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Recipes – To Share or Not to Share?

Oh I say share!

My family has a tradition of making candy Christmas Eve. We make candy in our PJ’s. My Mom has an old Milnot fudge recipe, which is a family favorite. Not a year goes by without someone asking for this recipe.Fudge photo-1451245795928-6b7a1db2e41d.jpg

Remember the days of Sunday Family Dinners? When all the kids would come home and eat a meal together? I do. Families grow and change. Children grow up and get married have children, your children become grandparents.  Making family get togethers even more special and sometimes rare.

How about hosting a potluck dinner and share those family favorite recipes? So even if you can’t be together for Sunday dinner you can share those favorite recipes. I know for us my Chicken Spaghetti recipe is one that my sister makes frequently and we laugh about what we are making for dinner.  It started as a recipe from my Aunt and I modified it and I share it willingly.

Many of you have recipes that are family favorites. How great would it be for a bride to have access to those family favorites? Here are a couple of suggestions on how to make this happen.

If you have the opportunity to host a bridal shower mail a recipe card to the attendees and request all provide a family favorite recipes. Then she will have her own recipe box filled with all of the family recipes that she could take with her.

An amazing family cookbook could be compiled. So when someone says my Mom made award-winning chili…. Mom’s chili can still be made. What an honor for the newest family member to have Mom’s special recipe complete with her secret ingredient.

Mom's stew photo-1445979323117-80453f573b71

Or another way to share family favorites is at holiday events. Fourth of July, Easter, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Thanksgiving, or Christmas….


pasta hand photo-1447279506476-3faec8071eee.jpg

You can provide recipe cards or copies of the handwritten recipe, you can snap a pic or compile the entire collection into a book. There are lots of options on the internet to print your own family cookbook. I know I would have loved having my grandmother’s recipes.

This would be a good time to go thru your recipes and if you don’t make them or they are not from special people let them go. I had a box full of recipes that I will never make until I went thru them and edited them.   I know what my family likes and does not like. You realized you should do the same thing with cookbooks. If you have a cookbook all about bread for that bread machine you never use and you have a gluten allergy you should get rid of that cookbook. Just saying. Clutter comes in lots of forms.

So are you willing  to share you family recipes?



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28 thoughts on “Recipes – To Share or Not to Share?

      1. What I meant was, we don’t ask because we appreciate each other’s cooking and don’t need to poach recipes, they don’t need to cook our meals, they have them when they visit and appreciate them at the time and vice versa. They don’t need to learn from us. If we started cooking each other’s recipes then nothing would be special any longer as we would all be eating the same meals.

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  1. Definitely share! And what a lovely idea too 🙂 My mother has a Christmas cake recipe that’s about 60 years old…I just tend to make things up as I go along!

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      1. Yes, good point actually as the actual paper copy is getting a bit stained and tatty I could do with putting it on the computer.

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  2. I cherish the recipe cards from my grandmother, mother-in-law and mother. Now that two of them are gone they are even more important to me. I need to copy them so my son and daughter can have them and their handwritten notes.

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  3. This idea has always been a part of the bridal showers in my family. Any niece or nephew gets married they are gifted with a box that contains everyone’s favorite recipes. We also include a favorite bible verse on the card. I have heard from them that they really treasure this box of recipes.

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