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What is that smell….

With the holidays upon us some of you will be receiving perfume or cologne as gifts. Now is a good time to evaluate your existing scents.merry-christmas-aw4ctkdmc7k-jez-timms

Did you know that perfume could expire?

For perfume the magic number is 3 to 5 years. Cologne has an even shorter timeframe; it can expire in 2 to 2 ½ years.


Older than that the smell and color can change. I say can change because the secret to keeping your perfume longer than that is how you store it.

Storage of perfume or cologne:

When storing perfume or cologne think about how you would store wine.

  • Out of direct sunlight.
  • Away from heat sources.

A great place to store your perfume or cologne is in a drawer. Do not store your perfume or cologne in your car. Some people say they store theirs in the refrigerator.   I personally don’t because I have limited perfume scents at one time.perfume-so4efi-d1nc-jessica-weiller

Now that you know perfume and cologne can expire or change what should you keep or toss?

  1. Is the color darker? If the color has changed it might not be any good any longer.
  2.  Does the scent smell off?
  3. Did you like it to start with? If not let it go?
  4. Also if it is a natural fragrance and does not have any preservatives it will not last as long.

Perfume or cologne can have a chemical change. That change might cause an allergic reaction. So instead of you becoming allergic to your favorite scent you might have a scent that is expired or out of date.


Would you ever store you perfume or cologne in the refrigerator? What is your go to or signature scent?

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

Thanks Pamela



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16 thoughts on “What is that smell….

  1. I had to read this to my husband. He still has a partial bottle of Hai Karate cologne from the 80’s. When I suggest he may want to get rid of it he assured me it is vintage. Fortunately he does not wear it….and only threatens to wear it. He was glad to find out that he has been storing it properly LOL.

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  2. LOl…my partner has a bottle of “Old Spice” that’s about 20 years old…thank you for giving me a reason to throw it out!
    Have a wonderful festive season :)x

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