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Blow the whistle on your clutter!!  

Did you know that 7/30 is National Whistle Blower Day?  Today seems like a good day to blow the whistle on your clutter.


Call out your husband.  Call out your kids


Make this a day of action.  Make a plan and you can get organized.  Here are a couple of prior posts to help you.

The Secret to Get Organized

You want to start something

It’s not hard to get organized.  Baby steps will make big changes.  You can do it.

So who did you call out today?

Thanks Pamela

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7/28 National Get Gnarley Day

The word “Gnarly” gets a bad rap.  It can mean “bad” or “dangerous” but can also be exciting, which is why surfers often use the term to describe the waves they tackle.

It can mean “bad” or “dangerous” but can also be exciting, which is why surfers often use the term to describe the waves they tackle.  surfer-wave-jeremy-bishop-80371.jpg

Much like surfers challenging the waves, National Get Gnarly Day challenges us to put some gnarliness into everything we do.flip-by-the-pier-seth-doyle-151915.jpg

Take the challenge ~ Get Gnarly and organize your life or add some excitement to the day!wave-carin-tyler-milligan-56027.jpgWhat will you do to add some gnarliness into your life?

Also, Happy Birthday Dad!

Thanks Pamela

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Tips to lead a happy life

We have all heard the saying Happy Wife, Happy Life.  But really it should be happy family = happy life.

Who doesn’t want to lead a happy or peaceful life? All of us do.We all set to go searching for it, when it is right in our hands.If you wish to unveil some of the secret mantras to a happy and blissful life ahead you must adhere to the rules stated below: 1.Leave behind the past and […]

via How To Be a Happier Person in Life — The Thinkers Paradise

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Do your kids have too much stuff?

Do you find that you are buying a treat every time you take your kids to the grocery store or Target?  Do you feel like you have to bribe them with a new toy just for a bit of cooperation?

child-toy-takeover-427824_960_720So what happens to that new toy?  Is it a cheap something that breaks the second time they play with it?  Or a sweet treat?


Try this:  Reward you kids with things they want to do rather than things they want to get.  You will be teaching them to value experiences or things.  Bonus your house, car, and purse will not be overrun with the crap they really don’t want or need.maxime-bhm-110048.jpg

Clutter control in disguise. Not only will your wallet thank you, your kids will too.

Have a great day!!!

Thanks Pamela


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Johnny Appleseed Burgers

Ok I don’t normally share recipes but it’s summer and that means grilling burgers. Enjoy.

What's for Dinner Moms?

The meat items that have been on sale around us recently have been chicken thighs and drumsticks for about $.77 a pound and ground beef for $1.99 a pound. For our area those REALLY good prices. You will notice quite a few of my recipes have had one or the other items in them lately. I shop sales for meat and staples. I can always figure out something new to do with the meat so that the kids don’t look at me with the face that says, “Really Mom? Chicken for a fourth day in a row?”

One thing we had not had much of recently was a hamburger. Seriously, we have a grill we need to cook out more. Grilled hamburgers can be so versatile just like chicken. How many different ways can you top a hamburger? I found this burger on Cheese and Burger Society page of the…

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Maine! Is this on your bucket list?

Maine is on my bucket list.  I have traveled almost all of the United States but the upper east coast including the original 13 colonies remain on the yet to be explored list.  But one day I am sure I will get there.  In the mean time, I have found an amazing blog that will have to suffice.  For now.

“The sunlight claps the earth, and the moonbeams kiss the sea” Percy Bysshe Shelley This week my husband and I are enjoying time with family in Maine’s beautiful Acadia National Park and its surrounding towns. Since Erica’s challenge for the week asks us to demonstrate transition, I thought the awakening of sleepy Bar Harbor with […]

via Magnificent Maine – WPC — Travels and Trifles

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Planes, trains, ​and automobiles ~ travel tips with kids

It is summer vacation time.  The time that you travel with your kids. This can be a time for joy or chaos!  So I am sharing some tips with you to make your trip smoother.  You know your kids have a short attention span and will get bored if not entertained.  So let’s entertain them…car photo-1470434151738-dc5f4474c239

For the Plane, you are more challenged so …

One word Tablet!alexander-dummer-150646

Back pack for each kid. They will enjoy getting to open their bag and find their goodies. They will feel like a grown up. But wait until the plane has taken off before you let them open their backpacks.

No sugar.  Enough said right?

New toys and activity sets. Coloring books, markers, stickers, books.

Nothing noisy.  Your fellow passengers will thank you.

I-spy books and where is Waldo are great options.

Play games. Hangman, tic tack toe, cards…plane vincent-versluis-240048

I love Samantha’s Browns tip on flying with kids. Parent #1 pre-board and set up the car seat and stow overhead luggage. Parent #2 board last with the baby to avoid noise and stress! Brilliant!

Auto travel:

Make sure to pack lots of new activities such as Stickers, crayons, notebooks, cars, even puzzles and small toys.

I love using a cheap cookie sheet or pizza pan as a kid travel desktop. Magnets make it even more fun.

Hanging toiletry bags to hold all their stuff. (Easy access and fully portable)

Stop for lunch at a place with a playground, a park for a picnic or a fast food playground. Run them around and let them burn off some energy.playground justin-peterson-103030.jpg

When you arrive go find a playground. Parents there will be able to direct you to the best local kid friendly places to eat.

Hotel hack for kids:

Ironing board makes a perfect table for kid dining in the room. Put a towel on the top before you put out the food.  Sit them on the edge of the bed and place the ironing board in front of them.

Request room with a mini fridge and microwave.  Snacks and drinks will absolutely make your life better and your kids happier.

markus-spiske-117324.jpgDon’t forget to get pictures of all of you. Use your camera’s self-timer.  However, you travel just go!  Make memories with your family.

What are your best kid travel hacks?

Thanks Pamela

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