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Spring cleaning can be like Christmas!

You never know what you have until . . . . . . you clean your room. – Anon A pertinent quote today I thought, as I am in the middle of spring-cleaning. Yes, washing windows and curtains, bedding and cushions; cleaning out kitchen cupboards and washing glasses. Also, as spring is the time […]

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So Merry Christmas  – get to spring cleaning.

Thanks Pamela


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Yea!! We are one year old!!

Happy Birthday, Bee Organized with Pamela!!


We did it!  One year ago I started this journey with you and I must say it has been an amazing trip.  I wanted to help you be and stay organized, I still do.  Today there are over 1600 of you following me.  Thank you!

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I have met some amazing people in this past year.  I look forward to helping you get organized and to helping you stay organized.  You can take control of your clutter.  Once you do you will find that clutter no longer controls your life.

Thank you again!  Pamela