park for a picnic or a fast food playground. Run them around and let them burn off some energy.playground justin-peterson-103030.jpg

When you arrive go find a playground. Parents there will be able to direct you to the best local kid friendly places to eat.

Hotel hack for kids:

Ironing board makes a perfect table for kid dining in the room. Put a towel on the top before you put out the food.  Sit them on the edge of the bed and place the ironing board in front of them.

Request room with a mini fridge and microwave.  Snacks and drinks will absolutely make your life better and your kids happier.

markus-spiske-117324.jpgDon’t forget to get pictures of all of you. Use your camera’s self-timer.  However, you travel just go!  Make memories with your family.

What are your best kid travel hacks?

Thanks Pamela

Pam's Bee.jpg

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