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Trick or Treat! New month ~ New project 

Halloween Graveyard ~ Photo from Wikipedia

Do you have any Halloween decorations that are broken?

Halloween is over. All that is left is the candy and the decorations. Time to put them away and get out the Thanksgiving or fall decorations. But, did you discover your Halloween or Day of the Dead decorations has seen better days? Did you have to stuff your scarecrow? Is your pumpkin flat? This is s a great time to evaluate and eliminate the broken and unused decorations.


Anything you did not use you should let go of. If it is broken or unsafe that needs to go. Don’t let it be witchful thinking that you can’t be organized. You can and I am here to help. But there is no magic wand.

Of course now is a fabulous time to purchase your replacements ~ you know all remaining Halloween and Day of the Dead decorations are on sale.


Box them all up and put them away until next year.

Additionally,  if you have candy you don’t want here in my area we have a program that is called Operation Gratitude. They send candy in care packages to military troops.  There is most likely a program similar in your area.

By the way Halloween day at my house it will be in the upper 90’s so there will be some melted chocolate..  We don’t buy candy we like so I am not temped.  LOL.  Do you give out candy?  What is your favorite candy?  For me it is Dark Chocolate.

Thanks Pamelabee_organizedwithpamela-jpg

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Share your blog! Help Each Other Out – Team Tangible — Tangible Triumph

Article updated on 10/29/16 I post this article randomly on days, reason being because it has helped me gain new viewer’s and followers. If it has helped me, it can and will help you as well. Give it a shot. I recently got 3 emails thanking me for this article. They expressed how their blog […]

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Is Frankenstein in your house?

I know you are thinking where the heck is she going with this?  Halloween?  Movie time?  Stay with me.

Photo from

So do you have a bookcase made from cement blocks and wood planks?

How about a chair that you are using a book as a chair leg?

Does your grill cover have more duct tape showing than original fabric?

Are you using duct tape on an outlet that you need to have repaired? Dangerous!

How about zip ties? Are you using them to hold your hair dryer together?

How about Safety pins? Are you using them on your underwear or Slip? Or tape on your Bra’s underwire? OUCH! You deserve better.

These are Frankenstein projects. Bits an pieces from here and there.

The bigger Frankenstein can be clutter and disorganization.  Like the monster it can become out of control.  It can be so stressful trying to control the monster.  It can take on a life of it’s own – Taking over your life by controlling your home.  Time to take control of your Frankenstein.

Where does your monster lurk?  By the front door?  Shoes, bags, keys or the dogs leash?  Maybe the monster is in your bathroom?  Hiding in the potions, lotions and torture devices you use on your hair and lashes?

Or is your monster creeping around your kitchen?  Hiding your lid and tupperware from you?  Stashing your to go mug lids where you can’t find them…

So of you have monsters in your closet..kid’s room or the playroom.  You have to get the monster out of their room.  No child wants a monster in their room.

Today is National Frankenstein day. So I challenge you to take control of your very on Frankenstein.

Clear out the clutter!  Take that monster to the trash, donate it to a new zoo, or sell that freak show.  Cash in on your clutter.  You can be organized.  Think of all the time you will save and wouldn’t you rather be enjoying time with our family and friends than searching for your shoe the monster took under the bed.

What is your Frankenstein project?

Thanks!  Pamela



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Is you brain all right…

Is your brain right… or left or both?

Brain photo-1453847668862-487637052f8a.jpg

I am more of a right-brain person  ~ Surprise!

Did you know October is National Right Brain Month?  By the way A right brainer is not necessarily left handed.

I will admit that to left-brain person a right brainer can be a challenge and vice a versa.

Left-brainer are a bit logical and rational and we right brainers are all creative and intuitive.

left or right photo-1463680942456-e4230dbeaec7.jpg

I mean we don’t read directions we wing it. But the left brainer they want to make sure all the parts are there, read all the directions and put everything all together in order. Although, I do love the Ikea instructions they are written for right brain people. We are visual. I also find that if we have the opportunity to observe a task we are able to replicate it easier.

If you are taking a test, right brainers do better with open-ended questions, they share their feelings.  Left brainers excel with multiple choice questions and would rather not discuss their feelings.

Right brainers prefer the search for elusive and uncertain information. See there is a reason why I love to do research. We are visual. And we can see the solution.  Our preferred problem solving method is by hunches we also look for patterns and similar configurations.  We are great at going with the flow and we are spontaneous.


Left brainers are more comfortable with schedules, deadline and regulations.  Left brainers are more mathematically inclined. That explains a lot. Math is so not my forte! However I have learned to work within the challenges of my right braininess.  I actually embrace my right brain and you should embrace  your brain.

Use your brain’s natural tendency to help you get organized.


So if you are finding that you are struggling with getting or staying organized it could have to do with if you are a right brainer or a left brainer.

You can do it. You will just need to find a method that works for you and your brain.

Card File drawers 5-29

Don’t work against your natural instinct. If you are visual, use labels to help you get or stay organized. You may find that you want all your clutter out of sight.

If you feel better organizing with compartments, use boxes, bins, binders and albums. You may find you are naturally compelled to organize photos in date order or you like identical storage options such as using all the same boxes in your closet or all your photos in matching photo albums.

You may find that you need a tray by your bed to control your clutter such as your glasses, remote control or books. Do you find that you tend to take off your jewelry in the bathroom? If so place hooks on the inside of your medicine cabinet or add some hooks nearby to hang your bracelets and necklace rather than trying to retrain yourself to put your jewelry in the jewelry box.

The point is you know what works for you and that is how you have organized your clutter. Work with your natural inclination not against.  Make it easy for you.  It doesn’t matter how you set it up is alright as long is it works for you.  Once you have a place for everything it will be easy to put everything in it’s place.

Right brainers have more difficulty staying organized, but it can be done. I am here to help you make keeping clutter contained a no brainer.

So are you a right brainer or a left brainer?




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Do you have a Plan? Organize you finances ~ October is National Financial Planning Month

So do you have a budget? Do you know when you power bill is due? Does your significant other?

Yes ~no~ maybe? While for many couples money is a point of contention. Each of you needs to know what is going on with and where your money is going. You both need to know how to access to your online accounts and at the very least how much money is coming in and going out.

piggy bank photo-1459257831348-f0cdd359235f.jpg

Are you one paycheck away from disaster? If you are then you need to put the brakes on and talk to someone.

There are so many ways to dig you out of a hole. Such as cut up your credit cards, use cash, use the envelope system, Dave Ramsey’s, Suze Orman, or any number of other systems that are out there. They are easy to find. I am sure you can find one that you can work with. There is even the suggestion to keep only one credit card but freeze it in a freezer bowl of water for EMERGENCIES.   That way you have to thaw the card and by having it frozen limits your access. It’s really not a good idea microwave your credit card.

Everyone needs an emergency fund.

Note new shoes or a new outfit, going out to dinner or big TV is not an emergency.

An emergency is tires for your vehicle, car repair, hospital or dental emergency, job loss or home repair.

Have you thought about how you might buy a house?

Are you are looking for a house, will you buy in the city or country? How long will your commute be? Are you willing to do that? Do you have money for a down payment?   Can you handle the mortgage payment, insurance, taxes and maintenance? When you become the homeowner you also become the super. Oh no the hot water is out? That is your problem. Leak in the roof. Yep ~ that repair is on you. By the way these repairs are not covered by your standard homeowners insurance. You can purchase a separate home warranty plan that will cover some of these repairs.

home photo-1415301918039-3a58086adf06.jpg

So maybe you are in the market for a new vehicle. Can you tell me how much your car insurance is?

If you are in the market for a new car would you check to see how much your insurance will cost on the new vehicle before you purchase it? Did you know that your automobile insurance does NOT cover repairs unless it was as the result of an accident? Not because you didn’t check the oil and you blew up the engine or your drivetrain just wore out. WHAT THE WHAT.

Yes ~  this is why you need an emergency fund.

car trip 1 photo-1439147229757-b3e2a7731fc8

Do you have children? Are you making a college savings plan? Do you want it help your kids go to college or do you think that if they do it all themselves they will be more serious? But can they? Have you thought of this before?

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
All photos from

Have you got a plan for retirement? Do you have a date you would like to retire? Do you know the earlier you start saving for this the less money you have to put in? Right AMAZING. If you have not started saving, now is a good time.

If you do have a retirement date in mind will you be debt free on that date? If you have less money coming in you need less money going out.

What about where will you live? Does your house allow you to age in place? Is there are bedroom and bathroom on the main floor? Stairs are not your friend when you get older. Your knees will thank you.Lindsay-Henwood Upsplash photo-1448387473223-5c37445527e7


Do you have a will? Even if you are young you need a will. If you are young parents you need this more than ever.   You want to provide for your children. Who will become their guardian?

Are you single? Do you have a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care? Lets say you are in an accident, you have a life threating injury and unable to communicate? Who speaks on your behalf? Who are they going to call?

Advanced Directive? Is a written statement of a person’s wishes regarding medical treatment, often including a living will, made to ensure those wishes are carried out should the person be unable to communicate them to a doctor.


No financial or legal advice is being give here. I only want to make you think. Organize your finances and get your financial plan started. Take advantage of National Financial Planning Month.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”  ~ Benjamin Franklin

So do you have a plan?  I love you comments.  Please share this with your friends and family.

Thanks  Pamela


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Transformations = transform your financial situation.

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National Make a Difference Day

Tomorrow is National Make a Difference Day!

I’m going to challenge you to use this day donate an item that will help someone else.   Be that a book your child has outgrown, a suit you no longer can wear or a pair of shoes. How about stopping by for a visit to a sick friend or a relative with a mobility problem. Sweep the leaves off of someone’s porch or sidewalk.grandma's hands photo-1454875392665-2ac2c85e8d3e

You see to someone who can’t afford to buy their child or grandchild a book this would mean the world to them.

How about the man who is just got a new job but doesn’t have a good suit to wear and since he just got hired he does not have the money to buy a new one. Maybe your old suit is just what he needs to help his family get back on their feet.

Speaking of feet. If you have a child you know how fast they grow. Imagine being in a situation where you could not afford shoes for your kids. Maybe you spend money on the kids but not on you? Your shoes are flat-out worn out. Mom’s and Dad’s often sacrifice for their kids. You can’t walk in their shoes, but they can in yours. Donate them.

Lady Bug photo-1470317596697-cbdeda56f999

Create a dress-up box for a kid in the hospital or one that is house or bed bound. Being a pirate or a ballerina for a little while will give them a little break.

dandlion make a wish

Your clutter can make a difference to someone who needs it.

What do you have that you could give to someone to make a difference in his or her life?

Alejandra Parejo- Cup photo-1448632055520-5180f82474e2

It could just be an hour of your time. It really doesn’t take much to make a difference. Just a smile at a stranger on the street or invite someone new to join you for coffee. Introduce yourself to a neighbor.

You all have made a difference in my life. I am glad we met. Have a great day and pass it on!

Thanks Pamela


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Get Rich with Less — The Productive Lives

I enjoy sharing articles that are written by others who have another view on less stuff.  Bee Organized with Pamela was started to show you that you can be organized and if you are you will save time.  Time that you would rather spend doing something you enjoy rather than searching for your keys!!  So without further ado,  I introduce you to; The Productive Lives….

Make the most out of everyday, live life to the fullest, and find lasting happiness

Have you ever walked into a immaculately clean house and just felt so refreshed? Then you go back home and walk into your home only to find yourself filled with anxiety because of the mess and utter chaos It is completely unmotivating to walk into a room like this. It never gets cleaned because it […]

via Get Rich with Less — The Productive Lives


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National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

Does your computer’s desktop look like this?


Yes,  No, Maybe a little….

You know that is not the best way to store your files right?

Did you know you have less security when you store your files on the desktop?

How about they may not get backed up? Many programs are designed to ignore the desktop. OUCH!! Also, in the event of a crash a restore program may not include those files on the desktop. Double Ouch!!

Oh by the way did you know that storing files on your desktop could actually slow down your computer?

Last but not least it is clutter. If you have a cluttered virtual desktop you may find it is not so easy to find what you need. Because there is too much stuff like Zip file, photos and other downloads.  Just like a cluttered physical desktop.  The more stuff you have to look at, browse, open or just move the longer it takes to find what you need.  It’s easy to find that adorable kitten video  or resume if that is the only thing on your desk.  But if it is on the bottom of all that other stuff………Clutter, disorganization and feeling overwhelmed! How embarrassing would it be to confuse the kitten video for the resume if you expect to be considered for the job.


No fear.

National Clean your virtual desktop day is upon us.

Perfect time to get organized!

Move those files. Create folders and then sub folders within your folders.

Example of possible folders and sub folders

  • Bee Organized with Pamela
    •  Schedule (excel spread sheet
    •  Photos
    • Articles
      • 2016 – published
    • Work in progress
      •  October
      •  November
      •  December
      •   2017
    •  Possible ideas for future article
    • back up
    •  Expenses

What ever you need to easily find your files, music, photo or the such is what you set up. I know it is so easy to save to the desktop but once you get the folders and you are organized it is super easy to save it there. Bonus you don’t have to search for your photo’s because they are all in your photo folder.

Create shortcuts if you need to on your desktop or create a virtual cheat sheet.

Photo from

You can do it. Think of all the time you will save.

I love your comments and share with friends. They will thank you!







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Dear Fellow Americans — Stay at Holmesly Mom

I bet you came here to see if I’m on your side, huh??? Am I #teamcrookedHillary or #teamDonthecon? I bet you’ve got your ammo ready too. You’re ready to dump a giant pile of knowledge right on my ass…letting me know exactly why I’m wrong. You’ve got a list of links saved to your clipboard […]

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Enough already.  I agree with  Kristie at Stay at Holmesly Mom.  See you tomorrow.