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Win the War on Clutter the 5B Way

Keith has taken my idea and revised it. I think this might be helpful to you as well. Paper is a major source of clutter. Thanks Keith!

My Instruction Manual

When Laura and I got married, my aunt gave us a piece of advice: “Don’t lose the war on paper.”

Paper, she warned — paid bills, instruction manuals, report cards, Christmas cards, essays, and every other bit of words on tree fibre — will take over your entire house if you let it.

I’m sorry to say, we’re losing the war, not just on paper, but on all forms of clutter. Much of it is hidden away, stuffed in cupboards or cardboard boxes that we carted from our last house seven years ago.

But we’re starting to make progress. I’ve been reading Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and I’ve used the KonMari method to get rid of more than half of my clothes.

The KonMari method may be too extreme for some. Luckily there are simpler methods.

I recently read about a decluttering technique on…

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