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Do you make the same resolutions each year?

Happy New Year!

Someone once said do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.  I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding in that statement.  Just because you love what you do does not mean you don’t work and that you don’t work hard.  It just means that you enjoy what you are doing.

A photo by Tim Arterbury.

With each New Year many of us find that we need to make resolutions or feel the need to take stock of our life.  Now is a great time to use the New Year as a way to better our selves or to take the time to plan out the year.

But before you can do this you must first think about what do you really want?

I was having lunch with a group of women and one of the things that we discovered is that we are sometimes not sure what we really want.  We played a bit of a game where we were  asked to think about these 4 things. We were compelled to learn, reach for, try, test, experiment with, and do by specifically writing down what we needed to feel the following:





If you would like to take a closer look take out a piece of paper or open a new page in your computer and divide it into 4 squares.  coffee photo-1444418776041-9c7e33cc5a9c

In the squares write each of the topics.

Wanted                                Happy

Secure                                 Loved

Now think about what makes you feel wanted? What do you need to feel wanted?

What makes you happy?  What do you need to feel happy?

What makes you feel secure? What do you need to feel secure?

What makes you feel loved? What do you need to feel loved?


Come up with as many as you can.  Really think about it and write it down.  Any of these could be related to finances, safety, job, education, and flexibility or to family or friends.


Maybe  your wanted it to have your family come to you for their needs. That you will always have the laundry done or that your husband has what it need to make you a cup of coffee in the morning. You may feel wanted by knowledge that you are very good at your job or that you are the go to person in certain situations.  You are the best party planner; you organize all the family dinners or holidays.home-photo-1415301918039-3a58086adf06

Maybe your secure is to own your own home?  Or having a plan for retirement or even for your kid’s college?  Your secure could be knowing that you have marketable job skill? Your secure could be related to finances, safety, job, education, and flexibility or to family.

Your happy could be taking a family vacation or maintaining a calm and organized home?  It could be that you love to cook and preparing a meal for your family or friends makes you happy.


Your loved could be having a dog greet you at the door and love you unconditionally.  It could be having your husband make you a cup of coffee each morning.  Seeing the joy on your kids faces each day.

Now that you know what you need, you can check how you can get these things.  Now you can make a plan.  Whatever it is you can do it.  So keep learning, reaching, working, reading, trying, resting, and moving forward.

Remember failing to plan is planning to fail.

 So what will you do this year?


Thanks Pamela

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Merry Christmas and Seasons Greeting!

Just a note to say how wonderful you all are and how much I appreciate your loyal following.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Whatever you celebrate I hope you have a merry one.

Happy Everything!

  • Saint Nicholas Day
  • Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • St. Lucia Day
  • Hanukkah
  • Christmas Day
  • Three Kings Day
  • Boxing Day
  • Kwanzaa
  • Omisoka
  • Yule

For those of you traveling. …Safe travels.

Thanks  Pamela


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What is that smell….

With the holidays upon us some of you will be receiving perfume or cologne as gifts. Now is a good time to evaluate your existing scents.merry-christmas-aw4ctkdmc7k-jez-timms

Did you know that perfume could expire?

For perfume the magic number is 3 to 5 years. Cologne has an even shorter timeframe; it can expire in 2 to 2 ½ years.


Older than that the smell and color can change. I say can change because the secret to keeping your perfume longer than that is how you store it.

Storage of perfume or cologne:

When storing perfume or cologne think about how you would store wine.

  • Out of direct sunlight.
  • Away from heat sources.

A great place to store your perfume or cologne is in a drawer. Do not store your perfume or cologne in your car. Some people say they store theirs in the refrigerator.   I personally don’t because I have limited perfume scents at one time.perfume-so4efi-d1nc-jessica-weiller

Now that you know perfume and cologne can expire or change what should you keep or toss?

  1. Is the color darker? If the color has changed it might not be any good any longer.
  2.  Does the scent smell off?
  3. Did you like it to start with? If not let it go?
  4. Also if it is a natural fragrance and does not have any preservatives it will not last as long.

Perfume or cologne can have a chemical change. That change might cause an allergic reaction. So instead of you becoming allergic to your favorite scent you might have a scent that is expired or out of date.


Would you ever store you perfume or cologne in the refrigerator? What is your go to or signature scent?

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

Thanks Pamela



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To re-gift or not to re-gift?

That is the question.

Did you know that National Re-gifting Day is December 22?


Look most of the time gifts are perfect. But occasionally there are those that just don’t hit the mark. Maybe you got a candle that you are highly allergic to the scent or could it be that the scent reminds you of something you would rather forget and you just don’t like the scent? What to do? Keep, donate or sell? Tis the season for giving, so would you re-gift it?   Did you already re-gift it to your neighbor, child’s teacher or the babysitter? Are you sure you didn’t get that from the babysitter?


OK I am all for re-gifting. But there are some rules:


Rule #1 –        Do not re-gift to the person who give it to you.

Rule #2 –        Do not re-gift to someone who would know who that gift actually came from.

Rule #3 –        Make sure you remove the card or gift tag from inside the box.

Rule #4 –       Don’t keep stuff you don’t like just because someone gave it to you.

Rule #5 –        Don’t keep stuff you can’t use just because someone gave it to you.

Rule #6           Don’t keep stuff you will not use just because someone gave it to you.

Clutter can sneak up on us. Clutter can come in many ways. From the sale of holiday decor or plastic forks unless you need holiday décor or are planning a large casual party you don’t need to buy it just because it is on sale. “Don’t need”= equals clutter.

Clutter overwhelms and can grow. The best thing to do is keep it in control by limiting the space you allocate for any specific thing. Also, a key to being organized is to have a place for everything and you will be able to have everything in its place.

So have you re-gifted a gift? Why? Did the recipient enjoy it?

Thanks Pamela


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National Cat Herders Day 12/15

herding-cats-3593274951_0537ffa90c_bToday is National Cat Herders Day.  I know you are thinking how exactly does this fit in with being organized?

Let me tell you. Some of you feel like getting or staying organized is like herding cats am I right?  See, you knew I would get there.

Besides who doesn’t love a picture of cute kittens.


OK today is the day you herd your cats.   You can get organized and you can get control over your clutter.  Here are a few tips:

  • Stacking things develops bad habits. Stacks of items tend to grow into unmanageable piles of clutter and chaos that then take hours to clean and sort.  Looking a stacks or piles of stuff is stressful. It is a constant reminder that there is something to be done  ~ don’t be a Pilot! No Piles allowed.
  • Let go of what you don’t use or can’t wear.  Absolutely do not pay storage fees to store stuff you don’t use, can’t use and will not use.  Someday is most likely not going to come. If it does you can buy what ever you need and enjoy all the space in the mean time.
  • Kids need chores ~  Make chore  lists for children. If they know what is expected of them they can check that off of their lists too. Make them a chore list.
  • Delegate some of the responsibility. I know your kids may not load the dishwasher the way you would but it’s OK. The dishes will get clean. Also so what if your husband doesn’t fold the towels the way you would. They will still dry you off.
  • Don’t assume. Have clear expectations and responsibilities
  • Don’t put things down put them up. The next time you are piling things up, stop and ask yourself how much longer it would take to put things away. It may take a couple extra minutes now, but will save you even more time and effort in the future.
  • It’s OK to say NO. You don’t have to do it all.

Control your clutter and get organized.  You don’t have to be overwhelmed.  If you control it you can herd you cats.

Thanks Pamela


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Attic ~tips for clearing the clutter away

Who remembers to scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation where Clark Griswald is hiding gifts in the attic and he finds one he forgot about? Are there things in your attic that you have forgotten about? Do you have cifts of Christmas past lurking in the nooks or crannies of the attic?

Maybe  you still have baby stuff in your attic but your baby is in high school? Just so you know  those cribs or swings may not be safe for use now so they need to go. They can be repurposed in so many ways. Check out pinterest for amazing ways to change that crib into something fabulous and useful.


We just got our Christmas decorations down from the attic and I found that we have a box of stuff that never gets used. So I loaded it into the car and took it to a charity that gives Christmas trees to the less fortunate. While I may not use them that does not mean someone on else will not enjoy them.  Do you have so many decorations you can’t or shouldn’t use them all?  Give them to your children or grand children then donate the rest what you don’t use.


When we moved we discovered we had boxes in our attic that we had not opened since we moved into that house. Did I open them? NO. If after 14 years I had not had an occasion to open them what could possibly be in there that I would need in my new home? The answer is nothing! Actually they were marked Books. I know they contained textbooks. Trust me as long as we have been out of school they were not needed. Although, I did see an entire series on how to make Christmas trees out of books. If you are interested check this out:   Book Christmas Trees


Since we all know heat rises, now is a perfect time to clean out the attic.   So get in that attic and clear out the clutter. You can do it. If you have not used it in a year you don’t need it. If you don’t remember when was the last time you opened it….How important it is? If you are keeping it make sure the boxes are organized, marked and labeled on all sides.  You should be able to know what is in them at a glance.  Do you have family heirlooms packed away in the attic? If they are special shouldn’t they be on display or being used?  Tell me what you think.

Thanks Pamela



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Greeting Card Quandary

Now that Christmas is over and you are putting away the decorations, I have a question? Do you still send Christmas cards? I do.   For me I enjoy finding cards that say Merry Christmas with an Arizona twist. Living in Arizona I don’t think I can send cards with snow and pine trees. So, I try to find ones that have cactus and palm trees. I have found some amazing photographers who make cards. I love receiving cards.  But that presents a slight problem.  They can easily become clutter.  What to do with all those cards that are not special?


Do you keep your cards?   Do you keep them but some are clutter? Of course some of these cards are special and you want to keep them but others…. Well they are pretty and what to do with them. I have a few suggestions for you.

Are you looking for a great way to pay those cards forward?

Did you know that St. Jude recycles greeting cards? More than 30 years ago, wishing to show our donors appreciation for making St. Jude’s Ranch for Children possible, the idea was conceived to turn the previous year’s Christmas cards into “new” cards for the coming season. The recipients were so delighted when they received the unique “thank you,” that they requested to purchase the special cards. The program soon expanded to include all-occasion greeting cards.snowflake-qll_mif7xjc-kelly-sikkema

Or you can donate them to a daycare or school. Cards are great for little ones to practice their skills with scissors.  (Sounds like a good way for grandparents to engage with the grand’s.)

Another thought is to turn them into gift tags or garland. What about using them to embellish gift

What do you do with your greeting cards? Do you think you might do any of this?

Happy New Year’s Eve. Have a wonderful and wonder filled new year.



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