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Do you have old CD’s or other music types gathering dust?


What do I mean by music types?

vinyl records, 8 tracks of the mid 60’s, Cassette tapes of the 70’s and the CD in the 80….

I grew up with a console stereo record player in the living room. Every Christmas we listened to Blue Christmas by Elvis on a record, still to this day it is tradition. I had a portable record player when I was a child. Then, came the 8 track player in the car that was amazing. My dad had a collection of Ray Stephens. I can still remember the Streak from the Boogity Boogity Album and who could forget the Shriner Convention! I mean really. Later on out came the cassette. That was revolutionary. We could make our very own mix tapes. Of course we had to be ready when the song played so we could hit the record button.   But still it was worth the effort. Then in the 80’s came the Compact Disc and the disc man! WOW From Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston and George Strait to Dolly Pardon. You could have it all. And some of you did. Your collection was massive. You bought music like you really did think the music was going to die.  So where is the collection now?  Is it collecting dust?record player photo-1471029093449-ca61fffdc2af.jpg

Why did I take you on this little trip down memory lane? It’s because for some of you still have those “mix tapes” Come on you do and you know you haven’t listened to them in so long.

Some of you have no idea why a pencil is important to a cassette tape. Google it.cassette.jpg

I do have a point and I will get to it. How many of you have collection old types of music that you no longer have the method to play them? The only thing those Records, CD’s 8 Tracks or cassette tapes are doing now is collection dust.

I want you to know that all that music is now available for download. OK well maybe there are a few that are not. But for the most part they are out there. They have excellent sound quality. You can recreate the favorite mix tapes on your phone, computer or iPod.

If you don’t have an 8-track player, a cassette player, a record player or a CD player let go of the music you own that plays on them.


Audiophiles swear by the sound quality of vinyl over CDs. Also, some old records have value as they are coming back in fashion. So you may want to consider selling them now and take that money to buy something you can actually listen to. Strike while the iron is hot. Old records are hot now but who knows if in 3 months they will be just another passed over fad.  Could be that you have some old 8 tracks that also have some value?  Take advantage of this and let them go.  If you’re not using them they are clutter.

I hope you find a treasure in your collection like a Beatles White Album or an Elvis Presley original 1950’s Sun.  Let me know if you do and you can thank me later.

Have a great day.

Thanks Pamela


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28 thoughts on “Do you have old CD’s or other music types gathering dust?

  1. I still have most of my vinyl collection, and CDs too, but we also have a deck and a CD player and we use them. The cassette tapes went a good few years ago though! There seemed little point in holding on to them for nostalgic reasons.

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  2. I released vinyl years back. I still had cassettes up until 2010 now I just have only my favourite CDs and I can see those going once the player packs up! Spotify is just not the same, I like handling the inserts of CDs, finding out all the info.

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  3. I am totally on the decluttering train, but I disagree here. If you value music, NEVER get rid of it unless its method doesn’t keep, like cassette tapes which will deteriorate. Never get rid of vinyl. You will want it back someday. I have learned this to my regret!
    Likewise with a really high quality piece of clothing. Styles are cyclic.

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  4. Cassettes, ok I follow you. CDs I can play in my car. But my mother’s fantastic 1950s (I think) big band records I just can’t let go of, and have been planning to buy one of those new vinyl players they make nowadays 🙂 I know, I know ….

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      1. I used to make mixtapes but now make mix CDs. My friends still enjoy when I make them mixes. Its fun the records are making a come back but the new ones are over $30.00! when I was collecting records they were $7.00 plus tax. my how things have switched around! You can get a nice used CD for under $10.00 at a thrift store!

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  5. One of the best things I ever did was put all my CDs and DVDs into sleeves instead of their jewel cases. I saved so much room and they were much easier to look through and listen to/watch. And then I got married to someone who has no desire to do this with his collection…thankfully, it’s well organized, so I can’t complain too much.

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  6. This made me do a lot of remembering :). And yes I could easily get rid of the cassettes as I have nothing to play them on. (and I do know what a pencil was used for with those!) I have reduced clutter with my CDs by taking them out of the case and putting them in a folder. My husband still has an 8 track player in his Roadrunner car so he stores those tapes in the car. Remember the songs playing on there and right in the middle of a song it had to pause and switch tracks?

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  7. Hey! “It’s me again, Margaret!” Ah, Ray Stevens was one of my dad’s favorites, too. I can imagine him now, playing the cassettes and throwing back his head in laughter.

    I’d show this to my hubby, but I know he still wouldn’t let the football games on VHS go. Yes, they are still here, though he did watch about three of them and throw them out. Only 200 to go. Lol

    Nice post. 🙂

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