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Save Money!!

So am I the only one that does not know about Ebates?  If you don’t let me tell you about this.


You shop and you get paid.  What!!! I know Mind blow!!  Just in time for the holidays I found out that if you sign up for Ebates and shop as you normally do you can get rebates, cash back and discount coupons.    If you shop at Amazon, Ebay, Macy’s, Kohls,  Staples, L.L.Bean, Walmart, Nordstrom, Office Max, Neiman Marcus, Gap, Disney, Nike, Shutterfly and so many more you are just leaving money on the table.  They have rebates, discounts and more like free shipping codes.

Nuts right?  I got a $10 Walmart gift card just for signing up.

Click here to sign up!

Also if you sign up via my referral you get $10 and I get $25.  You can be registered to win a 2016 Toyota Highlander Hybrid from Ebates.      It’s free.  As they say you already do it why not get paid for it.    It’s quick and easy.  Do it.  I’m sure you can always use the extra money!  I

Thank you and you are welcome!


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Holiday party time? Nails a wreck?


So you want to do a quick touch up.. Can’t find a file? Now where is your polish? Oh my you are flustered and overwhelmed…. How about you grab your favorite polish…what it’s old gummed up and dried out.  You don’t have time for this.

party nails idw-r3fsuhg-brigitte-tohm.jpg

Time to do a bit of organization. Time to toss out all the old worn out files, and old polish.  Go through and see what you have. Do you have pink, glitter, red or gold? I personally keep mine in a little case. It has my remover, polish, files and cotton balls. That way I only have to grab one thing. I can quickly do a polish change and be on my way to the next holiday party. LOL. I’m such a party animal. But I do love glitter nails and living in Arizona I can wear flop flops all year so my toes are frequently on display.


Anyway what is your go to color? Natural or polish? See getting organized is just one step at a time.

Thanks Pamela



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Useful guide to host the perfect dinner — YULY360

For those of you who are not experienced Party organizers.  Here are some great tips and timesavers.  Don’t fret.  Invite someone over and have a gathering.  

21Celebrating is part of life. Personally I love to host parties, to me is an opportunity to let all my inspiration flow… I know that many of you out there are probably thinking you don’t have time for fancy detailed events, but I have good news for you! planning the perfect event is not mission […]

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Ready for a timesaver?

OK easy.MoreFamilyTime 5-1 b

Un-subscribe to emails that you don’t read. Boom! OK so this time of the year you are bombarded with emails! Sale for golf balls, sale for snow skies, Sale for sweaters, Sale for boots, Pet food on sale… Book your spring trip to the beach, buy your swimsuit now. (Right, most of us are getting into our fat pants this weekend in the USA) Black Friday, cyber Monday, Internet sale. Free shipping……….save $$$$!!


ARGH!! How about Comcast, DIRECTV, Cox communication, or Shaw… watch this movie. New episode of the next housewife… The voice, dancing with the stars…

Are you feeling like the Walking Dead?? You know you will not be watching movies this week. So un-subscribe to your cable providers emails for now. You can always re-subscribe next year when you have time.

Dare I say it….if you don’t read some of the blogs you are following. You can un-subscribe as well. But of course not mine because I will save you time and hopefully money!!! Just kidding. Seriously I know your time is valuable.   Use it wisely. If you are overwhelmed ~ cut out the crap.

You are welcome! What do you wish you had more time for?

Thanks  Pamelabee_organizedwithpamela-jpg

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Happy Thanksgiving week! Did you know that November is Family story month?

How perfect is that? Many of you will be gathering together, traveling over the river and thru the woods. Some will be going to Grandmothers house and others will be hosting the parents at theirs. Others will be having friends-giving. Your family can be the tribe you choose. Share stories. Make sure you take a video of Dad’s telling stories with your kids on his knee. Don’t miss Mom’s making their secret stuffing or cranberry sauce. Let your sister in law bring the sweet potatoes. It will be OK. Play silly games with your cousins, the nephews and nieces. Don’t hold grudges, say you are sorry if you did something wrong. You never know that one little thing you do or say can make all the difference to

Be kind. Be happy and be well. Treasure these times. Remember the times past. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Family Story Month! Thank you all for coming in to my life.

May you all have more than you need today!

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough. Oprah Winfrey

I can’t wait to see and hear your family stories.  What is your favorite Pie?  We will be having Pumpkin here.  With a little maple whipped cream.  Yummy!!



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Some Assembly Required

Those three little words can mean so much.  They can strike fear in the bravest.  They can confound the most astute.some-assembly-required-2333568563_75a84abb67_b

So how many of you have put together furniture or toys in your home? Maybe you did it as a part of a team building exercise, couples therapy or just sheer desperation.

Some of you want to follow all the directions. They will not start until they have checked the parts list and compared what was supposed to be in the box with what actually is.

Then there are other’s who want to just start putting bolts in holes and get this over with. News flash that does not always work out, sometimes you really to have to put slot A into slot B before you add shelf C.

Almost all of us have assembled furniture or toys at one time or another. Just the mention of Ikea can take a grown man to his knees.

4MP859 Digital Camera

I personally have no problem assembling Ikea furniture. But navigating the store is another matter all together. I was watching the weather channel and they said they have finally discovered the secret of the Bermuda triangle. It is that the cloud is shaped like an Ikea store and the planes are actually flying around in the clouds trying to find the exit.  I’m not sure about this theory but I can attest that every time we my husband goes to Ikea he does the same thing.

Stop me if this sound familiar – Twas the night before Christmas

The children were nestled all snug in their beds;

While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads;

And mamma in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap,

Had just racked our brains much needing a nap,

Sleep was not to be for Dad was assembling bikes,

while Mom in her Kerchief wrapped toys for the little tykes,

As Dad bruised his knuckles there arose such a clatter…

Mom already knew what was the matter…


I’ll share my families best Christmas Eve toy building story – My Dad and his brother-in-law stayed up very, very late assembling a swing set from Santa inside the garage. Dad was ready to move it out into the yard for the big reveal (because how do you explain that Santa put it in the garage) only to discover it would not fit out the garage door…. Well Christmas morning I was so excited to have my new swing set. Good news was I got to play on the swing in the garage for a bit before my dear Dad disassembled and re-assembled it in the yard.

Moral of that story is don’t assemble something inside unless you know you can get it out the door.

Anyway how many of you have extra parts left over when assembling toys or furniture? You can let those go because if you managed to get the toys or furniture together without them you don’t need them. Heck they probably put in some extra just to add to the frustration level. Also you don’t need the manual or instructions.  It just adds to the clutter.


I would love to hear you Holiday stories. See the ones that go smooth are easily forgotten but the ones that have a little hiccup are the best.

Thanks Pamela


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Capsule Wardrobe — Organized Yogi

I recently met a brand new blogger.   Organized Yogi.  She may be new to blogging but she is starting a journey with a great plan to Bee Organized.  Check this out.

Since I began incorporating minimalism into my lifestyle, I honestly feel so much lighter! Even though I wasn’t physically carrying around all the extra books, clothes and knick-knacks that I donated, I could feel their heaviness leave the house with them. To date, I have de-cluttered & minimized the following areas of our home: Kitchen (pantry, […]

via Capsule Wardrobe — Organized Yogi

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6 painless ways to have more storage on your phone or tablet

You all know the holidays are almost upon us. That means lots of parties, family gatherings and of course photos. So the last thing you want to see after you have waited in the mall for an hour to have little Wyatt sit on Santa’s knee, then it took forever for him to warm up to the Big Guy in Red….Wait for it….Now he has the most adorable grin on his face so you have  to get a picture of this…………………santa-4123836032_424fbe1779_b

But your phone says….. “NO STORAGE AVAILABLE” What!! Are you kidding me?

See this is why today we are going to be proactive and prepare for all those adorable or sometimes embarrassing photo opportunities. We are going to delete some unused and unnecessary stuff from your phone or tablet.

  1. MOVIES-  I know you downloaded them to watch but you have watched them and you know the lines by heart. “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner” or “I’ll be your huckleberry” Delete them. Unless, Finding Dory is the only thing that will keep your kid happy then you need that for self-preservation. But Momma’ movies and Dad’s movies they can go.dirty-dancing
  2. MUSIC- This is a tough one for some of you. But if you went through a head banger stage and now you listen to only country. You can probably delete the stuff you don’t listen to.
  3. PODCASTS- Yes they were great. They were informative and enlightening, but now you have absorbed their content so delete them.podcast-67531548_78ffc9828d_z
  4. GAMES – I realize that last summer Pokémon go was the hottest thing on the planet but you have not played it since August. Or you are the King of Candy Crush but then you got to the levels that are really hard – I mean that dang chocolate just keeps coming back. So now you have moved on to another game. Delete the ones you don’t play.candy-crush-9333683759_5b1594072a_z
  5. APPS – Oh my goodness did you download the bubble wrap popping app when you first got your phone and then promptly decide it was annoying. Do you have 6 screens of apps? Do you have so many apps you can’t find the Key Ring that holds your discount cards when you are in the store? It might be time to evaluate what you really use and delete the
  6. Last but not least go in and clear your app cache. Heck while you are at it clear your Internet cache also. You will be surprised how much space that takes up.

So there you have it six painless ways to make more space on your phone or tablet. Regardless of if you have an IPhone, Samsung, LG, Kyocera or a Motorola, if you use Apple, Google or Microsoft they all have limits at to the amount of storage space available.

Organize it and make the most of what you have.

Now go out there and be merry and bright. Enjoy all the feasting, fun and take some photos.  I can’t wait to see them.

Mom and others who still have flip phone’s none of this applies.  But I love that you stayed with me and read the entire thing.  We will FaceTime later.

Thanks Pamela 



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Today is national clean out your refrigerator day. So you know what that means…

Empty the containers that are way in the back.

Toss out the take out from 3 weeks ago. (You will thank me later.)

Are you saving that almost empty bottle of mayo or Catalina dressing? Do you even like Catalina dressing? No well why are you keeping the ½ oz. that is in the bottom of that bottle?condiments photo-1465060780892-48505fc8f941.jpg

Do you have a beer that you have been saving until the cubs win? They did and that beer may not be as satisfying as the last game was. Ditto for any other expired food you have in there.  Let it go.

Besides if you live in America Thanksgiving is coming. You need room for all the food. The dressing, pumpkin pie and the turkey, oh my. You must make room for the goodies.

Now that you have tossed the science experiments that were growing in your refrigerator it’s time to clean all the shelfs, wash the crisper drawers.  Don’t forget to vacuum condenser coils and vacuum out under refrigerator.

Again you are welcome!  Now enjoy your nice clean refrigerator.

So Happy clean out your refrigerator day!!!

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Are you suffering from CHAOS? Can’t have anyone over Syndrome.


Is it because you can’t find you dining room table? You know there is one under there but it currently is covered with mail, school art projects, work, magazines and well just clutter.

Maybe it’s because your living room resembles a toy store or a that the mail room exploded? It’s been so long since you saw the floor that you don’t remember if there is an area rug down there?


Are your in-laws coming for the holidays and you don’t have a room for them to stay in or maybe you do have a guest room but the bed is buried under laundry?  You can be organized and you can contain your clutter.


I have discussed laundry before. If you want to review it here is the link.  Air your dirty laundry here….

Basically, I suggest you fold and hang your clothing as you remove it from the drier. That way you are not temped to toss it on the bed, couch or dryer, but you will put it where it belongs. Added bonus. Your clothes will not be as wrinkled if you immediately hang them up. Yet another time saver, you’re welcome!

If this sounds or looks like your home and you feel overwhelmed by your clutter don’t give up,  it can be fixed.  You can bee organized.

Let’s start with some organizing tips for public spaces in your home.

If you have toys that have invaded your living room, think about an ottoman that has storage. You can also  utilize storage cubes, decorative boxes and baskets to contain the toys, if you insist on having them there. I recommend you limit the number of toys allowed in the living room.

A better solution is to have your children return their toys to their room or their playroom when they are finished playing with them. I try this with the dogs, but they don’t mind very well. I did have a dog who when we said it was time to go to bed she picked up her toys and carried them one at a time in her mouth and dropping them in a basket in her room. When she was done she would get into her bed. So smart. The ones we now share our home with are really cute. But they can’t seem to get with the program ……LOL.


Another great way to keep your public spaces company ready is to use “Crap baskets” or buckets. A “Crap basket” is where you have a basket for each member of the family and if you see their stuff a/k/a, “crap” out of place you toss it into the “crap basket” they can then take their basket to their room and put it in they proper place. A Mom that I worked with decided that if she had to put stuff in the “crap basket” more than two times the stuff in the basket was not important to that family member and so they lost it temporarily. If it landed back in the “crap basket” a third time it was donated to another family. I think it was very effective way to get the family in the habit of putting their stuff where it belongs.

Let me know how you conquered your CHAOS and did you take back your public spaces in your house. Just in time for the holidays.

Do you think a Crap basket would work at your house?  Are you suffering from CHAOS?

Thanks Pamela

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