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Happy Mother’s Day!

Being a Mom is a full-time job that never ends.  Just because your kids are grown up you don’t stop being a Mom.   So thank you for your tireless devotion to us your kids.

I am blessed to have my Mom around.  We live miles apart but we speak frequently and we do see each other as often as we can.

Thank goodness for technology.  Back in the day long before the age of cell phones, making a long distance phone call was a big deal and you did not have long conversations since the cost was high.  But now I can facetime with my Mom across the nation and see her just like she was in the same room with me.  We have long conversations about nothing just because we can.  WOW, what a change.

WOW, what a change.  Right?  So call or facetime with your Mother.  Ask her how her day went and what she is doing tomorrow.   There may be a day you will not be able to.  Cherish her and the sound of her voice.  I know I do mine.

Happy Mother’s Day!! image-1

Thanks, Pamela!


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