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You do know that there is really no wrong way to clean, don’t you?  If you are cleaning you are making progress.  But there are a few tips to make your cleaning faster.Cleaning starwars stylejames-pond-191811.jpg

Start from the top  –  work your way down.  Don’t worry about the floors until the last.

Start on the largest flat surface and then work your way to the smallest flat surface.   Clear it off and move on the next flat surface.

Dust and sweep before you mop.rubber gloves-sponge28449392440_95c99f6cd9_b.jpg

Did you know that dishwashing gloves can do more than save you from dishpan hands?  They are great to remove pet hair from your furniture, carpet, and clothes.  Just rub your damp rubber gloved hands over the furniture.  This is a great tip for stairs.  Also, this will work on your actual pet. If you can get your pet to sit and allow your to pet them wearing a rubber glove.  (That would not be happening in my house – my furry would freak out. Just saying!)

Fun fact:  Rubber gloves are helpful to open jars.

I love your comments.  Share your best cleaning tip.

Have a great day!



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