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Found Money ~ Is it free money?- Leftover Change

Did you know that American’s have on average $90 in loose change.

spare making-change.jpg

SO how many of you have a change jar, mug or bowl? I know some of you have spare change in multiple places..

Do you have any change in the laundry room from when you are emptying pockets, or that you found in the washer or dryer. Remember, finders keepers!

How about in a closet then you empty you pockets? Or in the bottom of your handbags, are you guilty or just taking out the “stuff you need” and leaving the rest?

Look in your old wallets and don’t forget to check all your coats too.


Do you have spare change in a drawer maybe from the change you get from when you have pizza delivered? What about your desk drawer? How about those greeting cards did you forget that you have $5 dollars from your Aunt Dolly? What about your kids toy boxes? (I am not suggesting you raid you kid’s piggy banks.)

Are you hoarding rolls of coins in a box in a closet or under your bed?

Could there be spare change in your car, under the seats, in the ashtray, deep in the center console or the cup holders that have a few grimy coins that are covered in soda syrup?  Sometimes there is a stash of spare change in the garage from when you cleaned out the car.


Oh just in case you thought I might forget ~ check those cushions in your furniture.


So if you take this opportunity to gather all those coins you might find that you have some unexpected fun money. Possibly you have lots of spare change just gathering dust. Wouldn’t it be fun to find out how much you can find?

Most banks will take your change and count it for you. They will then just add it to your account for no fee. Many other places there are coin machines that will cash in your coins on the spot.

See organizing can be fun and profitable.  Well maybe ~  it’s almost like free money. Not really more like forgotten money, but what are you waiting for. Round up those coins! I can’t wait to hear about your discover. What will you do with your spare change? Tell me where you found your spare change.bee_organizedwithpamela-jpg

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44 thoughts on “Found Money ~ Is it free money?- Leftover Change

  1. I am good here! I keep all the small change in one container and then get it changed up when the container is full. Always comes as a nice surprise when it is added up!

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  2. I took the change the comes out of the dryer – I had 2 half gallon mason jars and quart Mason jar full. Our grocery store has a machine where you could dump it in, and it calculated how much, and then you got to choose your gift card – I chose the iTunes one…$163 card!!!

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  3. The tiny coins I put in a jar, but the jar’s full and it’ll take forever to count/organize the coins. Banks here have cut personnel and can’t be bothered 😦 so I’ll just have to make little piles and wrap them individually in cellophane to get shops to accept them! But I still have to go through all my “old” coins (pre-Euro), where they say some have become quite valuable! By the way, I have a few gold-coloured 1$ coins from my last trip to the USA: are they in any way more valuable than 1$?

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    1. That is too bad that they have cut the customer service out of banking. Here they take them but they don’t count them immediately they send them to a central bank and then credit your account. Pre -euro how fun. I don’t thing the $1 coins have increased in value. But I am not an expert.

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  4. 🙂 I collect all the change I find in an old leather box for a camera lens.
    Once it’s full it’s so heavy that I can barely carry it to bank (it works in my back pack).
    However, I throw all of it into a money counting machine and the money goes straight into my savings account. Normally that’s round about 80 Euros – money easily earned!
    HAPPY Friday to you :_)

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  5. We have tiny five pence pieces here that I save in a tin…I save special design fifty pence pieces too,like the Olympic designs. I don’t really have spare change..I’m one of those annoying people who insist upon counting out exactly the right amount in coins…lol!!

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  6. We find coins in the washing machine (always out of my hb’s pockets) and down the sofa cushions (ditto) and he leaves them on the telephone table, the windowsill, the kitchen counter and his coat pockets! Our grandsons generally go away with the haul when they visit! When we were in very dire staits when the children were young, I remembered June Allyson in The Glenn Miller Story going through his pockets every day and saving up the coins she found. I started doing the same, and if ever I had some ‘spare’ money I would hide a £1 note (we still had notes in those days) or even £5 in a book on a shelf and it would be a happy surprise to come across it sometimes months or even years later when it was needed. I’ve told my children to make sure they examine all the paperbacks before they throw them out when I’m no longer here! When my great-uncle died, his brother discovered shoes and teapots etc stuffed with notes, in cupboards and wardrobes. My hb’s dad used to keep money under the bedroom carpet!


  7. We bought a used dryer a few years ago. Last year it started acting goofy, so I decided to take it apart and clean it to see if I could get it working again. In the bottom of the dryer, underneath the clothing drum, there was handfuls (many handfuls) of change! I can’t remember how much it added up to, but it was a lot! BTW, the dryer works great now. 🙂

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