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Ahh Summer ~ Good times and Tan Lines… Pool toy storage tips

pool closed photo-1465198901163-2d15b88fecea.jpgFor most of you pool season is winding down. That means time to clean it up and store away the pool floats and outdoor toys. This is also a good time to evaluate the condition of your patio furniture. Have your cushions seen their last pool party? Tiki torches tired? Umbrella’s bent or broken? This is the time to buy new, because they are on sale. Maybe even on clearance. Buy new pool floats, pool toys and the likes now then store them away for next summer. Your wallet will thank me.umbrella photo-1415120735457-ac2559460957.jpg

What about the old? If it is worn out let it go.  However, if you want to keep them here are some tips.


To keep your favorite pool toys in good condition for next year, you need to be sure that they are completely dry. Water damage over time can cause excessive wear and tear with plastic pool toys, making them much less desirable year after year.  Be sure to clean and dry toys thoroughly and once everything is completely dry, store in a cool, dry, place during the winter months to prevent damage.


If you have inflatable pool toys lying around, be sure to deflate them and lay them out flat in a safe area to dry before storing them for the winter.  Once dry, fold them up for flat storage in a dry place until next year.

Pool toys that are in good condition can be kept that way for next year by storing them in a storage container.  This prevents weather exposure and damage from taking place. If it becomes too cold in your area, some of the pool toys and equipment they could freeze and break. Read more tips from winter storage tips for pool toys outdoor furniture from

Living in Arizona our summer sun is very hard on pool toys. They don’t last very long. Between the sun, the chlorine or the salt and hard play. I know I am not the only one to experience this. Unless you are spending top dollar for pool and patio things be prepared to replace them on a regular basis. Even if you are spending top dollar you will need to complete seasonal maintenance on them.  patio lights photo-1464491965784-a12f0f70642b

Ironically for us in Arizona our season is just starting. We are pulling out our cushions, cleaning off the dust from the dust storms or haboobs. I am getting my patio furniture ready for another coat of teak oil and stringing up the patio lights.

Sadly summer is ending.  But fall is just around the corner.  Bring on the Pumpkin Spice everything.   People ask me where’s the fall color change in Phoenix.   It’s on the license plates. Y’all enjoy your fall colors.  We will be welcoming back visitors.

I love your comments.  Have a great day.

Thanks Pamela


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5 thoughts on “Ahh Summer ~ Good times and Tan Lines… Pool toy storage tips

  1. Several years ago, I got lazy with our inflatable pool tubes, and devised a convenient way to store them. I let a little bit of air out of them, just to lessen the pressure. Then I ran a long piece of yarn through the center holes and hung them from a hook I screwed into the bottom of a high wooden shelf in our storage room. I tied a loop in the end of the string so I could easily pull it off and onto the hook. Then it takes very little time (and air!) to grab them, blow them back up, and jump in the pool!

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