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867-5309 Jenny. But Jenny changed her number..

I have been on a bit of a digital kick lately. Today I want to talk to you about your address and contact lists


Now back in the day I had a Rolodex. It was a very important to me and to my job. I was quite proud of my Rolodex. It had phone numbers of everyone I had ever needed to contact. Such as the number for specific courts, judges, court clerks, attorneys, clients. Each time I changed jobs I took my Rolodex with me. Over the time it grew and grew.

Today I think many of you do the same thing digitally.   However today you can find phone number very easy on the Internet. My Rolodex was my Internet since it was pre-internet days.rolodex-rollkartei_hg

I remember when someone changed numbers or change staff I had to re do my rolodex card or use whiteout to change the number. Oh what a pain.

I also remember back when we first got cell phone when you got a new phone you had to re-enter the numbers. Now that was a real pain. Yes I know I am dating myself.


Now in my phone I have my address book. But you see I don’t need to have old property management company for a property we no longer own or the lady who lived close to the property that by since 1. We were not friends and 2. She died. Now that I live in another state I have no need for the roofer or the plumber much less the landscaper. I also don ‘t need the address or home phone number of acquaintances  who have moved and changed their number. The divorced friends now x-spouse that I did not like anyway I have no need to keep their number.

My point is that you probably have clutter in your contact or address list as well. You might find that you have names, numbers and addresses in your digital address book that are no longer relevant or necessary. If you don’t need them delete them.   Clean out the clutter and organize you digital address book or contact list.

Clutter can be found in many places. Some clutter is easy to control.

So do you have clutter in your address book?

Thanks Pamela

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21 thoughts on “867-5309 Jenny. But Jenny changed her number..

  1. Guilty! I came across a number the other day, just a first name, and I thought ‘but I don’t know anyone called Bonnie’. At first I assumed my phone had done something odd (!!) and then I remembered it was an acquaintance I had done a favour for, about five years ago!

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  2. I have several friends who have died and someday, I will delete them from my phone, but it’s a way of remembering them. Also, I believe the song is 867-5309, not 687. Only know that because my band played it for about ten years and I sang the backup chorus.


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