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You should’ve asked — Discover

An enlightening cartoon about why “you should have asked for help” is the worst response for the spouse who carries the “mental load” of not only being chief caregiver, but also chief household organizer.

via You should’ve asked — Discover

overwhelmed 5-1 a

Sometimes we forget to ask for help.  We are the be all and we can do it all.  Yes, you can but it’s OK to ask for help.  Don’t assume that the people in your life are ignoring you.  You just need to communicate with them.  If you want your kids to have their rooms clean or to set the table for dinner.  They are not going to read your mind.  Tell them.  Better yet have a chore chart. I have a prior post that shares some of my tips to get your family on board  The secret to no nagging!

So will you ask for help?  I love your comments.

Thanks, Pamela.


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