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6 painless ways to have more storage on your phone or tablet

You all know the holidays are almost upon us. That means lots of parties, family gatherings and of course photos. So the last thing you want to see after you have waited in the mall for an hour to have little Wyatt sit on Santa’s knee, then it took forever for him to warm up to the Big Guy in Red….Wait for it….Now he has the most adorable grin on his face so you have  to get a picture of this…………………santa-4123836032_424fbe1779_b

But your phone says….. “NO STORAGE AVAILABLE” What!! Are you kidding me?

See this is why today we are going to be proactive and prepare for all those adorable or sometimes embarrassing photo opportunities. We are going to delete some unused and unnecessary stuff from your phone or tablet.

  1. MOVIES-  I know you downloaded them to watch but you have watched them and you know the lines by heart. “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner” or “I’ll be your huckleberry” Delete them. Unless, Finding Dory is the only thing that will keep your kid happy then you need that for self-preservation. But Momma’ movies and Dad’s movies they can go.dirty-dancing
  2. MUSIC- This is a tough one for some of you. But if you went through a head banger stage and now you listen to only country. You can probably delete the stuff you don’t listen to.
  3. PODCASTS- Yes they were great. They were informative and enlightening, but now you have absorbed their content so delete them.podcast-67531548_78ffc9828d_z
  4. GAMES – I realize that last summer Pokémon go was the hottest thing on the planet but you have not played it since August. Or you are the King of Candy Crush but then you got to the levels that are really hard – I mean that dang chocolate just keeps coming back. So now you have moved on to another game. Delete the ones you don’t play.candy-crush-9333683759_5b1594072a_z
  5. APPS – Oh my goodness did you download the bubble wrap popping app when you first got your phone and then promptly decide it was annoying. Do you have 6 screens of apps? Do you have so many apps you can’t find the Key Ring that holds your discount cards when you are in the store? It might be time to evaluate what you really use and delete the
  6. Last but not least go in and clear your app cache. Heck while you are at it clear your Internet cache also. You will be surprised how much space that takes up.

So there you have it six painless ways to make more space on your phone or tablet. Regardless of if you have an IPhone, Samsung, LG, Kyocera or a Motorola, if you use Apple, Google or Microsoft they all have limits at to the amount of storage space available.

Organize it and make the most of what you have.

Now go out there and be merry and bright. Enjoy all the feasting, fun and take some photos.  I can’t wait to see them.

Mom and others who still have flip phone’s none of this applies.  But I love that you stayed with me and read the entire thing.  We will FaceTime later.

Thanks Pamela 



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30 thoughts on “6 painless ways to have more storage on your phone or tablet

  1. A very cool and useful post! Thank you!

    I also check the downloads in files and get rid of any pdf’s I downloaded but don’t need now such as bus timetables etc. Then there is erasing the data of any apps you don’t use (you have mentioned the cache which is a different beast as you know). You can also put things on your SD card such as photos and transfer over certain apps too.

    The space the system itself uses is ridiculous on some phones too, my current one being a case in point…takes just over half the available storage before I started using it!

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  2. I never had this issue but since blogging i do.. the wp and twitter apps omg the space they take… and i only have twi songs down loaded no video. Instagram pic ..eeek. but whats app. Omg. I have to clear out so much ..and regularily

    Liked by 1 person

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