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Is that a Dresser? Why Yes, Yes it is.

Does your furniture work for you?

Do you have a chest of drawers that is not really working in your nursery? How about switching the chest of drawers for a dresser. You can put a changing pad on it and it doubles as a changing table. When you are no longer in the diaper stage you can re-evaluate.

More Nursery tips at Baby Essentials: The Changing Station

How about that sofa table behind the couch? Would a dresser be a better option? Storage, of of drawers eduard-militaru-143486.jpg

Using a dresser in the dining area of your apartment or home makes excellent storage for your candles, linens, china, and silverware. Plus if you add some trivets on the top you can also use it as a buffet. This will save space on the dining room table.

dining pawel-wojciechowski-3678.jpg


You could also use a dresser living room, a dresser makes the perfect TV stand and media storage unit. Give your living room that clean streamlined look by placing your television on top of the dresser and using the drawers to hide away and DVD’s, video games or controllers.

diy+tv+stand from
photo from Two Twenty One

What about using a dresser in your entry? Think about all the storage options it would give you.



coffee-bar-in-home zone

I recently saw an idea on Pinterest where they used 3 dressers and put their bed on top of the dressers. MIND BLOW for outstanding space utilization.

Do you utilize the space under your bed? Why not? Did you know you can raise your bed and add drawers under your bed? Also, a padded chest at the foot of your bed adds storage.

There is no rule that a dresser much only is used in the bedroom. It’s a pretty versatile piece of furniture.  I can see one in the kitchen to add both counter space and storage.

By the way, add a power strip to the back of a drawer and you have an out of sight charging station for all your phones, tablets, MP3, and the likes.

So when is a dresser more than just a dresser?  Would you use a dresser in an unexpected place?  Where?  Do you some unexpected places you have used furniture?

Have a great day, you can bee organized.

Thanks Pamela




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14 thoughts on “Is that a Dresser? Why Yes, Yes it is.

  1. My daughter used the dresser/changing table idea 🙂 I wish I would have seen this before I threw away and old dresser that had some missing drawer fronts! I would have totally used it for the TV!
    Great post…thank you for the great ideas 🙂

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      1. When I think about it….all the furniture in our spare bedroom is from garage sales, family hand-me-downs, freebies from curb-side scavenger days in the local towns or auctions. Lots of stories in that stuff!

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