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Frame it forward!


Do you have old glasses that you don’t wear anymore?  Has your vision changed and you got new glasses?  Did you have readers in every room but now you have bifocals?  (I do)  What did your old glasses become?  CLUTTER.

I just saw a program by Nationwide Vision and the Lions Club.  They take your old glasses and give them to those in need.

Clean out your stash of old glasses and Frame it Forward.  Below is the link to Nationwide and  the Lions Club’s centers

Nationwide vision frame it forward campaign

The Lions Club has Recycling eyeglasses at 18 centers worldwide.

Frame it forward and clean out clutter!  Sounds like a win win!!

Thanks Pamela


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13 thoughts on “Frame it forward!

  1. I was finally able to replace my ten year old glasses this year and gave all the old readers and my former bifocals to the Lion’s club. Have been doing that ever since I married my George. His dad was the head of our local Lion’s club and would have had a fit if we didn’t donate our old ones. now it is just a habit.

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