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Lighten up! Tips to pack for travel

Is the your year to take a vacation?  Do it.  Don’t let vacation days go unused.  Don’t say “I’ll do that sometime.”  Make this your sometime!

Decide where you are going,  decide when you will go and now decide what are you are going to take with you.

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Now with baggage fees and the chance of lost luggage do you really need all that stuff? What if you are planning a backpacking trip? In our house we have a rule if you can’t carry it you can’t take it. But what if you are going on an extended trip say your dream trip to Europe and you are not a young adult? Rule still applies. If you can’t carry it you can’t take it. You are going to have to do some planning.small car yfblyeynu_g-jace-grandinetti.jpg

Make a list


Pack light! Backpack will be your friend. If you are planning on a trip where there are cobblestone streets pulling your roller bag over cobblestones is not an easy thing to do. Also remember cars in some countries are not a roomy as we have in the US. Trunk space may be very limited and your large bag may not ever fit.backpack-cedzaukbyic-jeremy-bishop

Less is more and think separates that can be worn together.

Tee shirts or tank tops that you can layer. Neural colors that are dark enough not to show stains are best. Learn to layer to change up your basic wardrobe. Wear your most bulky clothing items when on the plane or train.

Downsize your toiletries by not packing anything you can buy once you arrived at your destination. Everywhere you go they sell what you need like shampoo, sunscreen, body wash, concentrated laundry detergent.

When you are thinking about what to take think quick-drying, synthetic clothing and wash everything while you travel.

Compression bags like a Ziploc or space bag will make the most of your space.

Remember your smart phone is more than a phone. It is a camera, currency converter, guidebook, TV, book and map. Don’t pack a guidebook. Download what you need onto your smart phone.


Packing light means taking less stuff. Remember this is a vacation not a lifetime. You don’t need so much stuff.

For men according to my husband his one tip will allow you to travel for months just about anywhere with little more than 2 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, and 3-4 pairs of underwear and socks.

For women same deal: 2 cami/tank tops, 3 tops, I suggest a long sleeve denim or chambray shirt, 1 cardigan to layer, legging, 2 pair capris or shorts (shorts can’t be worn in churches but capris can be) 1 pair of pants, 1 skirt or tee-shirt dress that can be layered over. The tee shirt can be a nightie, extra bra (a sports bra is very packable) and 4 pair of underwear. I personally love Chico’s Travelers collection. I have had an entire glass of sticky juice spilled in my lap on a plane and I was able to rinse it off in the airport bathroom dry it under the hand dryer and not miss my connecting flight.

Your best shoe choice will be one pair of closed toe comfortable walking shoes. Always bring flip-flops!! They will be what you wear in the hotel, in the shower, or with shorts if you go to the beach.

One of my favorite and go to items is to take a pashmina-type scarf. It is so versatile you can drape over your shoulders if it is chilly, or use it as a blanket or rolled up pillow on the plane.

OK ladies lets talk about cosmetics. You probably will not wear as much while traveling as you would a home. Leave your expensive brands at home. Grab a drugstore brand of tinted moisturizer with SPF, mascara, no more than 2 colors of eye shadow, you can add water and make a eyeliner and a bronzer (This will be for your eyes and cheeks or you can use it for lipstick.) This should all fit!travel musfb_f1i4e-toa-heftiba.jpg

Don’t pack for worst-case scenarios. Worst case you can buy what you need. Leave your expensive jewelry at home. Don’t take a fanny pack they are a prime target for pickpockets. Try to fit all your stuff in a backpack. You will not only save on luggage fees but when you are riding a train, grabbing a cab or walking and just lugging your stuff from location to location you will appreciate the lighter load.

Where will you go?   What is your best travel tip?

Thanks Pamela

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I am from Oklahoma. Now living the dream in Arizona. I'm a sassy, creative and outspoken southern gal. I believe that if you can read you can go anywhere. One of my favorite sayings is "If you knew you could not fail what would you do?" I enjoy helping other people. My friends know that I’m the queen of useless trivial knowledge and I will not hesitate to use it.

20 thoughts on “Lighten up! Tips to pack for travel

  1. My travel tip would be to always keep a toothbrush, toothpaste and clean underwear in your hand luggage. My flight was once delayed overnight so we were booked into a local small hotel in Cyprus but our luggage stayed on the plane. I ended up doing an emergency handwash of our undergarments and trying to dry them with the hairdryer! Never again!

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  2. Awesome list! Going to keep it! We travel to our lake home at a moments notice and I would never need more than this… EVER. I just found Boomsticks. Makeup in a stick. Check out Cindy Joseph on line. 3 sticks and a tube of mascara. Thats all the make up I take anywhere! -Kim

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  3. Years and years ago, 5 girls and I backpacked Europe for a month. That is exactly how we traveled and we stayed at youth hostels. What a great time. Now my husband and I tend to camp. Sometimes we use a tent and sometimes a fold down camper.
    My husband is the master of packing light. If he had his way his suitcase would be a Walmart bag.

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