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Hundred-year-old Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe — A Hundred Years Ago

As we celebrate the 4th of July I am reminded of many summer celebrations of my childhood.  The ice cream was always a part of them.  With a hand crank freezer.  Sheryl shares an old recipe and it brings back many memories.  So are you ready for ice cream?

Today, Strawberry Ice Cream sometimes seems boring; a hundred years ago it was very special. When strawberries were in season, it was time to get the hand-cranked ice cream freezer out, buy some ice, invite friends over, and make Strawberry Ice Cream. The hundred-year-old Strawberry Ice Cream recipe that I found was easy to make. […]

via Hundred-year-old Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe — A Hundred Years Ago

Enjoy!!  So did you have to crank or sit on the ice cream maker?

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7 thoughts on “Hundred-year-old Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe — A Hundred Years Ago

  1. A bit of trivia—ice cream originated from France. The late and former US president Thomas Jefferson was so enamored of this dessert that he made sure the ice cream recipe was reproduced so he can enjoy it everyday in the USA. And the rest as they say is ice cream history.

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      1. It is French. A la mode means –according to fashion. In cookery, in terms of meats, it means— braised with vegetables in wine . In both US and Canadian cookery specifically desserts, a la mode means — served with ice cream. So a piece of pie served with ice cream is called pie a la mode. Bon apetit!(Happy eating!)

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