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Tips to organized your electronic photos

Smile!  Selfie!  Group Shot! Candid Shot! Look over here!!

selfie -photo-1461669802687-84a1aee43a29.jpgOK now that most of us are living in the digital age we have a camera on our phone and our tablets. Plus many of us have digital cameras. We take lots of pictures. We shoot selfies, our kids, our pets, our food, our flowers, our toes and lots of other things.A photo by Toronto Eaters.


I take photos of my grocery lists, of books I want to read, of business cards I want to keep, I snap screen shots of directions, email information and other tidbits that I want to explore further.

Life is too short to keep bad pictures! But no one wants to lose his or her memories.

We have memory sticks; chips, memory cards, DVDs, old cell phones and some of us have negatives.cell phone photo photo-1454473332662-09275b52e5a1

But did you know that electronic photos can and do create clutter?

How many bad photos do you have? How about duplicates? There is really no reason to keep unrecognizable overexposed or underexposed blurry pictures or unintentional photos of your hand or the floor.

Have you organized them? Most people don’t they leave them where they took them. Cell phone or digital camera. You share them on Facebook, Instagram or by email. But that is also how they can be lost. What should you save? How to organize them? Where are they?

The first thing you have to do is find them. Go through all those old devices and see what you want to keep. Then you will need to decide how and where you want to keep your photos. There are lots of articles and tips on this that can be found all over the Internet.

Electronic photos are fairly easy to organize. You can set up folders and then you can further organize them by subject. Thank goodness electronic photos are dated. So automatically they are by date. It is easy to start with a folder per year. Then you can organize them by event. You may want to be specific if you are setting up a folder for holidays who knows what holidays are in there.

For even more specific tips on how to organized your digital photos I have attached a link from techlicious com 10 tips to keep your digital photos organized

coffee photo-1444418776041-9c7e33cc5a9c

I recently read that it is highly likely that most photographed generation will be the one who don’t have a photograph in 10 years. What do you think?

Thanks Pamela


(Photo credit Unsplash)

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15 thoughts on “Tips to organized your electronic photos

  1. I used to be so good at keeping the pictures organized – when they were physical ink on photo paper pictures. When I got a digital camera I was pretty good at downloading them to a computer. But when I got a smart phone, everything fell apart. Now I have thousands of pictures everywhere…
    On an encouraging note, we just bought a new computer that has enough memory to hold all of our pictures. My husband has moved all of them from an external hard drive and old computer to the new one. Now, I just have to plug in my cameras and phone and then organize. : )

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  2. Even though I’m not into selfies or doing too many things with my smartphone, just the fact I have a camera and smartphone, memory sticks, old hard drives, a desktop and laptop means there’s stuff all over. But there are also boxes of prints I always said I’d organize in my great old age. You’ve made me realize it might be a good idea to tackle the irritating mess at some earlier date 🙂

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