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Are you suffering from CHAOS? Can’t have anyone over Syndrome.


Is it because you can’t find you dining room table? You know there is one under there but it currently is covered with mail, school art projects, work, magazines and well just clutter.

Maybe it’s because your living room resembles a toy store or a that the mail room exploded? It’s been so long since you saw the floor that you don’t remember if there is an area rug down there?


Are your in-laws coming for the holidays and you don’t have a room for them to stay in or maybe you do have a guest room but the bed is buried under laundry?  You can be organized and you can contain your clutter.


I have discussed laundry before. If you want to review it here is the link.  Air your dirty laundry here….

Basically, I suggest you fold and hang your clothing as you remove it from the drier. That way you are not temped to toss it on the bed, couch or dryer, but you will put it where it belongs. Added bonus. Your clothes will not be as wrinkled if you immediately hang them up. Yet another time saver, you’re welcome!

If this sounds or looks like your home and you feel overwhelmed by your clutter don’t give up,  it can be fixed.  You can bee organized.

Let’s start with some organizing tips for public spaces in your home.

If you have toys that have invaded your living room, think about an ottoman that has storage. You can also  utilize storage cubes, decorative boxes and baskets to contain the toys, if you insist on having them there. I recommend you limit the number of toys allowed in the living room.

A better solution is to have your children return their toys to their room or their playroom when they are finished playing with them. I try this with the dogs, but they don’t mind very well. I did have a dog who when we said it was time to go to bed she picked up her toys and carried them one at a time in her mouth and dropping them in a basket in her room. When she was done she would get into her bed. So smart. The ones we now share our home with are really cute. But they can’t seem to get with the program ……LOL.


Another great way to keep your public spaces company ready is to use “Crap baskets” or buckets. A “Crap basket” is where you have a basket for each member of the family and if you see their stuff a/k/a, “crap” out of place you toss it into the “crap basket” they can then take their basket to their room and put it in they proper place. A Mom that I worked with decided that if she had to put stuff in the “crap basket” more than two times the stuff in the basket was not important to that family member and so they lost it temporarily. If it landed back in the “crap basket” a third time it was donated to another family. I think it was very effective way to get the family in the habit of putting their stuff where it belongs.

Let me know how you conquered your CHAOS and did you take back your public spaces in your house. Just in time for the holidays.

Do you think a Crap basket would work at your house?  Are you suffering from CHAOS?

Thanks Pamela

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