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Is This The Summer of Slime?

OK so summer is here (unofficially) and you want to be the Cool Parent or the Super Grandparent, or favorite Aunt or Uncle  ….

Easy ~ you only need to make SLIME.


No, I’m not talking about stuff in your fridge way in the back.

Yes, Slime is the hottest thing right now.  So hot that Elmer’s Glue has put out their own recipe.

Here is another one:

Last but not least:  From Steve Spangler’s Science Lab:  One with borax

All I will say is that if you are planning on using Elmer’s Glue you better get some now while you can.

If all else fails you can always go with a fidget spinner.  What are your thoughts on Fidget Spinners?  Yes or No?  Why?Fidget_spinner_in_blue

Happy Tuesday!!

Thanks Pamela


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I word on adulting…When do you become an adult?

Some people think that you become an adult upon turning eighteen years old, or at least 21 when you can legally drink. Others say it’s when you get your driver’s license. Now, I don’t want to argue semantics, but I firmly believe that the milestone of adulthood, for me, was my first time. My first […]

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Come on! I just cleaned that.

Do you feel like you are caught in a riptide? Swimming upstream?underwater - julian-svoboda-78075

When it comes to organization I find that sometimes only one person is really on board. Normally that person is Mom. Why? Because Mom is expected to know where everything is.

So Mom has to stop and find the missing shoe, or the homework, the favorite tie, did you pick up the dry cleaning? Did you get milk? Mom, we are out of Frosted Sugar Bits!! Mom, I need 35 cupcakes today.

Sound familiar? EEK! It’s no wonder that Mom’s are the ones primarily on board to get organized. It’s call self-preservation.

Sometimes I have mom’s that tell me I have tried this and that and no one else helps me so I fall back into my old ways and chaos ensues.

I get that the others in your house may not feel the same way. They are not seeing the big picture or getting it. Don’t assume they are intentionally sabotaging you or that they just don’t care. They probably just don’t get it.

“What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.”


You have to talk to them.

Communication is key.

Make you kids see that if they help, you will have more time to do fun things. Give them the right incentive. If you put your toys away Mommy will read you a story. (If you don’t Mommy will make your toys disappear!) Don’t be a doormat. Kids can be helpful. They can learn to put their dirty clothes in the hamper if they want them washes and their homework in their backpacks.

kid with toy photo-1467930555454-0cfbfd9beab9

Adults can understand that if you have help staying organized you can save money and time.  Saving money for maybe that dream vacation or new RV toy…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Being positive about housework can go a long way in getting your brood to help you out.

I love chore charts for children. I also suggest for children use a 10/5 system. Clean for 10 minutes and then a 5-minute break. For adults and older children increase that to a 20/10 system. Don’t try to do it all at once.meter josh-newton-21688

Also, remember your home and organizing method does not have to be perfect, you just need to find a happy medium that reduces your stress.

Thanks and have a great day!!



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Let it go!

Today is national Let it go day.  This is timely in our house because we had some shocking news today. Time is SHORT!!!!

The thing I want to say to you is to LET THAT STUFF GO!  Today we are well and rocking our lives along but what if you got news that in 20 days you live would change drastically!  Your loved one might be diagnosed with a terminal disease or you might be in a fatal automobile accident.  You never know when or of your grand plans will be recalculated and changed in a moment.  map-rgyglpwwjb0-richard-tilney-bassett

I tell you to be organized because you have better things to do than search for stuff.  Play with your kids when they are young, enjoy your grandkids, or walk the dog.  Spend time with your family, your spouse, your friends.  You don’t have a guarantee.  Don’t wait to do it now.A photo by Leo Rivas-Micoud.

Cook dinner and use your good china or don’t.  In our house, the good china is Chinet® disposable plates.  Why?  Because we don’t want to spend time washing dishes when the family is all together.

If you are holding on the stuff.  Why?  Let it go.  Don’t sacrifice space that you need for stuff you don’t.

You hear the news every day of how lives are changed in an instant but you think that is sad but still, it’s not you, or it’s not your family.  It might be.   I want you all to stop today and think about this post.  dog-with-ball-oh9auo20kbk-andrew-pons

Go out and have a good day!  Smile at a stranger and be nice.

Thanks Pamela


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Are you a complusive declutter?

Do you buy every type of organizer?  But after a few weeks or months, you can’t even find the organizers?


The fact is that we need a certain amount of stuff.  Stuff is fine it’s when your stuff starts to take over there becomes a problem.  Most of us have too much stuff.  Example.  How many hair products do you have?

Women:  Do you have hot rollers, a 2″ curling iron, a 1″ curling iron, a crimping iron, a flat iron or more than 1 hair dryer?  How about styling products?  gel, spray or stuff…


Guys:  How many flat screwdrivers do you have?  Do you have tools that are duplicate because you can’t find the one you need so you buy another?

Ladies:  Dishesbowls-jxlf4kyvt-a-jessica-ruscello

Guys:  Golf clubs or fishing lures 1280px-Rapala_lures

Can you not fit the car in the garage because you have too much stuff?  Are you holding onto pallets to make that amazing stuff you see on Pinterest?  How long have you been waiting to make that flag out of pallets?  Well, that’s too long.  Do it now or let them go.

Simply put, keep it simple.

You don’t have to have fancy organizers.  You just need to put everything in it’s place. If you put everything in it’s place and you have a place for everthing you will be less stressed.  Less stress  who doesn’t what that?

I’ll just say it.  You probably have too much stuff. I say this for your own good.

If you get organized you will find that you are saving time and money. Time not searching for the screw driver.  Money buy not buying new to replace what you can’t find (until later!)

What did you search for that you eventually found later?


Pamela bee_organizedwithpamela-jpg

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To heck with Man Cave We want She-Sheds!

Last week I asked you if you have heard of She-Sheds? We’ve all heard of man caves and bachelor pads, but this should be declared the year of the she shed. They are all the craze now, and why shouldn’t they be. Men have their man caves, and hard working moms and busy women deserve their […]

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Doesn’t this sound so great.  I could see this being the ultimate way to be organized for us ladies.  She Shed!  That’s what I said.

Thanks Pamela

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You do know that there is really no wrong way to clean, don’t you?  If you are cleaning you are making progress.  But there are a few tips to make your cleaning faster.Cleaning starwars stylejames-pond-191811.jpg

Start from the top  –  work your way down.  Don’t worry about the floors until the last.

Start on the largest flat surface and then work your way to the smallest flat surface.   Clear it off and move on the next flat surface.

Dust and sweep before you mop.rubber gloves-sponge28449392440_95c99f6cd9_b.jpg

Did you know that dishwashing gloves can do more than save you from dishpan hands?  They are great to remove pet hair from your furniture, carpet, and clothes.  Just rub your damp rubber gloved hands over the furniture.  This is a great tip for stairs.  Also, this will work on your actual pet. If you can get your pet to sit and allow your to pet them wearing a rubber glove.  (That would not be happening in my house – my furry would freak out. Just saying!)

Fun fact:  Rubber gloves are helpful to open jars.

I love your comments.  Share your best cleaning tip.

Have a great day!


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Happy Mother’s Day!

Being a Mom is a full-time job that never ends.  Just because your kids are grown up you don’t stop being a Mom.   So thank you for your tireless devotion to us your kids.

I am blessed to have my Mom around.  We live miles apart but we speak frequently and we do see each other as often as we can.

Thank goodness for technology.  Back in the day long before the age of cell phones, making a long distance phone call was a big deal and you did not have long conversations since the cost was high.  But now I can facetime with my Mom across the nation and see her just like she was in the same room with me.  We have long conversations about nothing just because we can.  WOW, what a change.

WOW, what a change.  Right?  So call or facetime with your Mother.  Ask her how her day went and what she is doing tomorrow.   There may be a day you will not be able to.  Cherish her and the sound of her voice.  I know I do mine.

Happy Mother’s Day!! image-1

Thanks, Pamela!


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Teachers and end of school

I have spoken with many teachers and here is what they want you to know.  gift annie-spratt-96529

“Don’t buy us mugs!  We have way too many.  Also don’t buy us picture frames, hair clips, and other kitschy stuff.  We enjoy gift cards.  Lunch or coffee would be great.  Also, we spend lots of our own money on school supplies for your children so gift cards for supplies would be wonderful.  (Walmart, staples or even the local grocery store).”thank you card aaron-burden-211846.jpg

Teachers said getting gift cards was their best gift and if they got gift cards for school supplies it was equal to getting a raise.  They work tirelessly for your children and all that I spoke to love their work.  Your children’s handmade stuff is great but each year they have 9 to 26 students.  Think about if every year you got a mug or handmade gift from that many people you would be overwhelmed too.  Right?  Think about what would you do with that?  Where would you keep it?

I work with teachers to help them control their clutter the same as I work with you to help you.  We find that they struggle with letting go of clutter so if you add to their clutter you are not helping.

You don’t have to keep every gift.  Remember if you don’t need it, like it, use it let it go.

Have a great day!!  Who was your most memorable teacher?

Thanks Pamela


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Are you being held hostage by relics of the past?


OK so here is the deal. You don’t have to keep anything that you don’t need, like, or want.

Just because your grandmother’s sister made it you don’t have to keep it. If it is not your style you don’t have to keep it. (Unless your employer requires you to)

unfinished carving tree-42162_1280
Great step-uncle Mel’s Carving

If your long gone in-law was a hobby carver or a paint by number artist and not very good you don’t have to keep their works of art.

It is not disrespectful or disgracing their memory. Keep the memory and let go of the object.

I can’t tell you how many times I hear clients say but my father-in-law made this and my husband kept it so now that he has passed I have to keep it.

No, you don’t.

You are not required to keep relics of someone else’s’ past. You never met this person; you don’t have to have their really bad paint by number painting of Elvis. Nor do you have to keep pictures of your prior spouse’s friends that you never met and have no idea who is in those pictures.

painting fail 14798459182_41b2329820_b
Paint by Number?

No one expects you to keep a museum of your husband’s past. It’s OK to let go of your mother-in-law’s collection of dolls that your husband hated and thought was creepy. You can get rid of them. Really it’s OK.

Zig Ziglar says, “no stinking thinking.”  

I say, “Keep what you like and let go of the rest.” 

Take what you want and leave the rest.  This applies to your stuff. You can do it and you will feel better when you are done.

Tell me what relic of the past you let go of.

Have a great day.  Thanks Pamela