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Holiday party time? Nails a wreck?


So you want to do a quick touch up.. Can’t find a file? Now where is your polish? Oh my you are flustered and overwhelmed…. How about you grab your favorite polish…what it’s old gummed up and dried out.  You don’t have time for this.

party nails idw-r3fsuhg-brigitte-tohm.jpg

Time to do a bit of organization. Time to toss out all the old worn out files, and old polish.  Go through and see what you have. Do you have pink, glitter, red or gold? I personally keep mine in a little case. It has my remover, polish, files and cotton balls. That way I only have to grab one thing. I can quickly do a polish change and be on my way to the next holiday party. LOL. I’m such a party animal. But I do love glitter nails and living in Arizona I can wear flop flops all year so my toes are frequently on display.


Anyway what is your go to color? Natural or polish? See getting organized is just one step at a time.

Thanks Pamela



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