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Why do I blog?

I recently discovered that writing needs to be for me and the bonus is that others will want to read

I enjoy organizing.  I like taking a room or in some cases a house and putting it in order.  I have been working on an extensive project.  My client was overwhelmed and had no idea where to start.  Well, I start the same way I do ever project.  One step at a time.

My client had moved 3800 square feet of stuff into a 2500 square foot house.  But we have sorted through and pared down.  He is finding that some things we started off with that he really needed now is not really needed.  It was personal and emotional. Now we are in the home stretch to getting the house organized.

You may think that I just talk the talk and don’t actually put my tips in action.  So not true.  I work with clients and we work together until the client feels we are done.

I set timelines.  We do not work for more the 5 hours a day and not every day.  Once we have sorted through stuff it gives my clients time to see what they can do with it.  In other words, if we unpack a box of pots and pans but the client already has pots and pans a decision has to be made.  What to keep and what to let go of.  If you are letting it go are you selling, donating or giving it away?  pawel-blazewicz-29564.jpg

The moral of this story is baby steps, one step at a time.  Plus if you are not sure, set it aside and revisit it later.  You may just find that you are ready to let it go.

Other clients want me to come in and completely reorganize their pantry or kitchen without their help.  I can do that but I have to know a little about the client.  How do they use their kitchen?  One cook or is the entire family in the kitchen at the same time?  Do they not cook but order take out?  If they cook what is their specialty?  (Me, I am a cook but I don’t bake.)  Maybe they are a real Betty Crocker.  Are they tall or short?

What is this rambling post about?  You can get organized.  You can do it.  You have to think about your needs and how you will use your space.  Make your space work for you.  larm-rmah-191878.jpg

Sometimes I am helping a person who has had a death of a loved one.  Those are very emotional.  If you are dealing with emotions and you are not sure what to with stuff it’s OK to set it to the side and then revisit it later.   We do what we can and I say there are no rules for dealing with your loved one’s stuff.  I never want someone to force it and make a decision that causes them additional pain or emotional distress.  When they are ready they will make the decisions they feel are right for them.  I just try to guide the way.

Follow me and I will share tips to help you control your clutter and get or stay organized.


I am from Oklahoma. Now living the dream in Arizona. I'm a sassy, creative and outspoken southern gal. I believe that if you can read you can go anywhere. One of my favorite sayings is "If you knew you could not fail what would you do?" I enjoy helping other people. My friends know that I’m the queen of useless trivial knowledge and I will not hesitate to use it.

13 thoughts on “Why do I blog?

  1. When my sister and I had to go through our late mother’s stuff,we dealt with it this way, 1 pile to be divided among us siblings, 1 pile to return to the store for store credit, 1 pile to send to a nearby women’s shelter and 1 pile to donated to charity.

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      1. As long as the items are still in good condition, a store credit can still be possible.Walmart was very accommodating especially since based on the tags, it was obvious that they were all sold from there. If no store credit was possible, it goes to the donation pile.

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  2. No offense.. I’ve watched the reality ‘horder’ shows and you organizers have a tough road in those situations. My uncle was like this. When he passed, we went thru his apt. The real hard part was he hid valuable items among the junk. We found $40M in bonds in a large box of loose, tennis balls. We couldn’t just throw a box away, it had to be looked thru. Luckily, we didn’t have the emotional tie to most items. We just didn’t want to throw out anything of worth.

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    1. None taken. Not everyone can do that without the emotional connection. It’s difficult for someone who does. Not all of my work is like that. Sometimes people just need someone to help them by showing them how being organized will help them save time.

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