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Simplify your life

via Letting Go — MakeItUltra™

Is it expectations?

Relationships that are not healthy?

How about worry about what other people think?

Maybe it’s stuff?   Do you have so much stuff you can’t find your stuff?  Do you rent a storage unit for your stuff?  Have extra rooms in your house for your stuff?  Are your closets, cabinets, and drawers stuffed to overflowing?

So my question to you is what is the one thing you can let go of to simplify your life?

Have a great day!

Thanks Pamela

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40% vs. 60%

Is your closet a 40% or a 60%closet-jam.jpg

The average woman only wears 40% of the clothes in her closet. That means 60% of her closet never sees the light of day.

Now is a great time to clean out your closet. You may find some new treasures that you had forgot you bought.

Reasons to toss:

  1.  it’s underwear.    No none wants to wear someone else’s used underwear
  2. it’s stained, faded or bleached
  3. it’s ripped, torn, or otherwise broken

OK so if it’s broken will you fix it – Can you fix it now?  Did you fix it?

How long has it been broken?  That long?  Really are you going to fix it – accept that you most likely will not.  So it is trash or can you donate it?trash - recycle-33605_640

Reasons to Donate:

Do you like it?

It is still in style?disco clothing

When did you wear it last?  6 months, 1 year or more?

Does it fit?

Does it look good on you or is it a strange color that you don’t really look good in?

Did someone give it to you?  But you don’t like it or it doesn’t flatter you. Is it a scarf but you live in Arizona?Cat_in_hat_and_scarf_set

If you saw it in a store today would you buy it?

How long have you had it?  Does it still have tags?  Can you return it?

If you would not sell it at a garage sale you probably should not donate it to a charity.  If you can’t sell it they probably can’t either.

Reasons to keep:

It’s none of the above.

Is it just dirty?  Wash it and hang it up.

So let’s sort your stuff.  Take it all out of the closet.  When I say all I mean everything. empty closet

Think about what we just discussed and decide if you should keep it, donate or sell it or is it just trash.

Now when you put what you decided to keep in your closet you will have 100% of your stuff that you will actually wear.    Did you find something you forgot you had?  Did you find that you were wearing only 40% of what was in your closet?  What was your percentage?



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Thoughts For The Day ~ Repost

I like this and I hope you will too. Small changes can bring great results. You can be organized and you can contain your clutter. You have much better things to do than search for lost objects. Have a great day!
Thanks Pamela

From the Desk of MarDrag


“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”  ~ Martin Buber

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

On our Journey, our Life Path, there are Destinations we see, aspire to, and reach. Destination is what keeps us going, with the desire, hope, and success of reaching them. BUT…we cannot always know every Destination life has planned for us. Some Destinations are secret…because they either hold a tremendous reward, or a profound lesson. Those Destinations are a combination of our efforts on our Path and the forces of the Higher Powers, Destiny if you will, that guide us on our Path. If we knew every detail or every end point, than would we see a need to even make the effort? Life’s little tricks! In addition, our Paths and Destinations change all the time, depending on our Choices and Decisions.

Experiencing Life is our Purpose, the Destination is the cherry on top.

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Tax Time doesn’t have to be Taxing

taxes 6355404323_cf97f9c58e_bSo tomorrow is the deadline for filing your taxes in the US.  But now that you have compiled all the information how to store it?  Do you stuff them back in a box and hope that you can find them if you are ever audited?income-tax-491626_1280


The IRS website suggests the following:

After you file your taxes, you will have many records that may help document items on your tax return. You will need these documents should the IRS select your return for examination. Here are five tips from the IRS about keeping good records.

  1. Normally, tax records should be kept for three years.

  2. Some documents — such as records relating to a home purchase or sale, stock transactions,


    and business or rental property — should be kept longer.

  3. In most cases, the IRS does not require you to keep records in any special manner. Generally speaking, however, you should keep any and all documents that may have an impact on your federal tax return.

  4. Records you should keep include bills, credit card and other receipts, invoices, mileage logs, canceled, imaged or substitute checks, proofs of payment, and any other records to support deductions or credits you claim on your return.

  5. For more information on what kinds of records to keep, see IRS Publication 552, Recordkeeping for Individuals, which is available on the IRS website at or by calling 800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676).

I personally suggest that you use the seven-year rule:  By using this rule anything 2009 or earlier. – You can shred this year.  Since this the tax year for 2016.

Did you know that you can scan your documents and store them on a zip drive?  Well, you can.  Because the IRS actually does accept scanned documents?

They’ve actually accepted electronic documentation since at least 1997 when they issued IRS Revenue Procedure 97-22, which states:

This revenue procedure provides guidance to taxpayers that maintain books and records by using an electronic storage system that either images their hardcopy (paper) books and records, or transfers their computerized books and records, to an electronic storage media, such as an optical disk. Records maintained in an electronic storage system that complies with the requirements of this revenue procedure will constitute records within the meaning of § 6001 of the Internal Revenue Code.

So a great space saver is to use a large scanner with a document feeder and scan all your tax document.  Save them to a ZIP drive by year, write the year on the drive itself and then store the drive in a fireproof box.
Even if you don’t scan your documents make you can put them in a large envelope and clearly mark the year on the outside of the envelope.  Now is a good time to also mark the shred date  (7 years later) on the outside of the envelope as well.
Now that is over so to make you feel better here is a cute dog picture.  I know right?  A dog wearing beads.  Cute!!dog - zivile-arunas-207535.jpg
Have a great day!!
Thanks Pamela
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Turn the Corner on Clutter

corner-gabriele-diwald-199200.jpgDo you have a scary corner?  You know it’s the one that has stuff stuffed to the gills.  Could be where you store your pictures you want to add to a scrapbook for your oldest who is now having babies of his own.

Or is it mail that needs to be shredded…..


Mystery remotes?


Look if it’s in the corner and you don’t even know what is there, how important it is really?treasured bear alex-blajan-99325.jpg

Turn the corner on your clutter.  You can do it and I am here to help you.  Remember the best view comes after the hardest climb.

Now tell me about how you turned the corner on your clutter.


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I like the way she thinks. But I would love to hear your thoughts. Have a great weekend.

Solitary Woman Traveler

old luggage This was my original luggage plan. Only the big duffel remains and it stays home at my daughter’s house.

I have been an unknowing minimalist for at least a decade now, developing over time into a knowing one.

My theory is that most people who have ultimately become minimalists don’t come by it through theory but rather by some circumstance of their life. I came into my own through falling in love with a movie – as I have done in so many of my life changes.

It was the 1991 film My Girl, in which a young girl goes through a series of changes in her own life, one of which is acquiring a stepmother – Jamie Lee Curtis – who arrives in an RV. Curtis is a single woman traveling around in her little “house-on-wheels” and I instantly wanted to be her. I distinctly remember that in…

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Hello, I’m talking to you.

Trash goes in the trash.  Not on the counter, not on the dryer not on the table.

If it is trash put it in the trash can.Globe in the trash 298390093_9b7198f34d_z

Look around do you see trash?  Why?  Remember when we talked about put it away not down.  Well, trash belongs in the trash.

Do you need to review:  Don’t put that down!.

You need a trash receptacle in ever room.  You will be more likely to throw it away if you don’t have to make a special trip.  So what are you waiting for?pink trash can

You can cut down the clutter but just by throwing out the trash.

Thanks!  Have a great day.



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