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Interesting Tips & Tricks!

These are fantastic tips and tricks that you can use in your life.

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Hey Everyone!

The only good thing to come from today is the day itself! It is Friday and I have found myself with nothing to post. I have done some digging and found a few fun tips and tricks, that some of you may have learned in school, boy/girl scouts, etc…

Here we go!

First up we have how you can determine the number of days in a given month, with just your fist.


This one is simple! If the month falls on the top of a knuckle it is 31 days, if it falls between knuckles it is 30. Of course the exception to that rule is February, but it still falls between a knuckle.

The next one wouldn’t probably be used frequently at all, but I love me some Roman numerals!


Using the first letter of each word in the phrase you can remember the numerals up to…

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