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Recipes – To Share or Not to Share?

Oh I say share!

My family has a tradition of making candy Christmas Eve. We make candy in our PJ’s. My Mom has an old Milnot fudge recipe, which is a family favorite. Not a year goes by without someone asking for this recipe.Fudge photo-1451245795928-6b7a1db2e41d.jpg

Remember the days of Sunday Family Dinners? When all the kids would come home and eat a meal together? I do. Families grow and change. Children grow up and get married have children, your children become grandparents.  Making family get togethers even more special and sometimes rare.

How about hosting a potluck dinner and share those family favorite recipes? So even if you can’t be together for Sunday dinner you can share those favorite recipes. I know for us my Chicken Spaghetti recipe is one that my sister makes frequently and we laugh about what we are making for dinner.  It started as a recipe from my Aunt and I modified it and I share it willingly.

Many of you have recipes that are family favorites. How great would it be for a bride to have access to those family favorites? Here are a couple of suggestions on how to make this happen.

If you have the opportunity to host a bridal shower mail a recipe card to the attendees and request all provide a family favorite recipes. Then she will have her own recipe box filled with all of the family recipes that she could take with her.

An amazing family cookbook could be compiled. So when someone says my Mom made award-winning chili…. Mom’s chili can still be made. What an honor for the newest family member to have Mom’s special recipe complete with her secret ingredient.

Mom's stew photo-1445979323117-80453f573b71

Or another way to share family favorites is at holiday events. Fourth of July, Easter, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Thanksgiving, or Christmas….


pasta hand photo-1447279506476-3faec8071eee.jpg

You can provide recipe cards or copies of the handwritten recipe, you can snap a pic or compile the entire collection into a book. There are lots of options on the internet to print your own family cookbook. I know I would have loved having my grandmother’s recipes.

This would be a good time to go thru your recipes and if you don’t make them or they are not from special people let them go. I had a box full of recipes that I will never make until I went thru them and edited them.   I know what my family likes and does not like. You realized you should do the same thing with cookbooks. If you have a cookbook all about bread for that bread machine you never use and you have a gluten allergy you should get rid of that cookbook. Just saying. Clutter comes in lots of forms.

So are you willing  to share you family recipes?



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Electronic Cords ~ Cut the cord!

Tracy Thomas Electronics photo-1452451312475-5055e48f74cb.jpg

Every time you buy new electronics there are lots of cords right? Invariably there are extra cords. There are cords and connector/patch cables.


Do you have a drawer or a box of these? Read this carefully.


Photo credit Wikimedia Commons

If you are not using them currently to use the electronic device you don’t need them. You most likely will not ever need them.

Look back in the dark ages when Betamax just came out I worked for an electronics retail store and I have had a great deal of experience with assembly of electronic components. Some of the cords they enclose are not going to work with your situation. In most cases by the time your situation changes you are buying new electronics. New electronics will have their own cords.

Photo credit Wikimedia Commons

Do you need an example? OK, lets say if you still have you VCR and you have all the cords that came with it. Do you still have the VCR – yes? Well you probably can’t use any of the cords other than the ones you are using.

Do you not have the VCR or is it broken? Obviously you DO NOT need the cords.

So I’ll say it one more time.


Got it?  They are clutter.

I love your comments, shares and reblog.

Thanks Pamela


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Change your life. Five minutes at a time. — Thriving Under Pressure

Dr. Angela Dinardo is an amazing speaker and writer.  She has written an article about small steps leading to big changes.  I have been saying this all along.  So read what she has to say and see if you can apply it to your life.

Enjoy and have a great day!  See you tomorrow Pamela


Are you tired of doing the same old, same old? Are you ready to end the repetitive cycles in your life? Is it time for a change? But ….. you….. don’t….. have… time… Enough with the excuses. Little changes can make a big difference. They add up. Start small, end big is my mantra. It can […]

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Tiny houses are all the rage ~ is it for you?

Today I heard about a community in Spur Texas, the Nations’ first tiny house friendly town  where you could buy a lot for $500. Wow, sounds tempting right? But what is tiny? It could be 100, 200, 300 or 500 square feet? texas photo-1470802443459-6d52e1a78e6a

There is a big difference in 200 and 500 square feet. We just spent a week in an 800 square foot cabin it had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms plus a separate laundry room. All in all  it had everything we needed. We had plenty of room. But I could see how it would require some changes to how we shopped. There was not a pantry or a linen closet. But it was certainly doable.cabin over waterphoto-1464723775205-4af28be57d80.jpg

We have lived in smaller. Back when we were first married we lived in a one-bedroom apartment it was probably less than 500 square feet. Of course we did not have anything so we had plenty of room. LOL

When you start thinking about living in less than 500 square feet you will have to be really smart about what you own. Your spaces will have to do double duty. Your dining area will probably be your office. You will need to have furniture that fits the space. You can’t have an oversized overstuffed sectional and a big man recliner. You will not be able to host thanksgiving dinner for 10 and expect to seat them all at your huge farmhouse table with the matching hutch. Nope ~ Not going to fit.

If you think you might want to go tiny there are some things you have to ask your self ~

How do you live?

  • Do you have big parties?
  • Are you a cook or a baker?
  • Do you need a stove and an oven? Or do you just need a microwave and a coffee pot?
  • Must you have a large soaking tub? Did you know most tiny houses have a 6-gallon hot water heater? That is something to keep in mind if you insist on taking long hot showers. You can add a tankless hot water system at a cost.
  • How about laundry? Are you willing to go to a laundry mat? You can get an all in one machine but the downside is it is small and smaller appliances may end up costing your more than their full size versions.
  • Do you plan to work at home? Do you need a lounge area or just a place to sleep?
  • How many people will be sharing this space with you?
  • Can you be in a confined space together for extended periods of time or do you each need your own space?
  • What are you hobbies and how much stuff goes with that?

Downsizing ~ Can be painful Litmus Test

Anyone who is thinking tiny sounds like something they might want to try I suggest you be willing to part with at least 80% of your stuff. Are you willing to let go of those special over sized antiques or other large family mementos? If you said no, then tiny is not for you.

Still thinking you can go tiny?

tiny apartment photo-1468323867382-6a9fcbbd68f2

Would you like to dip your toe in tiny the water?

Try an efficiency apartment or buy a used RV or travel trailer. You can find a well-maintained RV for less than $5000. An RV is a quick and easy way to try tiny living.   You can’t really customize the floor plan but they are ready to go.

However if you have seriously given this thought and you are ready to do it.

Go for it.

There are great benefits of living tiny. Lower cost for purchase, utilities will be lower than in a full size house. You will need less stuff to fill it. You can spend time enjoying your new tiny lifestyle and less time to clean it. If you tiny house is on wheels it can be moved with you if you have to relocate.tiny house photo-1446144525544-808f420174ec

Lots of people are taking the tiny plunge. Even if you are not thinking less than 500 square feet you might be thinking about downsizing your home. You can define your own tiny.

So is tiny living for you?

Thanks ~ Pamela



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Cleaning While Chronically Ill – It’s Slow — lethargicsmiles

I’d like to introduce you to Jackie- She is an amazing Mom.  She bravely shares her story.  I wanted you to see cleaning and organizing from her point of view.  If Jackie can do it so can you.  Thanks Jackie for allowing me to share. Enjoy her story.  Pamela

I spent the past few days alternating between resting, stretching, and cleaning. That may sound boring, however I am pretty excited about it. My house has gone a long time without a deep clean, and various obligations have meant I couldn’t use my energy toward whipping it back into shape. All summer, I have looked […]

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Who wouldn’t want to get free kids stuff, organize your home and have a fun time with your friends?

Did you kids grow 3 sizes since last fall? Kids grow up so fast.fall baby photo-1445796886651-d31a2c15f3c9

Wow where did the time go?

We are soon to be in the 4th quarter of 2016. You know why this is a good time to take stock of your children’s stuff?

Kids grow and change so fast. What they wore last fall will probably not still fit them. With winter and the holiday season fast approaching now is a great time to purge their summer and fall clothes that no longer fit. Even if the summer stuff does still fit what are the chances it will next summer?

You will be buying new clothes for the winter. Boots, gloves, jackets, jeans, long sleeves…

Let go of their old stuff to make room for the new.

Also, this is a fabulous time to have your children sort through their toys, books and games to determine those your children no longer play with. This is a perfect time to donate your children’s unused and outgrown toys to a charity so that others who are less fortunate will have the opportunity to give those toys a new home and  hours of fun.kid with toy photo-1467930555454-0cfbfd9beab9

This is an excellent opportunity for a teaching moment to have your children pay it forward to others. You can find places to donate your old stuff.

With the holidays it is almost assuredly a given your children will be receiving new toys, books and games. You have to make room for the new. Remember the rule one in one out. This applies to your children as well.

You can help your your child feel joy to know they are helping someone else enjoy the toy they no longer play with because they are “too old or too big” for that toy. Remember how much fun they had with the Elmo that you waited in line for, you called every Toys R us in town, you made friends with stock clerks just so you could find the must have it toy? By the way when did they last play with Elmo? Right because that was 4 years ago and your 5-year-old is now 9. He would not play with Elmo now if his life depended on it. “That’s a baby toy mom and I’m a big boy now.” Oh how time flies.

Anyway my point is that some little boy would love Elmo.  So let him go. Find out why the 2016 must have toy and order it now. You will thank me the day after Thanksgiving when you can sleep in and know that you are covered.

Now is also a great time to organize their room, closet and toy collections.

Remember 3 things ~ Keep, donate or sell and TRASH.

Remove everything. Sort as you go.

Now for the party and how to get free kids stuff…….

party banners photo-1465060810938-30bbe7c40e76

Party time~

If you would like a great way to save some money you can host a toy and clothing swap with your mom friends. This is the link to a post written about having a clothing swap however the same concept can be applied to anything. From kid’s clothes, toys, books both children and adult and even sporting goods. It outlines both the pre-party purge and the details on how to host the party.

Want free stuff and party with friends

Remember as fast as your kids are growing so are your friends kids. Swap that stuff and save some money. How much fun would a girls tea party and dress up clothing swap be?  So what are you waiting for?  Schedule that party!

Thanks Pamela Pam's Bee.jpg


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Dear College Freshmen –

I’ll be the first to admit college has changed a lot since my days.  So I went to a couple of  experts.  The Wicked Hippie is now a Junior so one could say she has been there and done that.  Then The Mermaid in a Mudslide shares 5 Things to Remember.   As you go forward with this new exciting chapter in your life enjoy your freshman year and know you can do it.  Pamela

A new academic season is coming up and that means a lot of incoming college freshmen are probably scared, excited, confused, happy, and sad. I knew I was when I was a freshmen. I am now a junior at university and along the way, I have learned things that I wish someone would have told […]

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Five Things to remember.. you head off to college.  Five Things to Remember